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Welcome to Omni Technologies - We hope you enjoy the show.

Omni represent Equipment & Service Providers offering technologies for Semiconductor, MEMS/NEMS, PV & Optics for both production & R&D.

Principals & Technologies include:

  • EM Resist e-beam resist for mask making and R&D.
  • Gencoa - Sputter Magnetrons, Plasma Process Control & Vacuum Monitoring and Partial Pressure Measurement
  • Alpha Plasma - Microwave Etchers for Resist Ashing, De-Scum. Surface Cleaning and Decapsulation.
  • Picofluidics - Electro-Chemical Deposition for TSV's & Wafer Bumping.
  • Benchtop - Rapid Thermal Processors for Oxidation, Graphene, PZT & III/V's.
  • IESField Service Support & Spare Parts for Implant and other Semiconductor Technologies.
  • Meyer Burger Ion Beam for SOI & BAW/SAW Wafer Trimming and Optics figuring & Inkjet Technology for OLED, PV and printed electronics.
  • Plasma Parylene Systems Hydrophobic, Resistant Parylene Coatings and Barriers.
  • Plasma Quest  Deposition for flexible electronics, TCOs & TFTs
  • JLS Designs - Plasma Etch
  • Ultratech CNT - ALD Technology for R&D

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 Press Releases

  • Omni Technologies’ Premiere at Semicon Europa

    Six Partners to present emergent technologies at European industry showpiece


    Omni Technologies, a representative of leading service providers and equipment manufacturers for the semiconductor, R&D and related industries, announces their debut next month @ the Semicon Europa Show (Booth #954).


    Omni will be displaying equipment from six of their Partners. This includes new and innovative technology from Gencoa Ltd called Optix, which monitors gases and pressure at both base pressures and process pressures without the need for any differential pumping systems.


    Omni will also exhibit a new advanced Rapid Thermal Processor (RTP), developed in conjunction with Benchtop, UK, for Graphene growth and high speed oxidation applications in addition to the more typical RTP applications.


    Picofluidics, UK another Omni partner, will be showcasing their Electro Chemical Deposition technology for filling high aspect ratio Through Silicon Via’s (TSV’s) using less than 1/100th the amount of the expensive chemicals currently used in ECD manufacturing equipment. This lower cost and environmentally friendly solution will accelerate the industry implementation of 3D system integration. The same technology is also used for Cu, Ni & Sn(Ag) bumping applications.


    Other companies exhibiting on the Omni booth include EM Resist, UK, manufacturers of advanced e-beam resists for high resolution, high aspect ratio microelectronic & NEMS/MEMS applications, and Omni’s long standing partner Alpha Plasma, DE manufacturer of microwave Ashers & Surface Preparation Etchers for both front-end and an array of device packaging applications. They are joined by IES UK, (Omni’s parent company). In addition to their Equipment Moving and Field Support Engineering business, IES have built up a strong Spare Parts business for Semiconductor Processing Equipment, particularly for Ion Implantation tools. IES will be displaying a range of parts at the Omni booth and can provide details of current inventory to fabrication customers.


    Omni also represent Meyer Burger for Ion Beam lens figuring & Ion Beam Trimming of SOI wafers and BAW/SAW devices and microelectronic Inkjet Printing, who have their own booth at the show.

    In addition, the Omni team will be on hand to discuss the agendas of Principals not exhibiting this year, including: Ultratech CNT, USA for ALD technology; Plasma Parylene Systems, DE for Parylene Deposition; Plasma Quest, UK for remote plasma sputtered thin film coatings and JLS Designs, UK for Plasma Etch, PECVD & PVD.

    Rick Halle, Business Development Manager for Omni Technologies advised. “We have come a long way as a trading company of IES ltd since setting up in late 2011. With over £6M in sales and now with a prominent booth at the largest European Semiconductor tradeshow, we are well ahead of our growth plan and continue to meet the company’s expectations. What differentiates us from other Equipment Representatives is our close partnership with IES Ltd and their vast Engineering resource for servicing our Principals products and providing our customers with process and service support, as well as tailored contracts. IES can also stock and manage spare parts for our principals to provide optimum response time for European customers and have another trading company called Brand51 who do all Omni’s marketing. Many of our principals now use Brand51’s services for their own marketing requirements.”

    Notes to Editors


    - Omni-Technologies started business in 2011, initially to promote IES’s Engineering Support.


    - As Omni has grown, new Principals from around the world, offering Equipment to the Semiconductor industry, Institutes and Universities have partnered with Omni Technologies to sell & service their equipment in Europe.


    - Today the Omni Technologies portfolio of principals includes Meyer Burger (Ion Beam Technology & Inkjet printers for microelectronics); Alpha Plasma (Resist Ashers & Surface Cleaning Systems for packaging processes); JLS Designs (PVD, Etch, PECVD and Evaporation);  Plasma Quest (Remote Plasma Source Sputter tools); EM Resist – (Advanced e-beam and UV Photoresist); Parylene Plasma Systems (Parylene Deposition); Gencoa (Magnetrons, Process Gas Feedback Control technology and gas monitoring); Benchtop (Vacuum RTP) and most recently Ultratech CNT (ALD) .


