bubbles and beyond GmbH

Leipzig,  Saxony 
  • 小間番号1608-6

B&B offers pioneering physical cleaning and resist stripping

Bubbles & Beyond is a technology company focusing on the development of customized smart fluids for microelectronic applications. With these intelligent fluids® bubbles & beyond possesses an innovative patented technology platform which generates unique physical effects. This is achieved because of highly dynamic molecular super structures within the fluids. Thanks to this intelligent fluids® penetrate and infiltrate layers and generate micro-vibrations between layer and substrate material which leads to a fragmentation and lift-off of the layer. Products deriving from intelligent fluids® surpass conventional solutions and offer an outstanding performance for a large variety of different products and applications in the fields of MATERIAL SEPARATION, CLEANING, RESIST STRIPPING and METAL LIFT-OFF. More over intelligent fluids® are based on approved, gentle ingredients instead of toxic and caustic chemical substances.