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3D-Micromac AG is the industry leader in laser micromachining.

We develop processes, machines and turnkey solutions at the highest technical and technological level. Our aim is to provide superb customer satisfaction even for the most complex projects.

3D-Micromac delivers powerful, user-friendly and leading edge processes with superior production efficiency. These proprietary technology innovations are now readily available on a worldwide scale.


  • microDICE™
    TLS-Dicing™ System for Separation of Silicon and Silicon Carbide Wafers ...

  • The microDICE™ laser micromachining system leverages TLS-Dicing™ (thermal laser separation) – a unique technology that uses thermally induced mechanical forces to separate brittle semiconductor materials, such as silicon (Si), silicon carbide (SiC), germanium (Ge) and gallium arsenide (GaAs), into dies with outstanding edge quality while increasing manufacturing yield and throughput. Compared to traditional separation technologies, such as saw dicing and laser ablation, TLS-Dicing™ enables a clean process, micro-crack-free edges, and higher resulting bending strength.

    Capable of dicing speeds up to 300mm per second, the microDICE™ system provides up to a 10X increase in process throughput compared to traditional dicing systems. Its high throughput, outstanding edge quality and 300-mm wafer capable platform enables a true high-volume production process, especially for SiC-based devices.

    In addition, microDICE™ reduces the dicing cost per wafer by up to an order of magnitude or more compared to other wafer dicing approaches. Due to the contactless laser machining method, there is no tool wear and no expensive consumables are required. This results in up to 15X lower cost of ownership over the entire life-time of the dicing system. microDICE™ also offers the ability to produce more dies per wafer by reducing the street width.


    • Significant higher throughput due to dicing speed up to 300 mm/s
    • Minimal cost of ownership
    • The ability to produce more dies per wafer by reducing street width
  • DMP Machine Series
    3D Printing Systems for Industrial Production of Micro Metal Parts...

  • The DMP 3D printing systems are designed for flexible series production of complex metal components using micro laser sintering. The DMP machine series is the perfect solution to achieve superior detail resolution, highest surface quality, unrivalled accuracy, and very high part density. It offers high flexibility, low operating costs and user-friendliness.

    The system includes a zero-point clamping system for easy post-processing at the highest accuracy-level and inert gas atmosphere including gas purifying based on industry standards. The DMP systems are able to process nonreactive and reactive materials, e.g. stainless steel, molybdenum, tungsten, titanium, and gold.

    The Micro Laser Sintering technology has been developed and is continuously improved by 3D MicroPrint GmbH.


    • Superior detail resolution
    • Highest surface quality
    • Unrivalled accuracy
    • Very high part density

  • microPREP™
    Laser-Based Sample Preparation for Microstructure Diagnostics...

  • The all-new microPREP™ system was developed to provide efficient laser sample preparation fitted to the needs of microstructure diagnostics and failure diagnostics.

    The modular software design of microPREP™ ensures high flexibility for machining of samples for a broad range of microstructure diagnostics techniques. Besides the provision of recipes and the capability to mark samples for easy tracking, this novel approach features three orders of magnitude higher ablation rates in comparison to purely ion-beam-based processes.

    microPREP™ is suitable for transmission electron microscopy, X-ray microscopy (XRM), atom-probe tomography, transmission Kikuchi diffraction, and micromechanical testing. In addition to the microPREP™ platform for small-scale and R&D applications, 3D-Micromac offers the microPREP™ PRO platform for high-volume sample preparation applications, which includes the ability to create complex and 3D-shaped samples to enable more comprehensive analysis of certain structures in advanced packages, such as through silicon vias (TSVs), or even complete systems-in-package (SiP).


    • Shorter time to sample: up to 10,000 times faster than FIB
    • Analysis-adopted sample geometry
    • Minimized risk of sample loss
    • Recipe-driven GUI for sample geometries and materials
    • Reduced FIB capacity requirements
    • Enhanced efficiency of existing (TEM) analysis tools
    • Custom recipes and fixtures on request
  • microPRO™ RTP
    Selective Laser Annealing System for Semiconductor Applications...

  • The microPRO™ RTP, a new laser annealing system designed to enable several key process steps in semiconductor, power device and MEMS manufacturing, combines a state-of-the-art laser optic module with 3D-Micromac’s modular semiconductor wafer manufacturing platform. It provides selective annealing with high repeatability and throughput in a versatile system.

    The microPRO™ RTP features a line scan option for vertical selective annealing and a step-and-repeat spot option for horizontal selective annealing, as well as three optional laser wavelengths.


    • High flexible, high-quality laser annealing platform with high precision in both X and Y directions
    • High selectivity to different substrates and films, with multiple options for pulse length, puls energy and overlap (ensures no damage to the area surrounding the target site)
    • Very high energy homogeneity
    • Precise monitoring of both the laser and process
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