    Rick Halle

    Business Development Manager


    Tel +44 (0)845 340 2626                              


  • Alpha Plasma: Q150 Microwave Etcher
    The Alpha Q Series Microwave Etchers are used mainly for Photoresist Ashing & De-scum Processes. Also used for Surface Preparation prior to deposition, SU8 & PI Lateral Etching and other Sacrificial layers in MEMS/NEMS Applications....

  • Alpha Plasma Q series microwave systems provide fast and damage free plasma processing. In microwave systems the etching effect is based upon chemical reactions of the plasma particles. The systems are easy to operate featuring simple manual or automatic loading / unloading, .

    The System software is based on Windows and complies with standards in semiconductor industries.

    Microwave generators are small and work reliably. They allow for a very compact design of low-pressure plasma systems without the need for the amplifiers and matching networks necessary for conventional RF technology. The Plasma System Q series is widely used as table-top but installation through the cleanroom wall is a popular option.

    The systems are suitable for wafers up to 200 mm and are designed for semiconductor and microelectronic processing.

    Q150 Technical Specification (Exhibited Product)

    Process chamber:  Quartz Glass

    Volume: 6 liters

    Chamber size: diameter 150 mm, depth. 260 mm

    Chamber door: Aluminum, support rods attached to the door, manual loading according to the drawer principle, viewing port

    Support rods: Aluminum, the rods as per customer requirement. (suitable up to 4“ wafers or other samples)

    Microwave power 2,45 GHz, adjustable between 50 and 600 Watts

    Gas supply 2 digital Mass Flow Controllers standard

    Gas distribution: Diffuser ring in front door

    Vacuum gauge Pirani, 1 - 1000 Pa

    Vacuum system DN 25 ISO-K

    Vacuum valve Electro-pneumatic valve

    System control PC, Windows, RS 232, USB, Ethernet (also for remote control) 7” monitor, touch screen, graphical user interface Software; Windows Office compatible; user password protection configurable Status and error messages; storage of process data and error messages, export of process data; graphical monitoring of process parameters; automatic and manual operation


    Vacuum pump Dry vacuum pump, capacity 20-25 m3/h

    Gas Channel additional digital Mass Flow Controller (up to 4)

    Light Tower 3 color status light: red, green, yellow

    Utilities 1 connection, 3/N/PE AC 50/60 Hz 400/240 V 16 A for system and pump

    Dimensions W 500 mm X H 370 mm X D 550 mm

    Weight 40 kg without pump

    Wafer Size All sizes up to 100 mm, loading up to 25 wafers


  • EM Resist: SML e-Beam Resist
    SML is a series of Positive Tone e-Beam Resists for High Resolution, High Aspect Ratio patterning. It has excellent adhesion and low etch rates. Applications include Fresnel Lens fabrication, Al Lift-off and HAR etch amongst others....

  • The high performance SML resist is a novel polymer that has been specifically designed to answer the demands of the e-Beam Lithography community.It can be simultaneously patterned into high resolution and high aspect ratio patterns, even at low acceleration voltages, and without the aid of proximity effect correction.

    The main features are:

    • Positive Tone Resist
    • Very High Resolution <10nm
    • Very High Aspect Ratio >10:1 @ 30kV & >50:1 @100kV
    • Slow Etch Rate

    Additional Features include:

    • Safe & Easy to use: Specifically designed to fit into a standar PMMA process
    • Superior LER/LWR
    • Very straight sidewalls
    • Superior contrast
    • Excellent surface adhesion (HDMS not required).




  • Gencoa: Optix
    Optix is a low cost ground-breaking, instrument for gas sensing in any vacuum environment. Functioning through a wide range of operating pressures to cater for virtually all vacuum production processes without any requirement for differential pumping....

  • Optix uses a remote plasma spectroscopy concept which generates a small plasma within the sensor head which is then analysed by its built-in spectrometer. The light spectrum is automatically interpreted to provide qualitative measurement of the presence and concentration of gas within the vacuum.

    The sensor generates a plasma over a wide pressure range without the need for a differential pumping system.

    The Optix spectral information and sophisticated back-end software creates a range of uses for all vacuum users within an easy to use and multi-functional interface: wide range pressure measurement; leak detection; vacuum quality monitoring; process pump-down analysis; gas and molecular analysis; condition monitoring and fault detection; fast process feedback and flow control; end-point detection; gas flow calibration and composition ratios.

    The cold cathode Penning method is commonly used to measure the total pressure of a vacuum. Unlike other cold cathode pressure gauges, Gencoa Optix uses plasma spectrum information to automatically calibrate the pressure reading for the vacuum gases – providing a more accurate pressure measurement.

