Sealink Corp.

Korea (South)
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Sealink is manufacture Seal Unit.

Sealink Corp. is one of the world's leading companies specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of Vacuum and Pressure rotary sealing solution including rogary feedthroughm reciprocating feedthrough, double acting-rotary & linear motion-feedthroughs and multiple passage rotary union for high vacuum or high prssure process line, which simplify and further improve the coventional magetic and mechnical sealing unit.



  • Sealink Rotary Sealing Unit
    Sealink Corp.'s Seal unit is not Magnetic Seal fpr high vacuum and pressure. ...


    ◎ Sealink Seal VS Magnetic Seal

    Spec Sealink Seal Magnetic Seal
    Vacuum  Possible  Possible
    Pressure  Possible Impossible
    Chemical  Possible  Possible


    ◎ Strengths
     - High Vacuum and Pressure Rotary Sealing Unit
     - High Temp. : low temperature ~ +150℃ without cooling
     - Reactive Gas : Possible
     - Sealink RotoSeal unit is not required magnetic fluid

    ◎ Features

     A. Media to be sealed : Reactive gas, Inert gas, Water, Oil and other liquids
     B. Temperature Range : -20ºC to +150ºC without cooling system
     C. Maximum Leakage Rate
       - In Vacuum : 10-8 torr
       - In Pressure : 50 bar
     D. Maximum Speed : 15m/s
     E. Shaft Diameter : Ø6 to Ø1800mm

    ◎ Applications
     •Semiconductor Industries
      - CVD, MOCVD, LPCVD, PECVD, PCD, ALD, CMP, OLED, LCD devices, FPD devices,
        Wafer rotation handling devices, Vacuum deposition system, Ion Implanter, Etcher, Asher,
         Edge grinder, Scrubber, RTP, Sputter, Lamp devices, Autoclave, Wafer robots, etc.
     •Pharmaceutical and Chemical Processing Industries s
      - Mixers, Agitators and Reactor Vessels


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