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As plastics machinists, we are happy to share our knowledge regarding the plastics and machining possibilities with your design engineers and purchasers. From prototypes to several units to medium sized production series, we provide the precision you need worldwide. Not all plastics are the same. The various characteristics of plastics can vary greatly. BKB Precision has years of experience in machining different plastics and is a strong partner in plastic manifolds.

We know what the possibilities and limitations of the different plastics are and what machining does to plastic. We are happy to share our knowledge about temperature resistance, dimensional accuracy, chemical and hydrolysis resistance, creep resistance at high temperatures, wear resistance, etc. to help you to determine which plastic is right for your component. We distinguish between technical plastics and high performance plastics. 

Thanks to its years of experience, BKB precision is well-known internationally with regards to plastic machining. We provide our services worldwide, with most of our products going to customers in Europe and North America.


  • Professional machining of plastics
    One of the main attributes of plastics materials is the ability to be machined into a finished component, with no need for subsequent work. Plastics machining in a prominent and innovative way is what we do at BKB Precision....

  • BKB Precision is specialized in machining high-end plastics. We process high performance plastics accurately until the final product, for example through CNC machining (three-, four and five-axis milling) or assembling. We make the almost impossible possible with the machining of plastics.

    High-end plastics machining from start to finish

    For over 35 years, BKB Precision has been an expert in the field of high-end plastics machining. Do you have a concept of plastic which must be realised with precision? We manufacture everything from prototypes up to medium sized series to meet your demands. Our versatility and years of experience with machining plastics make us a proper partner for constructing your concept up until the final product. The continuous upgrades to our equipment allow us to maintain the highest quality in professional machining of plastics.

    We work a lot with high-end technical plastics. Thanks to our expertise, we can machine your plastics the way you want it. We are also happy to provide you with a fitting advice in choosing the right plastic for your project.

  • State-of-the-art machinery
    We have a conditioned company hall with a wide range of CNC machines, with or without robot loading. Assembly, (cleanroom) cleaning, packaging and testing of products are important components in our production process....

  • As a technical company, our website would not be complete without a list of machines. We boast state-of-the-art machinery, whether or not with robot loading and we make the necessary investments to keep our machinery up to standard. But we are happy to add that without our highly-trained and motivated employees, we would not be able to supply the high-quality products that we do.

    Five axis simultaneous milling machines

    At BKB Precision, we can five axis mill complex products. 5 axis machining is a form of plastic machining where the product is machined simultaneous on five sides in one setup. We have a number of CNC milling machines for 5 axis machining in our climate-controlled machine park, including robots. These make it possible to manufacture 24/7 for you

    •  2x Hermle C22U + Kuka Robot
    • 1x Hermle C30U + Erowa robot
    • 2x Hermle C40U + Kuka Robot
    • 1x Unisign Unipro 5
    • 1x Haas DT-1

    Portal milling machines

    BKB Precision makes use of two portal milling machines, which are particularly suited for large size plastic sheets. These impressive CNC milling machines can work very accurately, with 0.02mm accuracy over a length of over 6,500mm. 

    • 1x Portatec, 6500 x 2500 x 300
    • 1x Wissner High Performance; 6250 x 2200 x 300

    Okuma turning-milling combinations

    The Okuma turning-milling combination can lathe plastic up to 3µm accuracy. Plastic components of the most exact precision can be lathed and milled on this machine.

    • 1x Okuma Multus B200
    • 1x Okuma Multus B200 II

    Three axis and four axis milling

    We have various machines which can be used for three and five axis CNC machining. The choice for three axis or four axis milling depends on the complexity of the plastic product that is to be created. Generally, we can say that simple machining is done with three axis or four axis milling. We take of care of 3 and 4 axis machining with the following machines:

    • 5x Mazak VTC 300C
    • 1x Unisign Univers 4000
    • 1x Supermax 102
    • 1x Haas VF3SSYT

    Turning plastic

    Turning plastic is another possibility in CNC machining. We can shape and lathe various products and materials for you. 

    • Mazak QTN 10

    Sanding machine

    BKB Precision uses craft and mechanical abrasive techniques, a common pre-and post-treatment of plastics (including foam) sheet material. It is intended to sharp edges, to reduce surface roughness, to smoothen surfaces or, for example, to create a certain matt effect (visually).

