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Come and discover our mask aligner UV-KUB 3, 6’’ version.

Benefitting from 20 years of experience, Kloe is a french direct laser writer and mask aligner manufacturer which offers the global range of photolithography equipment:

  • The Dilase range, maskless equipment by direct laser writing and high resolution 3D printer, offers unique innovations: true vector writing mode, large depth of focus, dynamically controlled stages…
  • The UV-KUB range, exposure-masking system and new generation of mask aligners, equipped with high quality collimated and monochromatic UV-LED light source.

Deployed in more than 45 countries around the world, soft lithography machines by Kloe are perfectly adapted to answer needs and constraints of researchers in many fields like microfluidics, microelectronics, photonics, MEMS, semiconductor manufacturing…


  • Tabletop laser lithography system Dilase 250
    Maskless equipment, Dilase 250 is a practical, compact and tabletop high resolution direct laser writing system, perfectly adapted for microelectronics, semiconductor manufacturing, MEMS…...

  • Dilase 250, compact designed system for maskless photolithography, benefits from a continuous control on the dynamic trajectory of the motorized writing stages, with an absolute reference, and a large depth of focus, 1x20 minimum aspect ratio guaranteed. Thanks to this, Dilase 250 doesn’t need for an auto-focus system.

    Standard laser sources and laser beam size available

    Either equipped with a 375nm laser or a 405nm laser, this laser lithography system allows to create 1µm micro-structures.

    Vectorial mode, scanning mode and a combination of both available

    The user is offered the greatest flexibility, thanks to the three writing modes available. The vectorial writing mode ensures a perfect rendering of edges without stitching nor roughness, while the scanning enables to fill large surface very quickly. Combining these two writing modes makes it possible to obtain perfectly square pattern edges, with no roughness, in only one-pass laser processing.

  • Direct laser lithography system Dilase 650
    Maskless equipment, Dilase 650 is a high performance laser processing tool. The Dilase 650 guarantees a very large depth of focus, unique in the market of photolithography with or without masks. Thanks to this, there is no need to use autofocus system....

  • Dilase 650 is a powerful, high resolution direct laser lithography system, offering a maximum of flexibility for your lithographic process.

    Standard laser sources and laser beam size available

    This maskless equipment can be delivered with 1 or 2 different laser sources (375nm or 405nm) and each of them can be associated with 1 or 2 different spot sizes (from 1µm to 50µm), enabling an optimized processing time by switching automatically on demand.

    3 writing modes available

    • The scanning mode to fill large surfaces, very quickly.
    • The vectorial writing mode enables to smooth any contour without stitching nor roughness.
    • The combination of both modes to ensure a perfect rendering of the edges, without compromising between rendering quality and achievement time.

    High aspect ratio

    Equipped with a very specific and unique optical treatment line developed by Kloe, the Dilase 650 offers you the possibility to achieve microstructures with a high aspect ratio of 1x50, in a one-pass laser.

  • Mask aligner UV-KUB 3 – 4’’ or 6’’ version
    New generation of Mask Aligner, the UV-KUB 3, available in 4’’ or 6’’ version, benefits from a cold monochromatic UV-LED light source which offers a high quality collimation and a divergence angle below 2°....

  • UV-KUB 3, 4’’ or 6’’ version, is a very compact mask aligner (475 x 480 x 515mm and 55kg / 121lbs) for the patterning and alignment of 4ʺ or 6ʺ wafers.

    No need for a cleanroom type environment

    Fully operated by a touch-screen for exposure and controlled with a joypad for alignment operations, this new generation of mask aligners is particularly adapted for researchers needs, in many fields like microfluidics, integrated optical circuits, microelectronics, MEMS, semiconductor manufacturing…

    Resolution and alignment precision

    Compatible with all standard photoresists (AZ, Shipley, SU8, K-CL), UV-KUB 3 is a high resolution mask aligner offering the most competitive price on the international market, and it enables the realization of microstructures down to 0.8µ resolution and of overlays with an alignment precision inferior to 1µm.

    UV-LED light source : high quality collimated exposure

    The divergence angle below 2° makes possible to work on thick layers as well as on thin layers, with the same rendering of the edges and no roughness.

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