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attocube - pioneers of precision

attocube is a leading supplier for nano precise motion and highly accurate interferometric sensor solutions.

The portfolio includes linear, goniometric and rotational piezo stages, hexapods, ultrasonic drives, and customized precision positioning solutions, all working with nanometer accuracy. The positioners are available for various environmental conditions, always optimized for the specific field of application.

The fiber-based displacement sensor is designed for the integration into industrial networks and is the product of choice for challenging OEM and synchrotron applications. It offers sub-nanometer resolution and can be applied for highest precision measurements, vibration analysis and displacement detection.

Other product lines include cutting-edge measurement systems enabling research in low temperature and high magnetic field environments.

 Press Releases

  • attocube systems, technology leader for nano precise motion solutions is introducing the new EOR rotator. For most nano positioning applications, stability is – apart from highest precision – an essential factor for keeping a target position over long periods even during transport processes. attocube has tailored the EOR piezo rotator stage to guarantee maximum rigidity through highest stiffness.

    The EOR6060 piezo rotator is the perfect solution for applications where heavy loads have to be moved. Independently from orientation to gravity, it carries a maximum load of up to 1 kg with almost no tilt of the moving table. The ingenious design offers good concentricity of the aperture regarding the rotational axis as well as a good parallelism of the moving table to the supporting surface.

    With a size of 60 x 60 x 23 mm3 the rotation stage offers 360° endless rotation, a free inner aperture of 10 mm and a resolution of 0.01 m°.

  • attocube's interferometric displacement sensors IDS and FPS (offering 1 pm resolution &10 MHz bandwidth) are now available with new sensor heads. The existing portfolio already includes various options, each one optimized for specific measurement tasks: ultra-compact sensor heads (Ø 1.2 mm) for the use in very confined spaces; versions designed for easy alignment or enabling measurements on a wide variety of materials (glass, aluminum, ceramic etc.).

    Two new heads have recently been added to the portfolio: The D12/F2.8 is designed for highly sensitive surface measurements offering a spot size of 2 μm at a working distance of 2.8 mm. Due to its sophisticated design, the M12/C7.6 completely eliminates signal intensity peaks even over large distances of up to 5 m, and is therefore the perfect choice for long range measurements.

    The advantage of both sensors lies in the highly flexible usage of their fiber-based sensor heads: the simple plug-and-play nature allows for various set-up configurations and the exchange of sensor heads within seconds.

  • When performing interferometric measurements in ambient conditions, air refractive index fluctuations can be a limiting factor: variations in surrounding pressure, temperature, and humidity can cause measurement inaccuracies in the tens of parts-per-million (ppm) range. Especially for applications where highest precision is key, these deviations have to be measured and accounted for.

    With the ECU (Environmental Compensation Unit), attocube offers the first interferometer compensation unit providing fully automated air refractive index correction down to the sub-ppm range: when connected to the IDS interferometer, the ECU automatically detects the absolute sensor/target separation, calculates the actual air refractive index, and compensates any incremental measurement. In addition, the environmental parameters are recorded and stored for future reference.


  • IDS3010 |pico precise interferometric sensor
    The revolutionary IDS3010 sensor enables displacement detection and vibration measurements in the sub-nanometer range and offers unmatched specifications: 10 MHz bandwidth, 2 m/s target velocity, and measurement distances of up to 5 m....

  • attocube’s high sensitivity displacement sensor IDS far surpasses the performance of other commercial interferometry systems in terms of accuracy, speed, compactness, and cost. With its slim size the IDS can be directly integrated into machines and is the product of choice for challenging OEM and synchrotron applications. The ultra compact, non invasive sensor heads (the smallest one with only 1.2 mm diameter) can be remotely operated and interconnected via glass fibers. The three axis design enables measurements of angular variations and tilt effects of a target.

    Due to an integrated webserver, the sensor can be aligned, initialized and configured remotely at any time. A broad spectrum of digital and analog real time interfaces and protocols enables the simple transmission of position data to the receiver such as CNC controllers or RTOS computers. The optional support of the most common industrial networks allows for seamless integration into broader production plants and facilities.


  • Piezo based nano stages for industry & research
    attocube, technology leader for nano precise motion solutions, offers a broad portfolio of piezo stages, ultrasonic drive units, integrated system solutions, and customized OEM products for applications where highest precision and accuracy is key....

  • The patented precision-positioning technology of attocube’s nano drives uses an innovative concept that allows improved performance specifications. The resulting positioning product is much smaller than its classical counterpart, satisfying highest expectations in terms of precision and stability. Due to their unrivaled accuracy, the compact actuators realize most challenging positioning tasks in various research & industry applications.

    The portfolio consists of a variety of piezo based linear, rotational, and goniometric drives. All stages can be mounted on top of each other in order to achieve multi-degree of freedom motion devices offering up to 6 movement axes. The stages offer a maximum load capacity of up to 20 kg, depending on positioner type and size and are available in various material options optimized for ambient, HV or UHV conditions. Nano drives of the ‘Premium Line’ can be operated in cryogenic temperatures down to -270° C.

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