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Online Event Directory

- Event Directory

The online event directory is a service which provides an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to maximize their company advertising and marketing.
This service allows exhibitors to register their company and product information on the official SEMICON Korea and LED Korea website which is accessible to approximately 40,000 annual visitors of the event.
Visitors will be able to view and search exhibitor’s company profile, press releases, product listings and detailed descriptions before and throughout the exposition.


- Schedule Deadline

Please complete the event directory by Tuesday, January 13, 2015.


- Method to enter and modify Exhibitor Online Profile

§  Click Exhibitor Login → Enter PW → Enter Company information, products and/or services → Register and modify Co-Exhibitor information (if relevant)

§  If the main exhibitor company has a Co-Exhibitor, submit the “Co-Exhibitor Application Form” to SEMI → Receive separate password to register → Enter website, register and/or modify their profile.

§  If Upgrade is requested, the Co-Exhibitor Company may enter and modify company information, products and/or services (Additional fees apply).


- Event Directory Entry Data

§  Welcome Message

§  Product Listing, Detailed Description, and Product Image:
Along with the 6 product listings you may upload 2 product images (30kb, 300kb each)

§  Press Releases: Add up to 5 Press Releases to your online profile

§  Entry Data for Co-Exhibitors (if relevant):

-      Complimentary: Co-Exhibitor Name, Main Exhibitor name and booth

-      Upgrade: Including brief entry, Co-Exhibitor’s main information, product, and product category 



- Tools and Features for Exhibitor's Use         






 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact.


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