    We use a wide belt sanding machine of Boere. This is a robust, solid and complete sanding machine with a working width of 1300 mm with which plastic sheet material can be sanded with a great accuracy: tolerance on the thickness +/-0.025 mm!

    • 1x Boere Select 1400K wide belt sanding machine

    Measuring machines

    BKB Precision deeply values quality. That is why we have four different measuring machines at our disposal; one machines with which we can make optical measurements and two machines which make accurate 3D tactile measurements.

    • 1x CMM/ DEA Global Advantage 05.07.05
    • 1x Optiv Classic 321 GL TP
    • 1x CMM/ DEA Global
    • 1x CMM/ DEA Brown & Sharpe
  • BKB: Your specialist in high performance plastics
    BKB Precision has been a reliable partner in high performance plastics machining for almost 40 years. We are active in various industry sectors, such as high-tech, semiconductor, medical, defence, aerospace and chemicals....

  • High-end plastic machining

    Whether it regards machining (CNC milling and turning), shaping or assemblingplastics, we will realise challenging products together with you. We view the complexity of your design as a challenge and that is where our strength lies. A lot is possible!
    We could not exist without our highly trained and motivated personnel, who are the secret behind the high quality of our products, made with the help of state-of-the-art machines. 

    Knowledge and experience

    As plastics machinists, we are happy to share our knowledge regarding the plastics and machining possibilities with your design engineers and purchasers. From prototypes to several units to medium sized production series, we provide the precision you need worldwide. Check our company video here.

    BKB characteristics

    • We distinguish ourselves with our unique BKB proposition, which includes the following
    • Commitment and passion;
    • High quality;
    • Accuracy;
    • Focus on cooperation with partners;
    • Customer satisfaction;
    • Relieve you from burdens.

    Innovation and knowledge are also important to us. 

  • High performance plastic types
    There are many different types of high performance plastics available on the market. BKB Precision specialises in high performance plastics, such as PPS, PEI or PEEK....



    Polyetheretherketone, ohterwise known as PEEK, has a very high and long-lasting operating temperature (around 280º C). The plastic is stiff, strong and has extremely good tensile and flexural strength at varying loads. In addition, PEEK is resistant against energy-rich radiation and is self-extinguishing according to UL94. The application of PEEK is very diverse. It is use in semi-conduction, the medical industry, the aerospace industry, research etc. PEEK machining is a delicate procedure that BKB has mastered over the years. We are an expert when it comes to PEEK and know how to manage any requests regarding this high performance plastic. Feel free to contact us to learn more about PEEK machining.


    Polyimide, also known under its abbreviation PI, can be used at high (and extremely low) temperatures, has no visible melting point and thus retains good shape stability and mechanical properties. The upper threshold at short peak temperatures is 450°C. Polyimide also extinguishes flames, is electrically insulating, resists energy-rich radiation and has minimal outgassing in a vacuum. Thanks to its intrinsic purity, PI sheets and poles are frequently used in high purity applications, such as semi-conduction, the aerospace industry and primary research (CERN).


    PPS is a thermoplastic polymer with favourable properties, making it a suitable technical polymer for special applications. It is resistant against high temperatures of over 200 °C. It is a good electric insulator and is resistant against acids and alkalis and is almost insoluble in organic solvents under 200°C. PPS is also naturally flame retardant. In many cases, it can be used as an alternative for PEEK. Whether you prefer PPS or PEEK machining, BKB Precision is an excellent partner for working with both materials.

    Polyether Imide, otherwise known as PEI, belongs to the group of high performance plastics. It has good thermal and mechanical properties, is easily sterilised and has a high mechanical strength across a wide operation temperature. PEI-plastic extinguishes flames and has a low smoke development. This plastic has a good resistance against UV and chemicals and is suited for direct contact with foodstuffs. This high performance plastic is suited for application in the semi-conduction industry and is often used for aeroplane parts. 


    PAI, also called Polyamide Imide, has excellent mechanical properties. The plastic is used for machining parts that need to withstand a heavy load. PAI has wear resistance, a low frictional resistance and is resistant against gamma and X-ray radiation. PAI is used for electronic / electrically insulating parts and applications in the medical industry.

    Torlon® is a PAI type that combines excellent mechanic strength, stiffness and creep resistance across a wide range of temperatures. It has an extremely low expansion coefficient. Torlon® plastics are particularly suited for applications in high temperatures. BKB is your PAI machining specialist. From our machinery in the Netherlands, we take care of any and all PAI machining efforts.


