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Our company delivers visionary technologies that foster progress for people. We are recognized as a key player in inspection and metrology combining advanced technologies to enable higher yields and faster time to market. Based on strong multidisciplinary scientific, we provide standard and customized solutions adapted to specific industrial needs and constraints.

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  • Delivering leading-edge full process control tools and software for advanced semiconductor manufacturing & enabling more than Moore to become a reality

    Nimes, France, April 15, 2016 – FOGALE Nanotech today announced that it has acquired Altatech, a specialized technology leader in the development of wafer inspection and material deposition tools for semiconductor manufacturing. Altatech SAS has headquarters in Grenoble, France, located in the center of the French Silicon Valley with a commercial subsidiary in Germany.

    This strategic acquisition uniquely positions Fogale Nanotech to provide the full range of inspection and metrology tools to address high throughput 2D, 3D and full wafer inspection for 3D IC TSV, advanced packaging, MEMS, LED and Substrate applications.

    It offers a strong operational capability to better serve our clients thru a complementary portfolio of products and solutions in the field of Advanced Semiconductors.

    Commenting on this announcement, Patrick Leteurtre, Chief Executive Officer of FOGALE Nanotech, said: " The Altatech acquisition is superbly aligned with Fogale Nanotech group’s strategy to incubate, develop and accelerate commercial and industrial growth of product subsidiaries. Altatech brings its own innovative technologies and products to address the growing advanced semiconductor manufacturing market which will become mainstream following support announced by major semiconductor product leaders.” The Board of Fogale Nanotech has unanimously approved this transaction.

    By leveraging Fogale Nanotech’s strong portfolio of products and customers, the combined comprehensive solution will lead to additional sales, and reinforce Fogale Nanotech’s position as a key player in the fast-growing inspection and metrology process control market for advanced semiconductor back-end manufacturing.

    Thanks to this acquisition, new synergies will:  

    • Support the development and production of the most advanced technologies for both front end and mid/back-end applications, with a focus on customer yield improvement.
    • Bring necessary critical mass and strong financial strength to drive leadership positioning in the demanding metrology, inspection and deposition business for the semiconductor manufacturing industry,
    • Create an extensive, high quality intellectual property and technology portfolio, in line with Fogale Nanotech’s long-term strategy to expand its in house technologies and its own IP portfolio,
    • Expand Fogale Nanotech’s customer base in the advanced semiconductor manufacturing industry.

    At closing, Fogale Nanotech paid a fixed price in cash in consideration for 100% of the shares of Altatech SAS.

    About ALTATECH

    Created in 2004, Altatech offers a unique portfolio of technologies and equipment for mature and holistic defect inspection. It develops smart, highly efficient and cost-effective inspection and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technologies used for manufacturing of semiconductors, LEDs, MEMS and photovoltaic devices.

    About FOGALE Nanotech

    At FOGALE Nanotech, we deliver visionary technologies that foster progress for people.
    Created in 1983 around a group of high profile engineers, we are passionate about inventing innovative technologies in order to facilitate tomorrow's life.
    Through collaboration with major players across industries, FOGALE Nanotech has quickly expanded into a diversified industrial group and is now known as the worldwide reference in the field of high accuracy dimensional metrology.
    Based on strong multidisciplinary scientific expertise in capacitive, optical, inductive and ultrasonic metrology, we provide standard and customized solutions adapted to your specific industrial needs and constraints. 
    Our cutting-edge products and engineering know-how are acknowledged in the most demanding industries, such as automotive, defense, aeronautics, telecommunications, nuclear, in Europe, USA and Asia. For more information, visit:


  • TMAP
    TMAP is the most flexible tool for R/D & production which received last year the Award of Best metrology & inspection by the Jury of 3D Incites during Semicon West.... ...

  • TMAP is equipped with multi-sensors, multi technologies,  in top and bottom wafer. In addition, a double IR Camera with IR and White light illumination allowed to highlight the detail requested. Broad band measurement, full field interferometry, reflectometry, interferometry, confocal chromatic are propose in standard to our customers.

