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Welcome to LD Microprecision
LD Microprecision design, manufacture and market wide range of high quality micro precision tools for the semiconductor / electronic industry. By applying refined manufacturing process, advanced material utilisation and engineering capabilities. We are able to to provide customizations, solutions and innovative services that can meet and satisfy our customers expectations.
Our equipment and proprietary process capability is able to meet the most stringent customer's standard. We also diversify into advance metallurgical components like carbide, titanium, ceramics and other engineering plastic material for products reliability & improvement. 
Our Vision ~ Be a Global brandname that is synonymous with Micro Precision Tools.
Our Mission ~ Achieve and maintain our ability to produce world class products in the field of micro tools that is of the highest quality standard and supported by a global network with emphasis in.
Visit us: http://www.ldmicroprecision.com/

 Press Releases

  • (20160610)
    Hybrid Rubber™ Collets
    Perfomance is COST
    We give you BOTH

    ld solutiontools hybrid

    Hardness of above 80 shore A and available mainly three (3) different tip configurations. Round Square Rectangular Special design for flip chip devices. For "sticky problem" especially on small die pick-up, we recommend the hybrid rubber collets

  • (20160610)

    New and Innovative tools with breakthrough technology that help to resolve customers process and reliability related problems

    Kindly visit to our official website for more information: http://www.ldmicroprecision.com/

    Or please email to us: sales@ld-micro.com

  • (20160610)

    LD Microprecision’s Shaker Array™ solder paste mixer and softener machine can perform three(3) processes simultaneously i.e. thawing, mixing and softening. The whole process can be completed within one hour.

    Currently it will take almost 3 to 4 hours just to thaw the frozen solder paste to room temperature and another hour to mix the contents.

    A well mixed and softened solder paste is pertinent in ensuring the maximum die bond strength is maintained. It also help to reduce or eliminate any “delamination” issue arising from poor or inconsistent dispensing process especially “voids”.

    How it works
    Unlike the standard centrifugal concept mixer, the Shaker Array™ utilizes the patented trapezoidal tumbling actions to agitate the contents. The skewed tumbling and alternating action of the contents (solder paste) generated a strong vortex force from within.

    The ventilating opening in the rotating cylinders draw air from outside to accelerate the thawing action. Normally it takes about 20-35 mins to complete the thawing process and another less than 20 mins to mix and soften the contents.

    1) Applicable to both syringe (3,5, & 10cc) and bottle (250 & 500gm) packaging.
    2) Can take up to maximum four(4) syringes and two(2) bottles respectively.
    3) Does not generate the silver “peeling effect” or separation as in the centrifugal concept.
    4) User friendly and minimum maintenance required. One touch switch operation.
    5) Safety features with protective cover and operating interlock switch.
    6) Variable speed controller and digital timer incooperated.

    Currently , we have two(2) models version available in the market.
    1) Standard model with selectable timer and speed adjust controller
    2) Digital version with touch screen display.
    ld eqshaker2

    Kindly visit our website for further information : http://ldmicroprecision.com/equipment-solder-paste-mixer.html


  • Test Probes / Probe Pins
    LD Micro Precision designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of test probes (both cantilever & blade) commonly use in the die-sort and wafer mapping process (es) Visit our webpage: http://www.ldmicroprecision.com/test-probes.html...

  • Test Probes
    Perfomance is COST
    We give you BOTH
    Wafer Mapping / Die Sort
    LD Microprecision has achieved breakthrough in ultrafine micro-machining process capability in the design and manufacturing of test probes for wafer sort / mapping. Using our special design equipment, we are able to produce this high performance probes with tight tolerance specification to ensure effective and long lasting applicaiton.

    ld test01
    ld testprobes main

    Probes needles materials both plated and unplated type are used with diameters from 0.2mm (8mil) to 0.7mm (28mil). We are able to achive ultra fine tip of radius as small as 6 microns.
    • Tungsten
    • Tungsten Rhenium
    • Beryllium Copper
    • Tungsten Carbide
    • Paliney

    By applying special developed process(es) we are able to solder and control the "blade" to the probe needle diamention to within 10 microns. The blade finishing can either nickel or gold plate.

    ld testprobes main2
  • Solution Tools
    New and Innovative tools with breakthrough technology that helps to resolve customers processes and reliability related problems. Visit our webpage: http://www.ldmicroprecision.com/solution-tools.html...

  • Does Die-Yield-Loss-Improvement matter for your processes?

    ld solutiontools hybrid

    ld solutiontools plastic


    ld gangneedle



  • Bond Test Tools
    For total process and product reliability assurance insists on our compete QA bond test tools. Applicable to Dage, XYZ Tech, Royce, Rhesca and others. Visit our webpage: http://www.ldmicroprecision.com/qa-bondtest.html...

  • QA Bondtest Tools
    (Dage, Rhesca,Royce,XYZ tec-Condor)
    Perfomance is COST
    We give you BOTH

    For total process control and product reliability assurance insist on our complete QA Bondtest tools.
    ld qabondtest hook
    ld qabondtest main             

      ld qabondtest 01a



    Wire Pull (Hooks)
    (Applicable for Dage, Rhesca,Royce,XYZ tec and others) www.wirehookproduct.com
    Perfomance is COST
    We give you BOTH
    The parts that LD makes are often play a critical role in our customer’s product reliability and consistency. Our refined process capability combined with advanced material application enable us to produce the finest wire pull (hook) for precision, accuracy and durability. Our precision micro machined tips are specially designed for narrow wire to wire pitch of 50 micron and below. Special wire pull material for longer life and better performance.
    ld wirepull
    ld wirehook
    ld wirehook main



    Ball Shear Tool
    (Applicable for Dage, Rhesca,Royce,XYZ tec and others) www.ballshear .com
    Perfomance is COST
    We give you BOTH
    The ball shear (push) tool applicable to various test equipments used to determine the ball bond strength on the die bond pad. Combining micro grain carbide and micro machining capability allow us to produce high performance shear tool for durability.

    ld ballpush tool
    ld ballpush

    ld ballpush main


    Die Shear (Push) Tool DST
    (Applicable for Dage, Rhesca,Royce,XYZ tec and others) www.dieshear.com
    Perfomance is COST
    We give you BOTH
    The die shear (push) tool (DST) applicable to various test equipment used to determine the adhesiveness of the die to the substrate. Our capability in material innovation and micro machining allow us to produce parts that require most stringent specifications.
    ld diepushpin
    ld diepush

    ld diepush main



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