Miraq Pte. Ltd.

Singapore,  Singapore 
  • Booth: 3717

We offer Semiconductor Test Supplies, Equipment & Services

MIRAQ Pte Ltd is a Singapore based regional distribution company specializing in quality semiconductor test equipment and consumables in the Asia-Pacific region for the past 15 years. We offer complete solution in sales and on-site services.


We focus on various test handler platforms, spring probe pins, thermal control and management systems, Precision Temperature Cycling System, ATEs for small logic, mixed signal test, burn-in systems, Environmental Test Chamber, Integrated Manufacturing Execution System.


We provide total turn-key semiconductor test solutions to chip makers, test houses and subcontractors through top quality and high reliability test equipment; test integration of various backend processes; complete machines maintenance and calibration services; and other value added services.


  • AirJet XE™ Precision Temperature Cycling System
    AirJet XE Precision Temperature Cycling System delivers robust testing capabilities at your bench, using widely available air and power facilities. Full Mil-Spec Temperature Range at Your Bench...

  • Air-Jet XE™ Precision Temperature Cycling System

    *  -75°C to +225°C in compact size

    *  Fastest benchtop temperature cycling rates

    *  Self-contained design doesn’t require liquid nitrogen or other external temperature source

    *  Temperature control and monitoring from either an external or internal Thermocouple

    *  Excellent stability, accuracy and repeatability

    *  Several multi-step profiles saved, loaded and run at the touch of a button

    *  Compatibility with automatic test equipment using GPIB or RS485 interface

    *  Flow rates adjustable from 1.0 to 6.0 scfm

    *  Small enough to be rack mounted

    *  Manual holding arm with pneumatic up/down for positioning and securing head over DUT

    *  Optional Air Dryer lets you use shop air ~ includes pressure regulator, pressure gauge, oil filter, particle filter, and heatless regenerative air dryer

    *  Assortment of thermal caps available for different applications

    *  Mobile Integrator with casters for mobility

  • Thermojet Precision temperature forcing system
    ThermoJet, Precision temperature forcing system that delivers airstream of up to 20 SCFM to rapidly change temperature of product or Device Under Test, providing transition speeds unmatched in the industry and sustain air temperatures of –80°C at 20 SCFM....

  • ThermoJet Highlights

    The only temperature forcing system that maintains -80°C at 20 SCFM (full range -80°C to +350°C) to deliver faster testing.

    Our air coolers deliver true extended low temp testing so your devices (even large ones) get to lower temperatures faster and stay there longer.

    DualCool™ Cascade refrigeration system reliably delivers vigorous temperature cycling, even in a 24/7 operating environment.

    Portable space-saving touchscreen controller.

    Compact footprint (21” x 27”) and caster-mounted for mobility.

    Cycle from +125°C to -55°C / -55°C to +125°C in less than 10 seconds... you save time.

  • Tahoe Burn-in Test System
    Leading Edge Burn-in System for High and Low Power Devices...

  • Burn-in System for High and Low Power Devices

    • Individual DUT Temperature or Chamber Temperature Control

    • 24 Independent BIB Slots

    • 160 on-the-fly bidirectional channels

    • Slot Regulated Power Supplies

  • Shasta Burn-in Test System
    Leading Edge Burn-in System for HTOL testing up to 175°C...

  • Burn-in system for HTOL Testing up to 175°C

    • 24 BIB Slots

    • 6 Power Zones (4PS or 8PS)

    • 160 Drive Channels

    • Up to 64 Monitor Channels

  • Lassen Burn-in System
    Leading Edge Burn-in system for HTOL testing up to 175°C and LTOL testing down to -55°C...

  • Burn-in system for

    HTOL Testing up To 175°C

    LTOL Testing down to -55°C

    • 24 BIB Slots

    • 6 Power Zones (4PS or 8PS)

    • 160 Drive Channels

    • Up to 64 Monitor Channels

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