    TMAP is able to address R/D and high volume production as well. we have number of system in USA, Asia , Europe...working for a long time and with high reliability.

    Our prices , compare to the high flexibility and in regards of most competitors , are the lowest of the market.  

    We offer Demo to all our customer, for free....

    Come and visit us during Semicon and you will be welcome.

    Our Optical system combines several microscopy and interferometry techniques which allowed to make all kind of measurement & defect inspection on top & bottom wafer for many applications like :

    - FAN OUT,

    - 3D integration:

    - TSV,RST metrology

    - Wafer thinning process control

    - Wafer on temporary carrier dimensional control

    - Wafer on temporary carrier bonding inspection

    - Remaining Silicon thickness below TSV

    - Die stacking process control

    - Substrate: mono and multi-layer substrate dimensional control (SOI/GaN, SIC, Sapphire, ….)

    - Back grinding: Wafer Thickness, TTV, bow and warpage

    - MEMS: Bulk and surface micromachining process control and defect inspection

    - MEMS: 3D surface profiler, dynamic measurement, measurement under controlled atmosphere

    - MEMS: Deep high aspect ratio Via and Trench dimensional measurement

    The ORION® series of advanced metrology and inspection solutions ensure the full range of inspection and metrology of front-end manufacturing process flows, including incoming wafer qualification, process development, and line monitoring....

  • Proprietary ORION® sub-modules are designed to detect, count, and bin defects on patterned and un-patterned wafers, including edge inspection and bump metrology.

    The system combines up to three optical inspection techniques with automated defect detection and classification

    • Patented 2D Deepsight Confocal Chromatic inspection detecting all defects of interest (scratches, particles, chip-outs…) on all type of substrate. The system inspects also items defectivity (bump, via, complex structure …) or detects particles.
    • Patented 3D Deepsight Confocal Chromatic metrology for structures (bumps, via, ) control and characterization. It can inspect for items such as height, coplanarity, diameter, position…
    • Patented Deepsight confocal chromatic inspection detecting all defects of interest (scratches, particles, chip-outs…) on the wafer edge and near edge

    The system automatically classifies defects on the wafer and generates customer reporting, on the fly defect image recording for offline review.

    Example of applications :

    • Inspection of various type of products : advanced package, µbump, bump, pillar, microlens, MEMS, LEDs, power and RF circuits, digital …
    •  2D—3D Bump inspection (heigh, diameter, coplanarity, damage)
    •  Advanced pre-litho inspection
    •  Die to Die inspection


    Automated and modular and cluster platform performing front-side, back-side and edge inspection on un-patterned and patterned surfaces...

  • The ECLIPSE® series offers advanced inspection solutions to ensure wafer surface and edge quality by detecting, counting, and binning defects during the chip manufacturing process.

    The system combines up to three optical inspection techniques with automated defect detection and classification:

    Patented Phase Shift Deflectometry inspection detecting all defects of interest such as micro defects (slip lines, scratches …) and macro defects (marbles, fingerprint , area defects…)  from few µm to mm range. This inspection provides topography and reflectivity imaging

    • Laser Darkfield inspection detecting all defects of interest (particles, scratches, area defects…) and micro roughness (haze) on opaque bare wafers. This inspection provides defectivity and haze imaging
    • Patented Deepsight confocal chromatic inspection detecting all defects of interest (scratches, particles, chip-outs…) on the wafer edge and near edge

    Example of applications:

    • Bare wafer inspection
    •  Post EPI inspection
    •  SOI inspection
    •  Patterned edge and backside
    •  Thermal treatment control
    •  Wafer crown inspection and control
    •  EBR metrology
    •  Sawn wafer inspection
    •  Thin wafers control
    •  Post polishing inspection
    •  Patterned edge and backside
    •  Grinding process control

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