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Software and robotics solutions for semiconductor equipments

Agileo Automation specializes in industrial automation with a high expertise in software services for semiconductor and photovoltaic equipment manufacturers.

With 10+ years experience in semiconductor equipment automation (process equipment, wafer handlers, reticle handlers), Agileo Automation supports its customer from equipment design through customer acceptance.

 Press Releases

  • Agileo Automation will unveil at SEMICON Europa 2016 Speech Scenario, its new software to automate SECS/GEM equipment interface validation.

    GEM stands for Generic Equipment Model, however each equipment needs to specialize the SECS/GEM interface to take in account its equipment specificities. Some tools allow SECS/GEM interface validation by manually sending SECS-II messages and manually analyzing the generated log file such as Speech, released in 2015 by Agileo, the first software tool to support SMN standard (SEMI E173 : XML SECS-II Message Notation).

    Speech Scenario is a new software enabling automated SECS/GEM regression testing.

    This open software enables SECS/GEM expert to write their own testing scenarios in C# language, one of the most popular programming language in the semi-conductor industry. The popular LINQ API is used to access SECS-II data items and it lets test program writer imagine any relevant test case for a specific equipment. SECS-II message format is automatically checked against SEMI E-5 standard, letting test program writer focus on scenario added value.

    Speech Scenario improves overall equipment software quality at minimum cost since manual testing procedure can now be automated and repeatedly executed within minutes.

    It is then possible to test equipment software more often and hence to be confident in equipment software modifications before releasing a software update worldwide.

    Combined with A²ECF, Agileo Automation Equipment Controller Framework, Speech Scenario enables testing an equipment software without hardware thanks to A²ECF native hardware simulation build upon SEMI E120 (Common Equipment Model).

    Want to know more? You are welcome at booth #1166 during Semicon Europa in Grenoble to exchange with our team or request a demo at


  • Speech
    Speech is a Host or Equipment emulator for virtual commissioning. It is able to define and log SECS-II messages using the newly adopted SMN standard (SEMI E173 : XML SECS-II Message Notation)....

  • Features:

    • Receive and Send any SECS-II compliant message (including E40, E94, E87,…)
    • Create your own messages in SMN
    • Use data to parameterize your messages
    • Associate different sessions to different kind of tools
    • Use transparently Serial or Ethernet communication
    • Use several communication configuration
    • Provide logs in SMN (E173) SEMI standard to your customers prior to tool shipment
    • Log CEIDs with a meaningful name
    • Emulate Host or Equipment with one software

    Technical details

    • Native .Net application
    • Based on Agileo Automation’s field-proven  SECS-I, SECS-II and HSMS drivers
    • Run on Microsoft® Windows® 7 x86 and x64, Microsoft® Windows® 10 x64
  • A²ECF - Equipment Controller Framework
    Software solution for equipment automation with SEMI standards compliance...

  • Connect your equipment to the Fab and manage robotics wafer loader (EFEM) to be ready for mass production.

    With A²ECF V4 :

    • Be in the right “time to market” and Reduce software investments by using existing software solution with documented architecture
    • Focus on your core business: With built-in SEMI standards compliance and major robotics platform supported, Agileo Automation takes care of your equipment automation
    • Increase the maintainability and the testability of your equipment software: Standardization of hardware and software simulation for off-site problem analysis and off-line host integration
    • Partner with a team able to support you from RFQ answering to worldwide equipment commissioning
    • Get prepared to your customers’ future needs: 6”, 8”, 300mm and 450mm compliance based on the same architecture, open to new hardware and following industry standards with planned updates.

    Technical details:

    • Many robotics platforms supported
    • Create your business logic based on models
    • Based on widely spread technologies (Microsoft Visual Studio.NET®)
    • Rapid and professional user interface
    • Ready for SECS/GEM integration
  • SECS/GEM driver
    The Agileo Automation SECS/GEM driver provides a software device encapsulating SEMI standards which are required to establish communication with a Fab Host...

  • GEM Services
    • Equipment communication state
    • and control state
    • Process program
    • Collection event sending (S6F11)
    • Variable data collection
    • Status data collection
    • Remote control (S2F42/S2F49)
    • Alarm management
    • Equipment constants
    • Clock
    • Trace data collection
    • Limits monitoring
    • Customization availability for any SECS-II compliant message format
    Supported SEMI standards
    • E4 SECS-I (serial protocol)
    • E37 HSMS-SS (ethernet protocol)
    • E5 SECS-II
    • E30 GEM

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