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As a leading supplier in the fields of fluidics and microreaction technology, the Little Things Factory develops and produces high-quality components and systems solutions in glass, quartz and glass-silicon composite materials for a variety of sectors. Typical applications in the fields of life science, chemistry and research and development are lab-on-chip products as well as microreactors of the kind required in the fields of diagnostics, medicine distribution and implantology or the manufacture of special chemicals.

 Press Releases

  • Elsoff. The Little Things Factory is now in the position to offer a wide range of reactors and fluidic chips made of quartz (fused silica). In contrast to other glass materials, quartz glass provides a variety of advantageous product properties. These include inter alia

    • High transmission in the ultraviolet range
    • Low thermal expansion
    • Very high temperature stability
    • Very high thermal resistance
    • Very high thermal shock resistance
    • High purity of the material
    • Low own fluorescence

    Therefore, customers could use the highest mixing efficiency with maximum UV-transmission and thus discover new standards in the photochemistry industry. All components will be fused by innovative bonding processes, to ensure maximum stability and chemical resistance.

  • Ilmenau (DE)-Buchs (CH): Little Things Factory GmbH (LTF) and Sigma-Aldrich® Corporation have signed a global distribution agreement for a number of glass microreactors produced by Little Things Factory. The products can now be purchased worldwide through the Sigma-Aldrich catalogue and are available online at

    "Our distribution agreement with Sigma-Aldrich ensures scientists around the globe will have easy access to our high-performance microreactors," said Alexander Schilling, CEO of Little Things Factory GmbH. "Scientists will benefit through the exceptional service provided by Sigma-Aldrich's global supply chain and distribution network."

    "Our collaboration with Little Things Factory offers the global scientific community an enhanced line of high-quality microreactors to support the growing interest in this area of life science," added Pietro Butti, Product Manager at Sigma-Aldrich.

    About Sigma-Aldrich:

    Sigma-Aldrich is a leading Life Science and High Technology company whose biochemical, organic chemical products, kits and services are used in scientific research, including genomic and proteomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, the diagnosis of disease and as key components in pharmaceutical, diagnostics and high technology manufacturing. Sigma-Aldrich customers include more than one million scientists and technologists in life science companies, university and government institutions, hospitals and industry. The Company operates in 40 countries and has nearly 9,000 employees whose objective is to provide excellent service worldwide. Sigma-Aldrich is committed to accelerating customer success through innovation and leadership in Life Science, High Technology and Service. For more information about Sigma-Aldrich, please visit its website, at

    Sigma-Aldrich and Sigma are trademarks of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC registered in the US and other countries.

  • The Little Things Factory, a leading supplier of high-quality components and system solutions made of glass, quartz and glass-silicon composite materials for the fluidics and micreoreaction technology sectors, is launching an inexpensive training set for flow chemistry. It consists of four MR-Lab reactors, two syringe pumps, a wide range of connection technology and a brochure with detailed instructions for 13 reactions from the field of organic chemistry.

    The inexpensive MR-Lab series from the Little Things Factory is particularly suitable for use in this field because many processes can be demonstrated using standard laboratory equipment. At the same time the MR-Lab series is ideally suited for training thanks to its wide range of combination possibilities.

    The impetus for the training set came from a project by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, (Federal Foundation for the Environment), which in the meantime has even been declared a UNESCO Project of the Decade. Starting from the realisation that especially in the field of synthesis chemistry the possibilities of microreaction technology have hitherto not been utilised to the full, a comprehensive concept was developed. The Institute for Technical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry in Jena under the direction of Prof. Günther Kreisel and the Institute for Organic Chemistry under the direction of Prof. Dr. Burkhard König designed experimental set-ups and processes by way of example.

    Using the training set from the Little Things Factory it is possible to represent a large number of basic chemical reactions which have far-reaching consequences both economically and scientifically such as, for example, hydrolysis, hydrolysis under alkaline conditions, esterification, condensation, oxidation, bromation and nitration, to name but a few.


    Microreactors can be built by the Little Things Factory in sizes up to 300mm x 300mm. The height is dependent on the number of function levels and their thickness....


    The HTM series microreactors from the Little Things Factory were developed as an experimental platform, the use of which precedes the transmission into larger components, the XXL reactors. HTM components are available with and without heat exchangers. The connection is via hollow screw with a clamping ring connection or via a glass internal screw (1/4" UNF 28), whereby the heat exchanger is exclusively linked to a thermostat via hollow screws. The material used by the Little Things Factory is borosilicate glass. Microreactors of the HTM series are stable under pressure up to 10 bar; greater stability as required is possible upon request.


    The inexpensive MR Lab series was developed for laboratory syntheses. It permits the simple translation of an intermittent work method into a continuous one using standard laboratory equipment. The temperature regulation is carried out as required in temperature adjustment vessels, on hotplates or in cold mixtures. To enable the reactors to be connected in a space-saving manner, the connections are on the front. The microreactors are connected by means of a connecting bar with 1/4" UNF fittings. An optional additional frame accepts the connection bars together with the reactors. If a constant temperature is required for the entire additional frame with hoses and reactors, the entire frame can be immersed up to the top of the hoses. The series consists of: Micromixer Type X and Type S; delay time: Type V and Type VS; aluminium connecting bar; additional frame for up to 5 reactors and stage clamp. The MR Lab series is made of borosilicate glass; no dead volume; simple to operate and space-saving in use; pressure stable up to 15 bar; greater stability as required is possible upon request.


    The MR Pilot series permits the implementation of the results investigated in the lab into bigger scales. As the big brother of the MR Lab series, MR Pilot comes with different volumes which can be switched with each other in series. The reactors are connected about a connection rail and are planned to direct tempering in the heating bath or cooling bath. The MR Pilot reactors are made from borosilicate glass. They are pressure resistant up to 10 bar, higher stability is individually possible on inquiry.


    The XXL series manufactured by the Little Things Factory permits the large-scale implementation of the results of laboratory research. Different types are available which all share a compact construction design. The reactors with integrated heat exchangers are connected via glass internal screws or hollow screws with clamping ring connection for the thermostat. The reactors of the XXL series manufactured by the Little Things Factory are made of borosilicate glass. They are stable under pressure up to 10 bar, greater stability as required is possible upon request.


    The Little Things Factory is specialized to implement customer specific designs and ideas for microreactors and fluidic chips out of glas, quartz and silicon. Therefore, consisting LTF-Designs could also be used and configured. Take the opportunity to advise directly about our design elements and take advantage of our large wealth of experience.


    Little Things Factory supplies lab on chip components made of glass, quartz and glass-silicon composite materials....


    Little Things Factory supplies lab on chip components made of glass, quartz and glass-silicon composite materials. These components are used as micro reactors in the field of medical and pharmaceutical technology as well as in the form of fluidic chips in the field of diagnostics, medical applications and implantology.

    As materials glass, quartz and glass-silicon combinations are ideal for these applications, since they are materials which can resist difficult environmental conditions such as, for example, high temperatures and chemicals. They nonetheless demonstrate a high degree of bio-compatibility. These characteristics distinguish the materials markedly from the polymer substances standardly used in these fields of application.

    For the creation of fluidic components and bio-chips Little Things Factory uses a wide range of structuring processes which have been employed for many years in the field of MEMS cap wafers, including, for example, micro-sandblasting and wet-chemical structuring of glass and quartz.The manufacture of these fluidic chips can be carried out inexpensively based on 6" or 8" wafers.

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