Photon Control Inc.

Vancouver,  BC 
  • Booth: 7615

Welcome to the Photon Control Inc booth.

Photon Control is a leader in optical sensor design and manufacturing for the world’s largest semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Our custom fiber optic temperature and position sensors demonstrate world-class accuracy and long-term stability in harsh environments, making them ideal for monitoring and controlling semiconductor manufacturing processes. 

We thrive on tackling the most difficult measurement problems and pride ourselves on playing an integral role in solving complex, real-world challenges that are important to our customers.


    High-accuracy phosphor fiber optic temperature sensors designed specifically to maintain high accuracy, precision, and long-term stability in harsh environments....

  • Photon Control’s fiber optic temperature probes use the principal of phosphorescence to measure temperature very accurately in the harshest environments. Proprietary phosphor material at the tip of the probe is in close thermal contact with a solid surface (contact probe) or immersed in a gas or liquid (immersion probe), and the phosphor decay time is measured and converted to temperature.

    Our expertise in phosphor materials and their application in temperature probes sets Photon Control apart from our competitors with respect to accuracy and long term stability in a real semi-conductor manufacturing environment.

    Our single channel converter is a cost effective solution for applications where three or less probes are required....

  • The single channel converter is Photon’s baseline product, and is cost-effective for systems with up to three probes. With proprietary techniques for compensating for drifts in ambient temperature and intensity of the illumination source, this converter is extremely stable.

    The combination of this converter and our fiber optic probes enable a stable temperature sensing system that customers can depend on to process their valuable wafers at the same temperature, wafer after wafer.

    Our Multi-channel converter allows for the connection of up to five probes at once....

  • The Multi-channel temperature converter allows for the connection of up to five probes at once. The primary advantages of this product are, a drastic reduction in the cost per channel to our customers and a reduction in form factor for systems, both of which are advantages when there are 3 or more probes in a process chamber.

    The multi-channel system features an option for Ether-CAT communication protocol and supports the need to measure more temperature points within the process chamber, which enables chipmakers to maintain or increase yield for advanced technology nodes.

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