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We are your partner for wet process equipment

AP&S International is a leading provider of chemical wet process equipment for the semiconductor industry. Among our customers are market-leading manufacturers of microchips, MEMS and optoelectronics worldwide. Characteristic for our machines are: high throughput, superior process performance, attractive TCO values and maximum flexibility (bridge tools and customized solutions). Our portfolio includes batch and single wafer equipment including manual, semi-automated and fully automated wet process machines as well as production supporting equipment like cleaners for FOUP, SMIF and boxes, laboratory equipment and chemical management systems. AP&S processing tools cover all common chemical wet processes used in semiconductor production chains, such as cleaning, etching, stripping, plating, developing, metal etching, e-less plating, lift-off and drying. Our equipment handles masks and wafers up to 300mm including different substrate thicknesses and wafer materials like silicium Si, silicium carbid SiC, gallium nitrid GaN, gallium arsenid GaAs, sapphire, glass.

The AP&S headquarters is located in Donaueschingen, Germany. The company's subsidiaries are in China, Singapore and Malaysia.


  • Vulcanio - Fully automated eless plating tool
    AP&S Vulcanio - a fully automated eless UBM metallization tool for wafers up to 300mm: - high-throuhput with 50 wafers per batch - different wafer thicknesses in one tool - highest process stability and bath longevity - various machine layouts...

  • Vulcanio - a fully automated eless UBM metallization tool for wafers up to 300mm is our answer to the increasing importance of flip-chip bonding and further miniaturization of devices. For semiconductor manufacturing, the implementation of advanced, reliable UBM process technologies, highest throughput achievement and best TCoO performance of the production equipment are key success factors in this context. 

    The AP&S Vulcanio covers all these factors perfectly. Indeed, the batch tool was specially developed for under-bump metallization with electroless deposition technology on Al- and Cu-based substrates for metallization with nickel, palladium and gold. It has already been successfully used for mass production by leading semiconductor manufacturers since 2009. Since then, the system has been continuously developed and optimized in close cooperation with AP&S customers.

    These are the 7 Vulcanio facts that convince:

    1. The fully automated high-throughput wet bench processes 50 wafers per batch.

    2. Different wafer thicknesses, including thin wafers and TAIKO, can be processed with Vulcanio without any equipment modification.

    3. Unique software and hardware features ensure exceptional deposition uniformity, highest process stability as well as bath longevity: Ni-bath with a bath life of 1-1.5 weeks, Pd-bath with 5 to 7 weeks and Au-bath with a bath lifetime of up to several months.

    4. Thanks to a superior control system, reduction of Au metal thicknesses from > 0.5 µm to 0.05 µm is possible without sacrificing performance. Thinner Au metal layers in turn bring advantageous cost savings and lower risk of Au embrittlement in solder joints.

    5. The high automation of the wet process tool ensures very high precision of the process steps with a superior operating cost ratio.

    6. The equipment concept including individual tank and material design optimally support the process capabilities. Various Vulcanio machine layouts are available according to customer requirements.

    7. The excellent reliability performance on wafers, from - 40 degr. C to + 125 degr. C., has been scientifically proven. 

    The long use in the market, the continuous analysis and optimization in close cooperation with our customers, the scientifically proven good performance and the very positive customer feedback, characterize the AP&S e-less Vulcanio. For more information and technical data please contact our sales team: [email protected] and visit us at the Silicon Saxony community booth B1221

  • CleanSurF - the new AP&S cleaning tool
    CleanSurF® - the new cleaner for FOUPs, SMIFs, carriers and boxes. This cleaning tool ensures maximum cleanliness in accordance with highest purity standards to secure the process chains in the semiconductor manufacturing....

  • The CleanSurF® concept is optimized for both manual and automatic loading. It can also be connected to a FOUP stocker for cleaning during intermediate storage of the containers.

    Two newly developed components contribute decisively to the efficient particle and AMC (airborne molecular contamination) cleaning performance as well as to shorter process times:

    1. An innovative nozzle concept enables flexible, 360-degree, separately controllable handling of the nozzles. More than 50 nozzles (DIW and N2 nozzles) are installed in the tool, ensuring perfect cleaning results. In addition, the separate controllability of the nozzles (each of which can be precisely aligned with the product to be cleaned) enables a considerable reduction in water consumption, since only those nozzles are used which are needed for the respective cleaning cycle.

    2. A new carousel design with flexible equipment holders allows cleaning of very different wafer transport containers in one tool. Additional interlocks with safety features for manual loading ensure that the operator can load the equipment conveniently and quickly.

    With its very compact footprint of approximately 3 square meters, the CleanSurF® offers a high loading capacity of up to 12 x 12 inch FOUPs per run. A second process chamber door provides a practical gate function for a gray room-clean room separation, which means that the FOUPs to be cleaned can be loaded in the gray room and removed in the cleaned state in the clean room.

    The new SECS interface ensures maximum data transparency and comprehensive information regarding the cleaned FOUPs.

    For more information please visit our booth at the Silicon Saxony community stand B1221 or contact our sales team: [email protected] 

  • Demo Center - process development for SiC, GaN...
    In our in-house-laboratory at the AP&S headquarters we offer you process development and modification support for standard as well as innovative semiconductor materials like SiC, GaN-on-Si/SiC, InP......

  • 7 facts about the AP&S Demo Center you should know: 

    1. WHAT do you get in the AP&S DEMO CENTER?

    • Process development and modification support for standard as well as innovative semiconductor materials like SiC, GaN-on-Si/SiC, InP
    • Wet process tool demonstrations
    • Comparison of process performance and parameters on different wet process equipment
    • Analysis and recommendation for drying processes for deep structures, MEMS, TSVs, etc.

    2. IN NUMBERS:

    • 66 square meters clean room environment according to ISO5
    • 6 process engineers
    • Tests with 100 customers worldwide
    • More than 25 different chemical wet processes available


    • Single Wafer
    • Batch


    • Joint research projects with innovation driving research institutes worldwide
    • State-of-the-art testing and analysis equipment: liquid particle counter SLS1100 and air particle counter LASAIR III 110


    • Outsourcing of development projects for new or critical materials and chemicals
    • Extensive development support: preliminary works before introducing a new process will be done for you by AP&S staff
    • Based on the Demo Center results you rely on the process that is proven and most efficient

    6. WHERE and WHEN is a DEMO SLOT available FOR YOU?

    At our headquarters in Donaueschingen Germany. Send your request to our Demo Center staff now and book the time for your project: [email protected]


    Since the beginning of December 2020 we have a new manual wet bench in our Demo Center with a variety of batch processes.

    Visit us at the Silicon Saxony community booth B1221 and find out more. 

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