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 As a pioneer in Japan and with 40 years of experience in industrial robot automation, we can offer a wide range of robot applications in various industries. Our expertise includes, spot & arc welding, handling, assembling, robot palletizing, packaging, machine tending, loading & unloading, press tending, painting, sealing, gluing, deburring, grinding, polishing, washing, wafer handling, clean room applications.


The Kawasaki Robotics GmbH is a overseas branch of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan. It’s the European headquarter and organizes the distributor network for Kawasaki Industrial robots. The German sales organization is also located here including Service and Engineering departments.

 Press Releases

  • Kawasaki Robotics at Semicon Europe in Grenoble

    The Semicon Europe is the leading trade fair for the microelectronics industry in Europe. This year´s Semicon takes place in Grenoble, France from Oct. 25th to 27th.

    Kawasaki Robotics, the leading Robot Manufacturer shows at this important trade fair three robots related to the microelectronics industry:

    -the Clean Room Robots: NTS20 and RC005L.

    -the dual-arm-scara Robot duAro.

    The duAro is a brand-new Offering that realizes the Concept of an innovative Dual-Arm SCARA Robot into the microelectronics market.

    The duAro is a robot with a new dual-armed structure that can fill needs for two-handed human labor with straightforward reproduction of the independent movement of two arms. It uses the simple horizontal movement of a SCARA and makes it dual-armed. It also features easy direct teaching, making the robot highly practical. Also, the robot body and controller are structured as a package on a wheeled base. This makes it easy to install and to relocate.

    The robot can easily fit in the space of a human and perform the work a human would with two arms. With its collision detection function and the ability to move slower near humans for safety, it can be installed right beside workers to work together.


    NTS20 is a robot out of the NT Series: The NT Series are special long reach horizontal arm Robots for Clean Rooms. These Robots are designed to give a single robot the reach to tend up to four FOUPs without using a linear axis.

    EXEPTIONAL REACH: The NT series incorporates the next-generation design to handle either 300 mm or 450 mm wafers at a rate of 400 wafers per hour (WPH) without an aligner.

    HIGH THROUGHPUT: The throughput of the standard NT robot is 280 wafers per hour (WPH) with aligner and 400 WPH without aligner. An optional gripper is available that increases the throughput to 700 WPH.

    SEMI F47 COMPLIANT: NT models instantaneously respond to electrical fluctuations, such as a drop in voltage, and automatically resume operation when voltage is restored.

    SEMI S2 COMPLIANT: NT models meet specific considerations for environment and personal safety.

    COLLISION DETECTION: Both software and hardware components are equipped with collision detection features to lessen the damage of delicate and specialized equipment caused by collisions.

    CEILING MOUNT: The NT620 model features a ceiling mount specification design for use in a chemical liquid environment while meeting ISO Class 1 requirements.

    The RC005L is a high speed, high performance industrial robot designs for Clean Room Environments. The robot has a cleanroom classification of FED Class 100, equivalent to ISO Class 5 cleanroom, and comes with an all alluminum arm cover, fluoro rubber outer seals and a chemical resistant epoxy paint finish.

    The RC005L has a max. payload of 5 kg, a horizontal Reach of 903 mm, a vertical Reach of   1,484 mm. With a Repeatability of ±0.03 mm and a maximum Speed 9,300 mm/s this Robot is very fast.

    About Kawasaki Robotics:

    Kawasaki Robotics is the pioneer in industrial robotics. The first robot made in Japan was made by Kawasaki in 1969. Since then Kawasaki is one of the biggest and leading robot manufacturer worldwide and delivers innovative robots for every application.


  • Horizontal Articulated Arm : NT series
    Single robot that can be used with up to 4 FOUPs (option for 5 FOUPs)....

  • Features


    Can be used with up to 4 FOUPs with no track (option for up to 5 FOUPs). Single robot that can access all the EFEMs, and can be used with between 2 to 4 FOUPs without a track. Adding the special option enables the robot to be used with 5 FOUPs.

    High throughput

    The throughput of the standard robot is 280 WPH (with aligner) and 400 WPH (without aligner). The optional special gripper increases the throughput to 700 WPH.

    Kawasaki's original mechanism ensures long-term compliance with ISO Class 1 standards.

    Smooth operation

    The specially designed drive system enables the robot to move incredibly smoothly and deliver high precision.

    450 mm wafer compatible

    The same robot currently being used for 300 mm wafers can also be used for 450 mm wafers.

    In addition to  handling wafers, the NT series robots can also be used for solar panels, LCDs, and organic EL panels.

    Optional  self-diagnosis and full-automatic programming functions are available.

    Compliant with SEMI-F47 standard. Instantaneous response to problems such as a drop in voltage, and automatic resumption of operation when voltage is restored.

    Compliant with SEMI-S2 standard. Sufficient consideration given to the environment and personal safety.

    Equipped with a collision detection function to lessen the damage caused by collisions.

  • “duAro” Collaborative dual-arm SCARA Robot
    The “duAro” Dual-arm SCARA Robot by Kawasaki Robotics: A Brand-new Offering that Realizes the Concept of an Innovative Dual-arm SCARA Robot...

  • Features:

    Saves space

    The “duAro” dual-arm robot, with its two coaxial arms controlled by a single controller, can fit into a single-person space. The coaxial dual- arm configuration makes it possible to perform coordinated movement, which has been impossible for even two SCARA robots, in addition to dual-arm operations.

    Ease of introduction

    The wheeled base on which the arms are placed accommodates the controller. This enables the user to move the robot together with its base to any location desired.

    Coexistent operations with people

    Low-power motors and a deceleration function enable the duAro to coexist with people in  work operations*. Also, in the event of a possible person-robot collision, the collision detection function instantaneously stops the robot’s movement.

    * Risk assessment shall be implemented to reduce risk.

    Ease in teaching operation

    Teaching the robot by direct demonstration (by holding the robot’s arms) allows the user to easily teach the robot the movements required of them.

    Various options

    Teaching operations can be conveyed via tablet or teaching pendant, both of which can be connected to multiple robots. A vision system and standard gripper options are also available.

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