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Welcome to HAMAI

Since our foundation in 1921, we have been true to Hamais corporate mission of contributing to industrial progress with unwavering cutting-edge quality precision machine tools.

We produced Japans first lapping and polishing machines, and have been manufacturing gear hobbing machines since the beginning.

Even though their forms and shapes have evolved, these unsurpassed machines are still Hamais core products today. 

Hamai can provide double side lapping and polishing machine from 2B to 74B which is biggest size in the world. Our products are in many kinds of fields, like silicon wafer, hard disk substrate, quartz crystal etc.


  • 32B 研磨机/抛光机
    The HAMAI model 32B is a precision four-way flat surface lapping machine with a planetary gear driving system....

  • 浜井公司早于1954年最先研制开发出日本第一台精密双面研磨机以来不断研发,创新,在研磨机方面取得了多项专利和成果,在秉循客户至上的一贯品质要求下、除为客户提供了高精密,平坦化研磨抛光设备外,还为客户提供最具全面性的精密加工解决方案及即时完善的售后服务。 我们可为客户提供3B~74B全系列双面平面精密磨片、抛光设备,3轴驱动方式为本公司独有的专利技术。 本机还具有以下的专利技术。 下定盘驱动运用了本公司专利的流体轴受力技术,从而大大增强了加工过程中的安定性。 上定盘采用环状受力平衡悬挂装置,从而大副减少了上定盘所产生的扭距和摩擦力的变化, 使上、下定盘的平衡性得到保证。 本机具有独特的定盘自我修正机能,从而可长时间保持定盘的平面度,可进行长时间连续加工作业。 适用于硅晶,砷化镓,磷化铟,磷化镓,磷化锗各种半导体,磁性材料,金属制品,石英,水晶,光学玻璃,蓝宝石,液晶玻璃,陶瓷,超硬材料的平面精度磨削加工,可应对大规模量产。
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