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AP&S - We are your partner for wet process equipment

As a leader in wet process technology, AP&S develops manufacturing equipment for the production of high-performance microchips. The AP&S products are used worldwide under highly demanding cleanroom conditions in the areas of semiconductor manufacturing, opto-electronics, MEMS, photovoltaics, display manufacturing and sensor technology.

AP&S product range includes manual, semi-automated and fully automated wet process systems, parts cleaners, chemical management systems and advanced FEOL-dryers for standard and specialty substrates.

With a smart global network of subsidiaries and distribution partners AP&S guarantees reliable and fast customer support worldwide. Coming from traditional FEOL processes, AP&S has become a partner to develop advanced processes in its own laboratory and transfer them to state-of-the-art production facilities.


  • SpinStep Flex Line
    The modular, versatile single wafer system SpinStep Flex Line is the perfect choice for your etching, cleaning, lift-off and developing processes....

  • SpinStep Flex Line by AP&S offers you the following benefits:

    • Maximum flexibility through a modular design
    • Best solution for your individual requirements ensured by the wide sprectrum of customization and expansion options
    • Optimazation of CoO by low chemical and water consumption as well as optimized footprint
    • Comfortable handling and easy size changing: different processes are possible in one bowl; a switch between different wafer sizes is very easy
    • Highest reliability achieved by advanced process control supported by a user-friendly 15" touchpanel
  • FSI Refurbishment
    The AP&S refurbishment programs adapt used wet process tools to current and upcoming technology requirements. AP&S refurbishment is available for the following tool types: FSI Mercury, HMR, Steag (successor: Mattson / Akrion), Lotus Systems. ...

  • AP&S refurbishes all kinds of Mercury tools. Our FSI Mercury refurbishment program offers you the following options: 

    • Replacement of critical parts like controls, pneumatic modules, displays, measuring devices and switching racks
    • Guaranteed availability of spare parts for 10 years, achieved by using state-of-the-art components
    • 18“ touch display for ergonomic operation
    • Latest software including SECS interface
    • Innovative software options like dashboards for service and maintenance, parameter monitoring etc.
  • CleanStep Carrier Box
    Efficient cleaning and drying tool for carrier, boxes, open cassette, pods or FOUP....

  • The CleanStep Carrier Box by AP&S is one of our bestsellers and offers you the following benefits:

    • Maximum productivity by significant time reduction for carrier/FOUP cleaning and drying
    • Highest efficiency by combining multiple work steps in one single tool
    • Best cleaning and drying results thanks to advanced, proved technology