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Vanderveer Industrial Plastics is an ISO 9001:2008 & ITAR Registered Company that offers a complete scope of fabrication and machining services including; multiple-axis machining, materials procurement and processing. Established in 1951, we specialize in the machining and fabrication of G10, Thermoplastics and Industrial Composites to close tolerances.

Drawing on more than 60 years of fabrication experience, we turn a critical eye to the design and manufacturing processes within the shop. Our extensive industry knowledge and quality management system has paved the way to an excellent reputation for value-added customer service.

We are known for being a leading distributor and fabricator of high-performance thermoplastics and thermoset composites and Laminates. We stock rods, sheets, and tubes of PEEK,*** Delrin, Polycarbonate,*** PVDFand Teflon, as well as industrial laminates, like Micarta® G10 & FR4. Fabricated plastic parts and plastic composite machining are all in a day’s work, each and every day.

 Press Releases

  • “New Year, new me” is a phrase many people preach every January, and this year, Vanderveer Industrial Plastics is no different, only it comes out “New Year, new machinery!”

    During the course of 2015, in particular the months running up to Christmas, we made plans to, and invested in, additional machinery in order to meet the ever growing needs of our customers.

    Vanderveer Industrial Plastics has added two new Milltronics vertical machining centers to the list of available resources in the second half of 2015. The Milltronics TT24 twin table pallet changing VMC was added to run production jobs on the off-shifts, yet allow Vanderveer Industrial Plastics the flexibility to machine short-run and prototype work on first shift.

    This unique CNC machine design offers two separate work tables that shuttle outside the working area for convenient part loading, while the opposite work table is inside the machining enclosure cutting parts. When finished with the machining operation, the individual work tables shuttle the completed parts out, and the next table enters the work area for machining, creating a non-stop machining cycle.

    The rigid cast iron bridge design of the TT24 CNC machines utilizes a single set of linear ball, or roller ways, with independent ball screws and axes motors for table control, providing superior accuracy and cutting performance.

    These investments bring with them additional features:
    • Fully integrated twin pallet machine with a unique design requiring no pallet removal
    • Conversational programming with Milltronics CNC control
    • Reduced cycle times due to no part loading time
    • Large memories for part storage and execution
    • No leaning into the machine!
    • No doors to open and close!
    • No time lost changing parts!
    • Accurate time management
    • Designed and built by American craftsmen

    All in all 2015, was an exciting year for Vanderveer Industrial Plastics. As 2016 begins, the road ahead looks just as bright!

  • “What tolerance can you hold?”

    The answer to that depends on several factors including material choice, part configuration and the type of machining operation and technique. Generally speaking, plastics are not as stable as metals but with the right approach, accurate parts can be produced.

    Vanderveer Industrial Plastics is continuously seeking growth, and always interested in pushing the limits of plastic machined parts. If your product demands close tolerances, just let us know. We are up for the challenge and can often meet the goal with a little time and patience.

    • The larger the part, the greater the required tolerance.  Most plastic machined parts do not often have dimensions larger than 12". We operate in an envelope mostly below 12", if you have parts larger than 12" consider it big. Materials with a high Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (UHMW, HDPE) require more latitude on tolerance. Consider +/-.010" if possible. Additional tolerances are not out of the question, but keep in mind that thermal affects will need to be monitored more closely.
    • It is easier to hold size with round parts than flat parts. Material manufacturing processes and the efficiency of material removal in turning play a vital role here. Some of the closest tolerance machined plastic parts are round. +/-.0001 is achievable, given the right material and configuration.
    • Flat parts are notoriously difficult to keep flat. Flat parts require careful consideration of geometry, material, and approach. Few rules of thumb exist that can guide us through the plastic fabrication of flat parts. The thicker the part, the greater the chance at maintaining a target flatness. If machining is required, expect to see a bow without special handling. If the component calls for flatness better than .005, please contact Vanderveer Industrial Plastics to discuss your requirements.

    In summary, tolerances are all about the specific plastic machined parts. As tolerance demands are always moving toward more accurate, we are committed to staying ahead and will work hard to meet the design expectations.

    If you are interested in receiving more information on the materials mentioned, have questions about product, or would like to receive a quote please contact us at, call 1-(714)-579-7700 or visit our website at We look forward to hearing from you!

  • This is an all too common question posed by Engineers and designers alike. And a good, burr-free finish is essential to the success of the product.

    With 65 years of experience, Vanderveer Industrial Plastics will produce, on average, a 32 finish for most components and materials. Softer materials such as polypropylene and UHMW-PE present more of a challenge to achieve the desired surface finish. A burr-free finish on machined parts is a feature that has added to our success.

    Requirements for machined finishes below 32 become increasingly more difficult, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. To achieve this, material type and part configuration take on an even greater role. However, with proprietary tooling, and intrinsic knowledge, a superior finish can be achieved with certain materials.

    Polycarbonate, Acrylic, and Lexan are all materials that can be machined clear. Keep in mind that to achieve this, the process is heavily dependent upon configuration, and is best suited for exterior work. Bores and cavities, some might call interior work, have a certain degree of success, however, this technique is not applicable to features such as tapped holes.

    We look forward to collaborating with you, to ensure your application is a success. If you are interested in receiving more information on the materials mentioned, have questions about product, or would like to receive a quote please contact us at, call 1-(714)-579-7700 or visit our website at We look forward to hearing from you!


    A premier fabricator of PEEK, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, and Teflon, as well as industrial laminates, like Micarta® G10 & FR4....

  • Semiconductor fabrication requires some of the most demanding assembly tolerances anywhere. Whether it’s on a factory floor or a research center, Vanderveer Industrial Plastics has the right solution for the most exacting industrial solutions.

    We have been providing products and support to the semiconductor industry for nearly two decades. Our experienced team of fabricators understands the specific requirements and work tirelessly to ensure successful fulfillment.

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