SVCS Process Innovation

Czech Republic
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SVCS - your preferred supplier of diffusion & CVD equipment

SVCS Process Innovation designs and manufactures batch horizontal and vertical diffusion, LPCVD and PECVD furnaces for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. Other products include various gas source systems like gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes and custom equipment gas manifolds. The heart of all SVCS tools is in-house designed control system that is often used for refurbishment of third party equipment.

SVCS  experience is based on a long history of the semiconductor industry in former Czechoslovakia. Besides the domestic market, SVCS activities are SVCS local offices and distributors,  including China, Taiwan, Russia,Japan,  India, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey and other European countries. SVCS participates in the EU-funded research programs to achieve higher solar cell efficiency.  SVCS was awarded  as the best exporter of 2009 in the small-medium companies sector in DHL & HSBC contest supported by the Czech ministry of Industry and Trade.


  • Diffusion Furnaces
    Horizontal diffusion furnaces...

  • Horizontal diffusion furnaces of various sizes
  • LP/PE CVD Furnaces
    Horizontal LP/PE CVD Furnaces...

  • Horizontal LP/PE CVD Furnaces of various sizes
  • Ultra High Purity Gas and Liquid Delivery
    Ultra High Purity Gas, Vapor and Liquid Delivery Systems...

  • Ultra High Purity Gas, Vapor and Liquid Delivery Systems
  • Process Control Systems
    Process Control Systems and Software...

  • Proprietary Process Control Systems and Software for furnaces and delivery systems 
  • Parts and Components
    Bubblers, External Burn Systems etc....

  • Bubblers, External Burn Systems etc.