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CLS Line Sensor for nano-level 3D inspection & measurement

Precitec’s optical-based CHRocodile Point and Line Sensors are ideal for fast and accurate distance and thickness measurements on a wide variety of materials. The non-contact method enables topographical analysis of the most flexible and delicate materials. Utilizing both white light and infrared techniques, Precitec’s family of CHRocodile sensors and probes are accurate enough for nano-scale measurements. 

The all new CHRocodile C compact sensor measures distances and layer thicknesses ultra-accurately and at high speed. Its evolutionary design integrates opto-electronics and measuring probe in one single housing the size of a pack of cigarettes. With its four newly-developed optical probes that can be easily replaced by the user, the system can be parameterised within wide limits and adapted to the measuring task.

The CLS System (chromatic confocal line sensor) offers an incredibly fast 3D measurement rate of 384,000 points per second. In contract to conventional systems the CLS scans line by line, and can be used on any material or surface. This opens a completely new realm of topographical and geometrical measurements.

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  • For the surface of a semiconductor chip (wafer) to be measured or analyzed, 3D-data has to be collected of sufficient resolution to allow the examination of structures or geometries of the circuits on its surface. Today’s chip technologies require nanoscale resolution in the axial direction and a few micrometers in lateral direction. It goes without saying that the fragile parts should not be touched during the measurement and so the only option is to measure in a noncontact mode. More often than not semiconductor profiling comes down to the need to deliver high density 3D data from a large surface area that contains the finest structures.

    With Precitec Optronik´s new range of chromatic confocal line sensors 192 measuring points simultaneously profile the surface in 5.2x10-3 (1/200) of the time needed compared to conventional sensors, which use only one measuring point. The current generation of line sensors from Precitec Optronik operates with 192 measuring points, which measure, depending on the probe, in a line from 1 mm up to 5 mm in length.

    3D-Data within the shortest time
    The raw data delivered by the sensor can be processed in software to detect periodic patterns and structures. Most frequently used are coded height views to detect faults by observing the height, radii, diameters and gaps in structures. Precitec´s systems are working at an enhanced frequency of over one million points per second. Those line sensors are currently the fastest way of acquiring three dimensional semiconductor topographies.

    Link: Video

    (Contactless 3D topography measurement of wafers using a CHRocodile CLS line sensor)


  • Neu-Isenburg, Germany, 14.4.2016. Precitec Optronik GmbH will showcase its brand-new chromatic sensor at the CONTROL 2016 – the CHRocodile C. The new compact sensor measures distances and layer thicknesses ultra-accurately and at high speed. The CHRocodile C’s revolutionary design integrates opto-electronics and measuring probe in one single housing the size of a pack of cigarettes. With its four newly-developed optical probes that can be easily replaced by the user, the system can be parameterised within wide limits and adapted to the measuring task.

    “One of the outstanding features of the CHRocodile C sensor is most certainly its compact design”, says Dr. Jochen Schulze, Deputy Head of Sales at Precitec Optronik in Neu-Isenburg. “Compact chromatic measuring systems combining sensor and optical probe in one single unit of this size have never existed until now. With its compact design, contact-free measuring principle and excellent price-performance ratio, the CHRocodile C is the ideal alternative to classic laser triangulation sensors.”

    The new CHRocodile C sensor is also the smallest-ever “all-in-one” point sensor from Precitec Optronik. When ready for use, the chromatic confocal measuring unit consisting of sensor and optical probe weighs only 440 grams. The probes can also be replaced without the need for tools. There are no other setting controls on the system unit itself – LEDs provide information about the status and operational readiness of the measuring system. The triggerable system has a sync output and standard Ethernet and RS422 interfaces.

    With its compact housing, the CHRocodile C is eminently suitable for in-process quality control procedures and is ideal for integration with automatic optical inspection machines. Its high dynamics and outstanding signal-to-noise ratio allow measurements to be performed on a wide range of surfaces. The CHRocodile C’s robust and non-contact measuring system is maintenance-free and easy to integrate into inspection machines.


