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Rapid Thermal Processing / Chemical Vapor Deposition systems

Annealsys designs and manufactures Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP and RTCVD) and Direct Liquid Injection deposition CVD systems.
RTP furnaces from R&D to production application for wafers from 2-inch up to 200 mm.
Cold wall chamber technology, high temperature (1450°C) and high vacuum capabilities, fast cooling system and pulse annealing mode for processing thermally sensitive substrates.
Applications: MEMS, sensors, optoelectronics, discrete devices, power devices (GaN, SiC), Leds…
Processes: RTA, RTO, Ohmic contact annealing, RTCVD of graphene and h-BN, selenization
High temperature RTP furnace up to 2000°C for silicon carbide implant annealing.
Direct Liquid Injection deposition systems for deposition of metals, oxides, nitrides, metals, 2D materials (TMD), etc. These systems can perform deposition processes with the widest range of chemicals including low vapor pressure and thermally unstable precursors. They have multi process capabilities inside the same process chamber: CVD, ALD, MOCVD and pulse pressure CVD and even RTP and RTCVD in the 2-inch system that makes it a unique machine for process development of new materials.

 Press Releases

  • At Annealsys we are working to improve the design, the quality and the safety of our Rapid Thermal Processing furnaces. Our production customers worldwide need to get the insurance that they will get safe and ergonomic machines.

    SEMI S2 is the most well-known standard in semiconductor manufacturing equipment for Environmental, Health, and Safety. It mainly covers safety and interlocks as well as ergonomics and human factors.

    Providing machine with the SEMI S2 and SEMI S8 certification is a guarantee for our customers that they will get machines with safe utilization conditions and easy maintenance.

    After the AS-One and the AS-Master the AS-Premium RTP system with robot cassette to cassette system is now SEMI S2 & S8 certified. This allows Annealsys to provide a full range of certified production machines.

    The SEMI-S2 & S8 certification is available upon request. All machines can get CE, NFPA 79 and other certifications.

    Feel free to contact us for more information.

  • At Annealsys we are working to better support our customers during the Covid pandemic. The travel limitations pushed us to be more creative and to propose new solutions for the commission and training of our machines.

    We have developed an offer for remote support using videos and video communication so that we can do a remote commissioning, training and acceptance of our AS-Micro and AS-One RTP tools.

    This is a cost effective and low carbon footprint solution that we can now propose to our customers as an alternative of a physical visit of one of our engineers.

    The training does include :

    • The machine presentation with pictures of the different parts of the tool
    • Training on control software sharing our engineer screen
    • The qualification processes and some videos showing the first level maintenance operations.

    Feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Annealsys is happy to join C2MI ecosystem as an industrial partner. Annealsys RTP furnaces are used by many companies and laboratories worldwide for the development and the production of MEMS and sensors. The pulse annealing capabilities of our RTP systems allow the development of new processes for annealing layers on top of thermally sensitive substrates. This technology can even be used for the annealing of layers on top of polymers using the cold wall chamber to keep the substrate at low temperature.


  • AS-Master RTP system
    The AS-Master is a 200 mm cold wall chamber RTP system with vacuum, high vacuum and high temperature capabilities. The system is available with manual loading for process development and with robot handling system for production applications....

  • The AS-Master system is 200 mm cold wall chamber Rapid Thermal Processor. The system can receive a susceptor with a maximum outer diameter of 240 mm for processing 200 mm wafers or batch of smaller wafers.

    The cold wall chamber technology provides significant advantages: high process reproducibility, higher cooling rate, accurate temperature measurement and contamination free environment.

    Several halogen lamp furnaces versions are available on the machine with a high temperature version that can perform processes up to 1450°C. The cold wall chamber technology associated with the pulse control mode of the lamp furnace allows processing thermally sensitive substrates.

    The fast cooling option increases the cooling rate by 4 times compare to conventional RTP systems.

    The system can be provided with customized loading systems including loading of the wafers on or into SiC coated graphite susceptors for annealing of compound semiconductors or materials with low infrared absorption.

  • AS-Premium RTP system
    The AS-Premium is a RTP platform with a square chamber that can process substrates up to 6-inch diameter or 156x156 mm². The versatile configuration allows different temperature ranges, different heating and loading configurations....

  • The AS-Premium is a 6-inch infrared lamp RTP system. The machine is designed to be versatile to meet customer requirements with annealing temperature up to 1250°C. The machine has vacuum capability and can handle hazardous gases.

    The process chamber can be provided with top heating or top and bottom heating. The system can be used for R&D applications with manual loading and can be provided for production applications with a cassette to cassette loading or a vacuum cluster tool.

    The high vacuum capability combined with a loadlock offers ultra-clean process conditions for processes that are very sensitive to oxygen or moisture contamination.

    The machine can be used for a wide range of applications including optoelectronics, MEMS, power components (SiC, GaN), silicon smoothening, etc.

  • AS-One RTP system
    The AS-One is a RTP tool for up to 100 mm or up to 150 mm substrates. The versatile configuration makes it suitable for R&D applications and small scale production. The machine provides extended process capabilities including RTA, RTCVD and ALD....

  • The AS-One RTP system has been specially developed to meet the requirements of universities, research laboratories, quality control and small-scale production. The high reliability guarantees low cost of ownership.

    The clam shell style design of the process chamber gives full access to the bedplate and provides easy loading and unloading of the wafers and practical thermocouple installation. The AS-One can receive a turbo molecular pumping unit in order to provide ultra-clean and oxygen-free process environment.

    The cold wall chamber and extended temperature range provides outstanding process capabilities including annealing, dry and wet oxidation, nitridation, selenization, sulfurization, RTCVD of graphene and h-BN as well as ALD of Al2O3, ZnO and other materials.

    The machine can be used for a wide range of applications including optoelectronics, MEMS, power components (SiC, GaN), etc.

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