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Advantest contributes to worldwide safety and security

by supporting innovation in the semiconductor industry

Since our founding in 1954, Advantest has continued to hone our electronic measurement technologies, and has grown organically in step with the global electronics industry. Semiconductor test systems, our flagship products, test semiconductors for use in a variety of electronic devices and equipment to ensure they perform as designed, and without malfunction. This contribution is central to our mission to support worldwide safety and security through measurement technology.

Currently, the digital revolution is embedding innovations such as IoT, AI, deep learning, self-driving cars, and more into our daily lives. Demand for massive data storage, advanced processing capacity and ultra-high speed communications, and their relevance, continue to increase. In the future, semiconductors will have even higher performance, while being smaller and consuming less power. Higher reliability will be more important than ever and Advantest will ceaselessly continue to support innovation in the semiconductor industry.

We take pride not only in our industry-leading electronic measurement technologies, but also in the diverse human resources that support the global development of our business. I hope to leverage these strengths to grow with customers around the world and continuously increase our corporate value. Together with our stakeholders, I look forward to a bright future of shared prosperity and ongoing innovation.

 Press Releases

  • TOKYO, Japan – November 28, 2017 – Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857) has developed the M4171 handler to meet the mobile electronics market’s needs for cost-efficient thermal control testing of ICs with high power dissipation during device characterization and pre-production bring up.  This portable, single-site handler automates device loading and unloading, thermal conditioning and binning in engineering labs, where most testing today involves manual device handling. It also features an active thermal control (ATC) capability typically available only on larger footprint, more costly production-volume handlers.

    The M4171 can be used to remotely conduct device handling and thermal control from anywhere around the world through a network connection.  In addition to requiring fewer operators and lowering labor costs, this handler maximizes system utilization among working groups in different locations.

    The combination of automated device handling, wide-temperature ATC capabilities from -45° C to 125° C and remote operation make the M4171 unique.  It can run multi-mode test processes (Single Insertion Multiple Temperature), automated testing, automatic ID testing, output tray re-testing and manual testing, both pre-defined and user defined.

    The Tri Temp Technology on the M4171 enables the users to operate over a broad range of temperatures which greatly increases any lab’s efficiency.  The system uses direct device-surface contact, which enables quick temperature switching for fast ramp up and ramp down and improves cycle temperature testing by over 40 percent compared to manual thermal-control solutions.

    The M4171 handler is compatible with the V93000 and T2000 platforms as well as other testers.  Other features include a 2D code reader, a device rotator and a high contact force option.  Operation is simple with an intuitive, easy-to-use GUI that includes pre-defined functions.

    “By bringing cost-efficient automated testing into the lab and enabling our customers to get higher utilization from their installed base, we are providing substantial productivity advantages,” said Toshio Goto, executive officer and manager of the Device Handling business unit at Advantest.  “As our first single-site ATC handler, the M4171 is opening new market opportunities for us in device characterization within labs and benchtop environments.”

  • TOKYO, Japan – April 4, 2018 – Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857) has introduced its T5503HS2 memory tester, the industry’s most productive test solution for the fastest memory devices available today as well as next-generation, super-high-speed DRAMs.  The new system’s flexibility extends the capabilities of the T5503 product family in the current “super cycle,” in which global demand for memories is skyrocketing.

    The memory super cycle has been driven by rapid growth in end markets including portable electronics and servers.  Mobile DRAM bit share has grown more than 500 percent since 2009, according to market research firm IHS Markit.  Market research firm IHS Markit estimates that, by 2021, 120 billion gigabits of DRAM capacity will be needed for such diverse data-processing applications as mobile electronics, data centers, automobiles, gaming and graphics cards. To meet this large and growing demand, chip makers are developing new, advanced SDRAM technologies such as DDR5 and LP-DDR5 memories with data-transfer speeds up to 6.4 gigabits per second (Gbps).

    Advantest’s T5503HS2 is designed to provide test solutions for this new wave of memories as well as existing devices.  It is capable of testing at speeds up to 8 Gbps with overall timing accuracy of ±45 picoseconds. Leveraging its 16,256 channels, the highly versatile system achieves the semiconductor industry’s highest parallelism and best cost efficiency in testing next-generation LP-DDR5 and DDR5 SDRAM devices while also allowing users to continue testing today’s DDR4 ICs, LP-DDR4 devices and high-bandwidth memories.  When equipped with an optional 4.5-GHz high-speed clock, the new tester has the scalability to handle future memory ICs with data rates exceeding 8 gigabits per second.

    With its built-in features, the T5503HS2 is the only production-volume tester for next-generation, ultra-high-speed memories that supports key new features in LP-DDR5 and DDR5 devices. For instance, the tester can automatically recognize and adjust DQS-DQ timing differences to secure more timing margin by real-time tracking.  In addition, a robust new algorithmic pattern generator (ALPG) allows fast, high-quality evaluation of advanced device features.  The T5503HS2 also comes with a new programmable power supply that responds four times faster than the previous edition, resulting in much lower voltage drop.

    Users currently operating T5503 testers can upgrade to the new T5503HS2 system to seamlessly and economically transition their production floors for the next generation of memory devices.

    “Our T5503HS2 delivers best-in-class performance and precision for at-speed testing of next-generation memory ICs,” said Masuhiro Yamada, executive officer at Advantest Corporation. “The system’s unmatched scalability and productivity enable it to evaluate LP-DDR5 and DDR5 devices as quickly, accurately and cost effectively as possible.”

    The first system shipments to customers are expected to begin in the second quarter of this year.

  • (20180814)
  • TOKYO, Japan – August 1, 2018 – Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857) has introduced the industry’s first fully integrated test solution for developing, debugging and mass producing PCIe Gen 4 solid-state drives (SSD) on the proven MPT3000 platform, the same tester used by leading manufacturers of PCIe Gen 3, SATA and SAS SSDs. The new, all-inclusive test solution enables SSD manufacturers to accelerate their newest products’ time to market.

    The MPT3000 platform can now cover all test insertions for PCIe Gen 4 devices – from engineering with the MPT3000ES to reliability demonstration testing (RDT) with the MPT3000ENV to production testing with the MPT3000HVM – without waiting for third-party PCIe Gen 4 SSD applications to be commercially available.  It streamlines the transition to the next generation of devices by offering users a test flow that spans design to manufacturing and uses the same tester architecture and software as Advantest’s proven PCIe Gen 3 solution.  This holistic solution gives SSD manufacturers the fastest, lowest risk path to market.

    “To address the wide variety of SSD protocols and form factors, we offer our modular MPT3000 platform, which we have now enhanced to validate and test the newest generation of PCIe memories,” said Colin Ritchie, vice president of system-level test at Advantest. “This highly flexible system’s tester-per-DUT architecture and hardware-acceleration make it a single-system solution for virtually all engineering, volume production and BIST (built-in self-test) applications.”

    MPT3000 PCIe Gen 4 products are now available and shipments to customers have begun.


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