  • Line Sensor CHRocodile CLS
    Ultrafast 3D inspection: For Non-Contact Measurements of Surfaces and Topography. Best chromatic confocal measuring tool for all materials – including polished and highly tilted surfaces....

  • Chromatic Line Sensor CHRocodile CLS

    The chromatic line sensor CHRocodile CLS and a new set of exchangeable measuring probes offer ultra-precise 3D-measurements of more than 1 million points/sec. In this case, CHRocodile CLS works in boost-mode with a very high sampling rate up to 1,152,000 points/sec Resolution is in the micrometer range. The "spot" is in this case a line of up to 5 mm in length, composed of a large number (192) of individual measuring points. This is especially important if there large-scale scans must be performed or topographies must be investigated.

    The chromatic confocal line sensor CHRocodile CLS thus opens up a whole new dimension of topographic and geometrical measurements possibilities, whether it be height, width, depth, angle, shape, wall thickness, or the detection of cracks. These measurements are important in branches such as the semiconductor industry, aerospace-, glass- or watch industry, to name just a few. As well, the design principle of CHRocodile CLS line sensor is new: The entire system from sensor and measuring probe is combined in a single housing.

    Two different types with straight or angled mounted measuring probes simplify installation in existing plants. CHRocodile CLS is perfectly suited for easy integration into inspection machines in the production line, including harsh industrial environments. A great flexibility is provided by four measuring probes which are currently available: Measuring range of CHRocodile CLS can choose from 200 micrometers to 4 millimeters, according to a line length of 1 to 5 millimeters. An outstanding dynamic range and an excellent signal to noise ratio make the CHRocodile CLS the best measuring tool on various strongly reflecting and strongly steep surfaces.

    Web: CHRocodile CLS

  • CHRocodile 2 S/ 2 SE
    Non-Contact White-Light Sensor for Layer Thickness and Topography. For Plastics, Glass, Liquids...

  • CHRocodile 2 S/ 2 SE

    CHRocodile 2 S/2 SE: This next generation model of CHRocodile sensor is offering up to 66.000 measurements/second. With a white light LED CHRocodile 2 S/2 SE is ideal for non-contact surface profiling and thickness measurements. Confocal-chromatic measurement technology is especially well suited for polished and often reflective surfaces. Compared to confocal microscopy, no moving parts are required.

    The extraordinarily high dynamics range and excellent signal to noise ratio of the CHRocodile sensors ensure the best results on surfaces with differing reflectivity and from different angles. Chromatic confocal CHRocodile sensors from Precitec Optronik demonstrating particular strength to high-gloss finished or semi-transparent surfaces where other well-known optical 3D-measurement methods may fail. Sensors can be switched from confocal-chromatic measurements to interferometric technology. This offers further advantages: 2 S/2 SE sensors are suitable for many transparent plastics and multi-layer thickness measurements up to 150 micrometer.

    Non-contact probes from Precitec Optronik can measure surfaces even if the slope angles are very steep (+/- 40 degrees). High apertures ensure that even with highly reflective surfaces sufficient light is returned to the probe.

    Sensors from Precitec Optronik are widespread, particularly in the areas of semiconductor industry, plastics and glass manufacturing, medical technology, automotive and 3D measuring machines.

    The possibility of switching between confocal-chromatic and  interferometric measurements is available as option.


    Web: CHRocodile 2 S/2 SE


  • CHRocodile C
    The ultra compact CHRocodile C sensor offers high precision distance and thickness measurements. The ideal alternative to classical laser triangulation sensors...

  • The ultra compact CHRocodile C sensor with its robust and integrated design offers high precision distance and thickness measurements.

    CHRocodile C is specially suited for industrial inline use and easily integrable into any kind of inspection machine.

    The extraordinary high dynamic range and the outstanding signal-to-noise ratio of the CHRocodile sensors ensure the best measuring results on any kind of surfaces.

    Thanks to its compact dimensions and excellent performance/price ratio, CHRocodile C is the ideal alternative to classical laser triangulation sensors.

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