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  • Why upgrade your old used semiconductor process equipment ? Low cost solution of obsolete components and parts. Requirement of stability of the system Requirement of network function (GEM/SECSII). Requirement of PC control for data storage. Requirement of GUI. Requirement of more precise control. Requirement of better repeatability, uniformity. Requirement of easier maintenance, calibration, and trouble shooting. Upgrade Kits (PDF) Allwin21... Learn More

  • InkRaster is a second generation Gerber rasterizer optimized for inkjet printing of photo-resist, soldermask, silkscreen and other chemically milled applications. Inkjets have some unique bitmap requirements that differ considerably from a straight rasterizer used for laser or other optical equipment. After working closely with a number of inkjet manufacturers Artwork has... Learn More

  • attocube's IDS3010 now supports BiSS-C: an open standard sensor interface which offers synchronous real-time capable data transmission. This is especially beneficial for applications which require fast transmission rates, high interference resistance, and maximum flexibility. Being an open source interface, BiSS-C is compatible with various control systems. The IDS sensor can therefore... Learn More

  • CAS Launches High-Purity Circulation Heater for Semiconductor Market                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cast Aluminum Solutions (CAS), a leader in designing & manufacturing highly-engineered thermal components for the semiconductor industry, announces the release of PUR-X Circulation Heaters. PUR-X features a replaceable PFA flow-tube.  The resilient PFA (Teflon®) tube material stands-up to the caustic solvents PUR-X is... Learn More

  • Posted in: Press Releases by Marketing | Comments Off on AIM Photonics Welcomes Coventor as Newest Member Thursday, March 16, 2017 For Immediate Release: March 16, 2017 Contact: Laura Magee (ESD) | laura.magee@esd.ny.gov | (716) 846-8239 | (800) 260-7313 ESD Press Office | PressOffice@esd.ny.gov | (800) 260-7313 Steve Ference (AIM) | sference@sunypoly.edu | 518-956-7319 CUS-Backed... Learn More

  • GEMÜ CleanStar® C60 (Air Operated) and C67 (Manual) products are used for chemical handling in the following applications: • Etching and coating processes • Chemical purification • Manufacture and filling of chemicals • Chemicals for water and waste water treatment The purity of the process media used in many high-tech areas is increasingly decisive for... Learn More

  • GEMÜ offers customers multi-port valve block solutions made of high performance thermoplastic materials such as PTFE or PVDF for wet processes in the semiconductor industry and solar cell production industry that include controlling cleaning media and chemicals. Thanks to the custom design applied to each multi-port valve block, a variety of... Learn More

  • We have committed to become the leading brand of the IC Tray, Chip Tray, Tape & Reel, Heat spreader and other products in the global semiconductor packaging and testing industry.  We are currently the largest IC tray supplier in Taiwan and the Top 3 Tape and Reel supplier in Taiwanese semiconductor industry... Learn More

  • IDE offers local service for China IDE’s highly trained Chinese staff can now conduct detailed site surveys, advanced training, equipment installations and repair, in addition to negotiating all sales and schedules at the local level. IDE’s operation in Shanghai has been operational for more than 3 years. This operation has been providing... Learn More

  • IDE CELEBRATES ITS 25th ANNIVERSARY IDE is THE worldwide Expert and Technology Leader in high precision Environmental Control and Automation System-Platforms for the Semiconductor, Microscopy, Nanotechnology and Industrial Machining Industries. Unmatched Machine Dynamics and Control Solutions for the elimination of critical vibration, electro-magnetic and acoustic disturbances as well as Customized Material... Learn More

  • Ultrahigh resolution Scanning Electron Microscope - we've just changed the rules of the game May 11, 2017 -- Peabody, MA JEOL USA introduces a new Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that combines the performance of a Field Emission SEM with the simplicity of the JEOL InTouchScope SEM series. The new JSM-IT300HR features... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Feb 17, 2017, by MAX I.E.G. LLC (#6348)

    MAX kicks off an implementation of its proprietary MPM(TM) program combined with a SuperKit(TM) program at a a leading US based global supplier of a broad range of analog, digital, mixed signal and optoelectronics components focused in III-V and CMOS based semiconductors. Our US team is on fire!” ... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Feb 17, 2017, by MAX I.E.G. LLC (#6348)