    PTFE, Polytetrafluoroethylene, is a fluoride plastic. Its most prominent characteristic is its lowest friction coefficient of all solids and its highest resistance against chemicals. Its material purity also makes PTFE suited for direct contact with foodstuffs. Its fluoride atoms and properties make this plastic suitable for many areas. In heavy applications, it offers advantages regarding stable and improved functions. PTFE is also known as Teflon. The decrease in dimensional accuracy of this material during machining should be kept in mind.

  • Technical plastic types
    Technical or engineering plastics are often used for equipment construction, technical applications or other precision components. BKB Precision is your specialist in machining technical plastics like PC,PVC,PA,POM, PMMA and PETG....

  • PA (Polyamide)

    Polyamide, also called Nylon, is a very wear-resistant plastic. The material is hard, stiff, impact-resistant, and has reasonably good machining possibilities. PA has good mechanical properties and is mostly used in mechanical engineering. You can improve certain properties of PA by adding lubricant or glass. The drawback of PA is, among other things, its moisture susceptibility.

    POM (Polyoxymethylene Acetal Polymer)

    Polyoxymethylene Acetal Polymer, shortened as POM, is a strong and hard plastic with shape stability. The material has a low friction resistance and can be sterilized. In addition, POM has good elasticity and the plastic can absorb heavy impacts or shocks. POM can be mechanically machined perfectly and has a good chemical resistance. Special editions exist, including foodstuffs-appropriate plastics and material that is resistant against organic solvents. POM is mostly used in the foodstuffs industry and machine construction.

    PC (Polycarbonate)

    Polycarbonate, also known as PC, is a transparent plastic, suited for industrial engineering. This plastic lets through light, has a high impact resistance and is perfectly suited for gluing, shaping and welding. Polycarbonate is mostly used for medical devices and parts. The plastic is not standard UV-resistant and is liable to scratching. There are, however, editions that are UV resistant and that have an extra scratch-resistant coating. An ESD-safe coating on PC can also be supplied. BKB Precision has mastered Polycarbonate machining over the years. We use the latest technologies and highest quality standards when machining PC. Feel free to contact us for questions regarding Polycarbonate machining.

    HMPE (High Molecular Polyethylene)

    HMPE stands for High Molecular Polyethylene. The molecular density determines the properties of the material. HMPE is moisture-repellent and has good wear and impact-resistance. HMPE is very well-suited for mechanical plastic machining and is mostly used in the transport industry. Special HMPE editions are also exceptionally suitable for the food industry and machine construction. There are various HMPE qualities available, like HMPE500 and HMPE1000. At less than 500, it is also called HDPE or High Density Polyethylene.

    PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate)

    Polymethyl Methacrylate, also known as Acrylate, is a transparent and pure plastic and lets through more light than glass. The material also has good machining possibilities for high (optical) quality. PMMA is often used for constructive applications, for example for sight glasses and liquid measuring systems. It is also more UV-resistant than other transparent plastics. In addition, this plastic is also suited for foodstuffs. PMMA is available in various colours and light transmissions (opal), as well as in ESD-safe ‘Eslon’ material.

    PETG (Polyethylene terephthalateglycol)

    Polyethylene terephthalateglycol. This polyester plastic is the middle ground between PMMA and PC. It is crystal clear and has good vacuum shape properties. Its heat resistance is limited, as it is lower than that of PMMA and PC. PET-G is self-extinguishing and suited for direct contact with foodstuffs. A drawback is its susceptibility to scratches, just like PC.

    PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) 

    Polyvinyl Chloride, shortened as PVC, has wear resistance and shape stability. It has a smooth and straight surface, excellent chemical resistance properties and is suited for gluing and welding. The material can be machined precisely. PVC has a good price/performance ratio and is often used in machine construction, the electro industry and in chemical equipment construction. The operating temperature of PVC is limited and it is not UV-resistant. It is available in multiple colours, including a transparent edition. BKB Precision is specialized in PVC machining. Our highly-trained and motivated employees are always willing to help you with questions regarding PVC machining.

    PETP (​Polyethylene Terephthalate) 

    Polyethylene Terephthalate has wear resistance and shape stability and is dimensionally accurate. This is why PETP is characterized as one of the hardest plastics in existence. It is a relatively brittle plastic and is mostly used in the foodstuffs industry. It serves as a substitute for POM in many cases. 

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