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Welcome to BCnC Co.,Ltd.

BCnC Co., Ltd, have been supplying equipment parts for Semiconductor, Display and Solar industries with advance materials(Ceramic, Silicon, Quartz., Etc.)through continuous in-house R&D Since local manufacturing industry of semiconductor and display parts started in 1994. Based on seasoned skills and know-how gained thru the decade, we are focusing on On-time delivery of quality products at very competitive prices. As a result of continuous efforts to seek new growth power, we started standing out in LCD, LED and Solar industries. In the year of 2010, we built and relocated to new main factory to absorb these growth momentum. Together with these quantitative growth, we also have strived for quality growth thru quality improvement, systemic thinking, reorganization of system for on-time delivery, competitive price offers thru close cost reduction. With our business philosophy; Creative of Customer value, BCnC Co., Ltd. promise to help create Customer's Values by R&D for cutting edge products with new technology. All officers and staff at BCnC will stand by for customers with trust and faith to carry out the promise. Thank you. 


  •                     LG – Certified Supplier

                        Hanwha – Certified Supplier

                        Quality Management System (ISO9001 Certified)

  •                     Started Mass Production of Sapphire and SiC Parts

                        Expansion of Production Facility 2

                        R&D Lab set up

  • 2003          BCnC Co., Ltd Established

                      SK hynix – Certified Supplier

                      Dongbu Hitek – Certified Supplier

                      Start Export to Japan and Taiwan

    2004 ~ 7     R&D and Mass Production

                        - Quartz, Silicon, Ceramic Parts

                       Toshiba – Certified Supplier

    2008 ~ 9     R&D and Flexible Heater Sales

                       LS Cable & System Ltd. – Registered
    2010           Relocated to new factory (Jan. 2010)

                       Samsung – Officially Certified Supplier


  • BCnC Manufacturing Technology
    Striving to create customers’ value through special surface treatment technology (Quartz, Silicon, Ceramic, Sapphire and other special materials) ...

  • Quartz Part Manufacturing Technology

    Provides various Quartz parts with new surface treatment technology for existing and advanced nodes

    Silicon Part Manufacturing Technology

    Provides High Quality Silicon Parts with new processing technology and special Chemical Etching steps

    Al2O3  Ceramic Part Manufacturing Technology

     Batch production and supply of parts from raw material to final precision process

  • Business Area
    Consumable Parts Precision Manufacturing for Semiconductor, Display, Solar and LED Equipment...

  • Quartz parts

    Silicon parts

    Ceramic parts

    Sapphire parts., Etc.

    Precision Manufacturing

  • Quartz Production Facility & Parts
    Quartz Production Facility & Manufacturing Process ...

  • Quartz Part Manufacturing Process

     : Receiving Materials - CNC - MCT - Furnace - Firing Station - Fire Polishing - 3D Inspection - Cleaning - Products

  • Al2O3 Ceramic Part Manufacturing Process
    Ceramic Manufacturing Process & Ceramic Parts ...

  • Ceramic  Ring  Parts

    Ceramic  Arm Parts

    Ceramic  Consumable Part

  • Silicon Production Facility
    Manufacturing Process & Silicon Production Facility ...

  • Silicon Electrode (12”,8”)

    Silicon Focus Ring  (6”, 8” and 12”)


初出展/New Exhibitor
新製品/New Products
製品展示/Displaying Equipment
デモンストレーション/ Product Demonstrations
産業・技術分野/ Industries/Technologies
LED/solid state lighting, その他/Other, 半導体/Semiconductor