ChemTrace, A Quantum Global Technologies. LLC Company

Fremont,  CA 
United States
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Solutions Based Chemistry

ChemTrace is a globally recognized leader of analytical testing and we serve as a technical resource for our customers.  We aim to meet and exceed our clients' expectations of accurate, reliable and on-time analytical results.

Founded in 1993, ChemTrace provides state-of-the-art analytical services and problem solving expertise to improve current technologies in semiconductor, solar, LED and MEMS.  We accomplish this by understanding the needs of each customer and creating a customized approach toward real analytical solutions. Clients' needs are fulfilled by the combined experience of our highly qualified chemists, engineers and technologists at ChemTrace.  Our personnel work closely with quality engineers, process engineers, equipment engineers, micro-contamination engineers, internal laboratory staff, facility engineers, field operations, R&D staff and chemists to provide accurate and precise information on the composition, characterization and trace level impurities of samples sent to our laboratory for analysis.


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