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Environmental technology for industrial waste gas treatments

High-tech environmental solutions

centrotherm clean solutions is a technology leading global supplier of equipment for the treatment of gaseous, liquid and solid pollutants with the goal to protect the environment. We focus on high-tech solutions for best customer satisfaction, state-of-the-art products with maximum efficiency and minimal operating costs. Our environmental technology is aimed at the preservation of our beautiful and rich nature.

Our experienced staff of professionals is working as a team that designs, manufactures and installs individual technical solutions. We have experience for more than 25 years based on customer-specific challenges in the field of environmental engineering. Therefore we provide a wide product range of waste gas treatment systems for various high-tech industrial applications.

Abatement technologies: Burner-Washer, Plasma-Washer, Thermal-Oxidizer, Wet-Scrubber, Dry-bed-absorber, Particle-Filters, VOC-Treatment

 Press Releases

  • Industrial exhaust gas purification is a vast area. There are many different technologies and facilities for the effective treatment of pollutant emissions. This is primarily due to the high heterogeneity of exhaust gases from different industrial processes.

    Depending on the application, the composition of the exhaust gas can vary greatly from process stage to process stage. The modular system allows individual adaptation to the specific process application. centrotherm clean solutions has therefore developed a modular system for cleaning exhaust gas. The modular system combines different cleaning technologies put together depending on requirements. Cleaning systems for thermal or wet-chemical treatment as well as dry bed absorbers can be combined with each other according to customer specifications. At the same time, intelligent communication of the system modules guarantees safe and cost- optimised operation at all times.

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  • CT-BW Burner-Washer
    In thermal exhaust gas treatment, the gases are broken at very high temperatures and subsequently scrubbed in a wet stage...

  • The CT-BW point-of-use abatement systems set global standards in waste gas abatement. They are highly efficient system used in CVD and etching applications for photovoltaic, and semiconductor industries.The CT-BW meets those requirements and is in compliance with international safety standards. Furthermore, it guarantees a high destruction removal efficiency for all waste gases from CVD and etching processes, especially for PFCs, as well as all kinds of solid and gaseous reaction by-products.

    The system is designed for a reliable, resource-conserving performance even under harsh process conditions. The separation of the functional units, i.e. the burner, combustion chamber, wet scrubber, waste gas inlet and cooling system, allows a flexible setup for each application. The customized abatement configuration is key to keep the maintenance interval as long as possible and to maximize the uptime.

    - Minimizing of operating costs due to process-dependent burner performance
    - Flexible system configuration - customized features to your process requirements
    - Destruction & Removal Efficiency (DRE) of up to 99.99%
    - Low maintenance costs with a high system availability of > 98%
    - Comprehensive safety features integrated as standard
    - Quality Made in Germany

    - CVD processes
    - Etch processes
    - EPI processes

  • CT-D Dry Bed Absorber
    Dry gas purification is used for the disposal of harmful gases, dust abatement and removal of VOCs...

  • The centrotherm CT-D dry bed absorber offers you a safe and efficient disposal of harmful gases which are used in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry, without any special demands regarding your media supply. Our CT-D dry bed absorber is a passive system that only requires an electrical supply and CDA or nitrogen.The cartridge, which was specifically designed and patented by centrotherm clean solutions, is available in different sizes with various options and filled with granules based on the individual customer's application.

    For specific applications we use one or more different granules, which absorb the toxic, corrosive and / or inflammable products and by-products. Because of the irreversible chemical reaction with the granules at room temperature, the harmful gases are converted into non-volatile, inorganic solids.

    - Low demand on media supply, long granulate lifetime
    - Minimal maintenance requirements
    - Patented absorber design with cold trap function prevents blockages
    - Available as 30 litres, 60 litres, 120 litres or 200 litres absorption module
    - Outlet concentrations guaranteed to reach TLV
    - Specifically designed granules for various applications
    - Chemisorption irreversibly binds hazardous gases to granulate
    - Minimum footprint
    - Easy and safe cartridge replacement and global refill service available
    - Quality Made in Germany

    - R&D applications
    - CVD applications (e.g. MOCVD)
    - Etch processes
    - ALD processes
    - Ion implanters
    - CIGS

  • CT-W Wet Scrubber
    In wet chemical waste gas treatment, water soluble harmful gases from the exhaust air are transferred to the liquid phase through scrubbing...

  • The CT-W wet scrubber is our proven solution for the treatment of waste gases emitted in different CVD and etching and EPI applications. One advantage over common wet scrubbers is a special CT-W feature that reduces up to 99% of the dust particles in the waste gas flow. The absorbed dust particles are automatically discharged with the waste water.

    The CT-W wet scrubber is designed to treat HCl, HF, SiH2Cl2, SiCl4 and NH3, as well as other acidic and alkaline gaseous emissions efficiently, while keeping the CoO low. Depending on the species that needs to be treated, the CT-W is operated either with an alkaline or acidic neutralizing agent. The packed media washing tower is equipped with high performance counter flow spray nozzles that provide significant reliability for applications with high waste gas flow rates.

    Other great advantages are the unique N2 venturi and the heated inlets, that ensure low maintenance requirements and a low cost of ownership, especially for gases like WF6, BCl3, AlCl3 or NH4Cl, that tend to block the inlets over time. All of these advantages safely prevent the accumulation of solid rection products and thus lead to considerable savings in maintenance and CoO.

    - Destruction & Removal Efficiency (DRE) of up to 99.99%
    - Very effective dust separation
    - Low operating costs due to minimum fresh water consumption
    - Available operating time > 99% as well as easy and quick maintenance
    - Quality Made in Germany

    - CVD processes
    - Etch processes
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