    Pressure regime advantages

    • Operates directly at the most common vacuum process pressures
    • No need for expensive/complex differential pumps
    • No spurious readings from differential pump systems
    • Direct monitoring of the vacuum instantly register any changes (m/sec response)
    • Significantly less expensive than RGA and differential pump combination


    An advanced Windows user interface provides clear visualisation of the condition of the process and vacuum, and powerful tools for recording and referencing data enable easy identification of process problems.

    Software features

    • Built-in spectrum database for atomic and molecular emission signatures
    • Automatic spectrum interpretation
    • Time plots for automatically or user defined species
    • Customizable trigger set-up for end point detection or process control
    • Comprehensive data recording and data referencing capability
    • Vacuum quality tracker
    • Leak detection

  • Picofluidics:- uECD
    The Picofluidics uECD is an Electro-Chemical Deposition system for 300mm wafers and below. The application is Cu deposition for Through Silicon Vias (TSV's) in 3D system integration schemes and also Cu, Ni & Sn(Ag) micro-bumping for packaging....

  • Many interconnect / Input-Output contacts are made using Electro Chemical Deposition. 3D system integration is costly and so it is important for equipment suppliers to make the process steps more cost effective. Current suppliers use high volumes of costly chemicals.

    Picofludics have therefore developed the uECD system for running 300mm wafers and below but using millifluidic technology where the required Cu Deposition for through Silicon Vias (TSVs) takes place using under 100th the amount of chemicals and additives to those of todays conventional systems.

    The Picofluidics uECD system is

    • Small system using low volume ECD cell.
    • Requires far less electrolyte (produces less waste) 
    • Requires far less expensive additives
    • Far more cost effective than comparable ECD systems
    • Process fluids contained in R&D system. 
    • DI clean output exhausted from system.
    • Electrolyte is re-cycled.
    • Can process wafers up to 300mm in diameter.
    • Smaller whole wafers can be processed with size changes.
    • Small pieces cfor R&D an be held on a carrier wafer.
    • Both R&D & Production Systems available
    • Process Fluids under system for R&D Processing
    • Excellent TSV Conformal Fill.


    Picofluidics are also working on Cu, Ni & Sn(Ag) bump metallizations applications


  • Benchtop: RTP 200
    The RTP 200 is an Advanced Vacuum Rapid Thermal Processor designed for fast Oxidation, Nitridation & Graphene Growth as well as conventional applications due to it's ability to process at higher temperatures for longer than standard RTPs....

  • The RTP 200 is a table top Rapid Thermal Processor (RTP) system.


    • 200mm wafers & Below
    • 36 Lamps, 18 top and bottom with individual power control
    • Ramp Rate: 150C per second
    • Temp Accuracy: +/- 1.5%
    • Temp Uniformity +/- 2.5%
    • Vacuum capability to 10-6 mB
    • 5x All metal gas lines
    • Fast switching MFC's for Graphene Application
    • Advanced cooling to allow for longer time, high temperature applications.



    • Graphene Growth @ 1100C
    • 100nm Oxide Growth in under 2 hours
    • Compound Semiconductor Ohmic Alloying
    • Contact Alloying
    • Ion Implant Activation
    • Polysilicon Annealing
    • Silicide Formation
    • BPSG/PSG Reflow
    • Ti/Au Nanotube Ohmic Contact formation
    • Nitridation.


  • IES: OEM Parts, FSE Support, Equipment Moving & CE
    IES supply a range of spare parts for implanters and other Fab equipment; Field Service Engineers for virtually all Implanter types and other technology areas. IES also specialise in moving equipment both within Fabs and from Fab to Fab....

  • OEM Parts

    IES provide New & Used parts for Semiconductor Equipment. Our extensive parts inventory consists of thousands of parts available for ion implanters and other types of equipment. See for details


    Field Service & Process Engineering Support

    • Emergency machine down support with fast response times
    • Preventative maintenance contracts to optimise tool uptime
    • Holiday and sickness cover
    • Equipment retrofits
    • De-install, move, installation and system commissioning 
    • On-site support with highly skilled engineers available for customer selected period
    • Continuous improvement programmes to reduce cost of ownership
    • Bespoke training courses


    Equipment Moving Services

    Our qualified industrial relocation teams consist of riggers, fitters and M&E engineers led by experienced supervisors and supported by our Project Management and Logistics professionals. On-site teams are fully equipped with the specialist tools and equipment needed for the successful and safe movement of machinery and equipment. From machine skates and hydraulic scoots to air flotation systems, packing tools, forklifts and lifting systems, our teams arrive fully prepared for the task.


    CE Marking

    IES offer a pragmatic and cost effective approach to the process of getting a product CE Marked. We work for and with our clients, offering a comprehensive service that takes them through the process of CE compliance testing and evaluation and to self-declaration for compliance.



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