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Leading supplier: factory automation software for smart mfg

PEER Group® provides the largest portfolio of factory automation software products and services to high-volume manufacturers and equipment makers in the semiconductor, photovoltaics (PV), and electronics industries. With over 100,000 licenses shipped, we are the leading supplier of factory automation software for smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0. We help lower the cost of automation for our customers by solving their most challenging equipment automation, data management, and process control problems.


  • SECS/GEM, Interface A (EDA) connectivity software
  • Secure remote connectivity software
  • Tool automation & control software
  • Equipment software testing
  • Station controllers
  • Software consulting and integration services


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  • PFAT
    PFAT™ is a highly-configurable test application that validates equipment software and SECS/GEM host communications. PFAT can integrate with independent software allowing engineers to share a common equipment software testing platform....

  • The developers of CCS Envoy™ and SECSIM Pro®+ have created PEER FACTORY® Acceptance Tester (PFAT™), a next generation host simulation product designed specifically for SECS/GEM-based manufacturing equipment. With its graphical test designer and real-time results tracker, users can design tests quickly to simulate a factory’s operational scenarios and pinpoint failures easily. Factories can accelerate test development across entire equipment lists while OEMs can re-use scenarios across multiple factories. PFAT can communicate directly with a tool's control system or an independent software application for more rigorous software reliability testing. PFAT is the only product on the market that is designed to do comprehensive testing of SECS-based equipment to ensure production readiness. Both high-volume manufacturers and their suppliers use PFAT to find and solve problems on their equipment to accelerate installation, increase equipment reliability and avoid costly repairs in the field.

  • PTO
    PTO® is an industry-leading, field-proven, tool automation software product for LED, semiconductor, and MEMS equipment manufacturers. PTO features include: wafer transport and scheduling, UI, host connectivity, equipment control, and data collection....

  • PEER Tool Orchestrator’s (PTO®) proven record of reducing an OEM’s tool development time has elevated it to the most popular tool automation software platform for semiconductor, PV, LED, MEMS, and flat panel manufacturing. PTO provides all of the on-tool functionality required for material transport, optimized scheduling, alarm management, tool recovery, data collection, and factory host communications. PTO’s flexible framework and intuitive configuration environment provides OEMs with the capability to quickly develop their own control system and continue to adapt to evolving manufacturing needs.

    EIB® OEM Product Suite is an integrated platform that reduces the cost of satisfying diverse factory automation requirements. EIB quickly delivers equipment automation communication standards - SECS/GEM, GEM300, Interface A (EDA) and custom protocols....

  • EIB® OEM Product Suite is a multi-connection, multi-protocol host connectivity software solution for equipment suppliers that reduces the cost of satisfying each factory’s diverse automation requirements. It’s a single, integrated platform that delivers the equipment automation communication standards –SECS/GEM, GEM300 (including E148, E157), PV2 and Interface A / EDA – used in semiconductor, PV, LED, MEMS and other high-technology manufacturing. EIB is easy to configure for any tool type and tool topography and integrates to the equipment control system or devices using a variety of standard communication mechanisms such as ASCII, COM, .NET, SECS/GEM or custom protocols. EIB OEM also enables rapid integration using OPC for PLC-based equipment that use HMI/SCADA software packages such as Modbus, Rockwell’s RSView32 and FactoryTalk View, Wonderware Intouch, GE’s Cimplicity and iFix, Siemen’s SIMATIC WinCC, and National Instrument’s Labview.

  • Remicus
    Remicus™ is a cloud-based infrastructure enabling secure, scalable remote access to equipment and equipment data located inside a fab, empowering geographically-dispersed experts and enabling the human cloud....

  • Remicus™ enables tool experts to manage manufacturing equipment via the web. It enables secure, scalable remote access to equipment and equipment data, empowering geographically-dispersed experts. This adds value to an OEM’s equipment solution offering for fab customers. Pronounced reh-Me-cuss, the name is a combination of “remote” and the Latin word for friend, amicus. It enables the human cloud whereby a distributed team works together efficiently on equipment inside a fab. Local service technicians in the fab collaborate with tool experts at OEM headquarters, giving the OEM the ability to support all deployed equipment regardless of location. Remicus provides a secure communication tunnel designed to protect both fab information and equipment-maker IP and meets the requirements of the most highly-secured corporate networks. It is based on cloud technology for scalability, meeting the peak data throughput needs of the largest to the smallest OEMs.

    PEER FACTORY® is a flexible, scalable, and lean automation software solution targeted for high-technology manufacturing environments where commercial, off-the-shelf Manufacturing Execution Systems don’t align with unique requirements....

  • We have assembled a collection of PEER FACTORY feature sets from which we will build a customized MES for your factory. We have launched full factory controls systems successfully in PV solar, semiconductor, automotive, life sciences, and consumer electronics plants. Our systems connect thousands of individual pieces of equipment and support the collection of large volumes of factory data at high speeds, handle complex product routing and finite process control through recipe management, monitor equipment performance, and execute and control all factory processes.

    PEER Group’s experienced automation software engineers typically build the system per customer specification: tool connectivity, data management, user interface development, and information delivery to ERP and other corporate systems. PEER FACTORY is scalable; you can start with a simple data collection system for a single tool or device, then grow this solution into a full-scale manufacturing IT system using the same common robust architecture. You simply add PEER FACTORY feature sets as required to reflect your expanding automation requirements.


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