    Europe is here to stay! - MAX announces today it has finalized a new ORE(TM) program with a global leader in power and automation semiconductor solutions focused on industrial power and automotive industries based in Europe. "We are certain this program will deliver successful results and will transform our client’s... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Feb 17, 2017, by MAX I.E.G. LLC (#6348)

    MAX to significantly boost operational performance for a large IDM in its assembly & test factories. This engagement will focus on our core offering competency in industrial Engineering techniques to help the factory teams drive results.... Learn More

  • Conventionally, metal parts and molding parts were ordered separately from different companies. Our prototype molding department, however, can produce both metal and molding parts together, thus reducing L/T of manufacturing prototypes. In particular, our technology of thin sheet metal processing show an effort for insert molding. As for precise injection molding... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Apr 15, 2017, by Saijo INX Co,. Ltd. (#5272)

    The frution of method conversion of fins that are conventionally manufatured by machining, extrusion, and die casting. That is stamping, and one of the advantages of fin stamping of thin sheet metal is to expand the surface area in order to increase the heat radiation efficiency. Moreover, it can be... Learn More

  • 1.We use automatic welding machines to ensure the superior quality and high productivity. 2.By using the network production system,all processes are conducted in a highly cleaning room. 3.All the products have passed rigidity test,life test,coordinate detection,leak detection,all-sided detection. 4.Ensure all the products with the high quality leakproofness,durability,high corrosion resistance,heat repellence.... Learn More

  • SEAL TECH owns foreign imported processing equipment and testing equipment,semicon flange,chamber and other accessories,we produce for batch and one piece for semicon equipment factories.The material include:300 series stainless steel,haynes alloyC,aluminium,tungsten molybdenum nickelmaterials,meanwhile,we can also make Swagelok welding,the electrolytic polishing of stainless steel,sand blasting,silvering,,demagnetizing,vacuum brazing,cleaning in the surface,etc.... Learn More

  • A new fail-safe toxic gas detector that continually checks its electrochemical cell to give constant full-time protection has been announced by Minneapolis-based Sensor Electronics.      Problem with a conventional toxic gas detector is that its electrochemical cell can suddenly die without warning – because the electrolyte evaporates or leaks, or a... Learn More

  • Gas detectors to protect clean rooms, laboratories and similar areas where toxic/explosive gases are a constant hazard have been developed by Minneapolis-based Sensor Electronics.      Such nasty gases include hydrogen chloride, tungsten hexafluoride, ammonia hydrides, fluorines (as difluoromethane), xylenes and similar life-threatening gases.      “Tunnel vision” means the detector “sees” only one... Learn More

  •           A new detector that measures ultra-high ammonia concentrations – from 10,000 to 1 million ppm (saturated) – has been developed by Minneapolis based Sensor Electronics.       Ammonia (NH3) is both toxic and explosive, meaning leaks from pressurized vessels can be especially hazardous.      Conventional electrochemical ammonia detectors give reliable readings to,... Learn More

  • Our Aegis-1000 Series is the fully automatic mass production type electroplating machine provided in the form of RDL, TSV, Bump by using Ion plating on Wafer Surface with metal material to optimize the electrical efficiency and characteristics in semiconductor process. Over 90% of equipment components are localized and we are not... Learn More

  • Founded in 1989, Trion Technology, Inc. of Clearwater, FL, USA supplies a variety of plasma etch and deposition equipment for the manufacturing of compound semi-conductors, MEMS, and optoelectronics. Recently the company announced the unveiling of their new website, http://www.triontech.com  Bright, aesthetic and upscale, the new site is replete with user-friendly information. Trion's new... Learn More

  • VAT was founded in 1965 by Siegfried Schertler, an Austrian entrepreneur and mechanical engineer, in the town of Flawil, Switzerland. The company relocated soon thereafter to its current headquarters in Haag, Switzerland, in the Rhine Valley. The company originally focused on vacuum valves for use in scientific research. After several years,... Learn More

  • (Albany, NY) 10 May 2017 – The SEMICON West 2017, North America’s premier Microelectronics event is less than two weeks away! SEMICON West 2017 will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA from July 12th to 14th. We sincerely invite you to stop by our Booth # 5248 located... Learn More

  • (Albany, NY) 10 May, 2017 – BP 256 is YINCAE’s new ball attach adhesive product.  BP 256 has been designed to enhance solder joint reliability and eliminate cleaning processes for LEAD-FREE ball bumping procedures on CSP, BGA, Flip chip, and PoP devices. It is compatible with current ball bumping processes.... Learn More