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We are the partner for your wet process equipment


AP&S designs and produces batch- and single wafer wet process solutions for surface treatment of substrates under cleanroom conditions for customers worldwide.

Our product portfolio includes manual, semi-automated and fully automated wet process tools perfectly fitting to the requirements of the semiconductor-, MEMS- and micro-structuring industries as well as the R&D sector. Standard as well as customized applications are both available. Additional to our cleaning, etching, stripping, plating and lift-off solutions for flat/wafer-based substrates (silicon, gallium arsenide, germanium, sapphire etc.) we deliver peripheral equipment for parts cleaning, chemical media distribution and management. Furthermore we offer refurbishment programs for used wet process tools like FSI Mercury, Steag and others.

AP&S provides you convincing innovations, high qualified services and expert support. We achieve this with our long-standing industry experience, in-depth technical expertise, best knowledge of chemical wet processing and a smart service network.

The AP&S headquarters is located in Donaueschingen, Germany. The company's subsidiaries are in China, Singapore and Malaysia.

More information on the website: www.ap-s.de

 Press Releases

  • AP&S International GmbH and the new partner STC Standard Technology Corp. Taiwan start into the cooperation with a common booth at the upcoming SEMICON Taiwan event, which will take place from 13th to 15th September 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan.

    “Taiwan, as one of the world’s major producers of electronic products, belongs to the most important regions for the semiconductor industry globally. Correspondingly high is the interest for advanced wet process solutions in this market. The goal of our new partnership with this local player is to cover this demand efficiently”, states Oliver Pohl, responsible for the international distributor network at AP&S.

    “Since 2016 we have already successfully cooperated with the company CLC Tech, who was and will remain the exclusive Taiwanese distributor for our cassette, box and foup cleaner CB II and CB III. With STC, as a new distributor for our single wafer and wet bench product portfolio, our Taiwanese customers and prospective business partners have a reliable contact person right at their front door. STC is well established in the market since 1988, is an expert in his field and is familiar with the specific needs of the local market. Together we offer convenient access to required information for interested parties and achieve short distances between the customer and equipment provider, who can be quickly on-site on request.”

    At the SEMICON Taiwan event AP&S and STC will present the full range of AP&S wet process solutions. Highlights of the single wafer area will be the unique AP&S SpinLift-off tool, which processes with DMSO (an EH&S uncritical substance) and the SpinMask tool, which provides outstanding mask cleaning results.

    Within the wet bench portfolio the partners will emphasize the A-Series wet process tool, which is available with 100 wafer half-space feature for high volume production and the AP&S Vulcanio bench, a fully automated e-less plating tool. Both wet benches are capable of handling up to 300 mm wafers.

    All interested parties are welcome at the booth 462, 4th floor. Requests for a meeting at the trade fair can be sent to oliver.pohl@ap-s.de

    More information on the website: www.ap-s.de


  • SpinLift-off single wafer tool
    This unique metal lift-off solution, developed by AP&S, processes with DMSO, an EH&S uncritical substance, offering highest safety for workers and environment. The process achieves superb solvent performance, without impact on substrate and structures....

  • Features of the AP&S SpinLift-off tool: 

    • By using DMSO at elevated temperatures combined with Megasonic agitation AP&S metal lift-off process offers high safety for workers, environment and equipment and guarantees a constant solvent performance over an extended period.
    • The process guarantees damage free lift-off for sensitive applications and sensitive substrates.
    • There are no residues left on the substrate after processing and DMSO substance itself is easy to rinse off with DI water or lower solvent.

    Benefits for customers: 

    • Low chemical consumption
    • Cost reduction in the production chain
    • Enhanced process capability

    The AP&S lift-off solution is available for all types of metal layers, alloys and further protection layers used in the semiconductor industry like Au, Ag, AlCu, etc. Feel free to ask for a spin process demonstration at our AP&S Demo Center at our headquarters in Germany. 

  • SpinMask single wafer tool
    The AP&S SpinMask tool offers a series of technical advantages and guarantees optimal cleaning results. It is a standardized product of AP&S and is as such one very cost-efficient and available at attractive delivery times....

  • Features of the AP&S SpinMask tool: 

    • All-in-one tool: ready for developing, etching, resist strip, mask cleaning and drying applications

    • Easy handling and size changing: suitable for masks and other substrates up to 9" (300 mm)

    • Perfect allrounder: ready for processes like Piranha process, standard clean SC1, chrome etching, single side brush, high pressure cleaning, CO2 ionisation unit, mini chemical dispense and mixture system, SECS GEM Interface, efficient chuck and bowl cleaning

    • Modular platform: individual adjustments and upgrades available at any time. Optimized footprint

    • Convenient control: fully integrated process control and monitoring including innovative software and multi touch functions

    • High safety levels for chemical usage

    • Optimasation of CoO by low chemical and water consumption

    • Cost-efficient AP&S standard tool offering you attractive price and short delivery time

    Configure your individual SpinMask tool in our online configurator at the website: www.ap-s.de 

  • A-Series wet bench and Vulcanio wet bench
    Fully automated high troughput platform for cleaning, etching, e-less plating (= Vulcanio tool) and other wet processes. Both tools are capable of handling up to 300 mm wafers. ...

    1. The AP&S A-Series tool is available with 100 wafer half-space feature for high volume production.

    2. The AP&S Vulcanio bench is a highly efficient, fully automated e-less plating tool.

     Benefits of the AP&S wet bench tools:

    • Outstanding throughput

    • Unbeatable cost of ownership ratio

    • Exceptional deposition uniformity

    • Extremly long bath durability

    • Comprehensive process control

    • Flexibility through modular batch design

    • Capable of handling up to 300 mm wafers