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Welcome to EXICON!

Aiming towards world technology leading company in the field of semiconductor test device since establishment in March 2001,

EXICON has been steadily hardening its base by setting up a laboratoty being selected as an Inno-Biz superb company and a technology blue chip.By our capacity & Passion armed executives and employees efforts in the field of semiconductor, we are challenging 21century's limitless competition with you.

EXICON will prepare stable growth base with advanced technology and competitiveness to be supreme in the semiconductor test device field. Therefore EXICON can develop high quality exclusive mass-production semiconductor device for our customers.

For this to happen above all, we'll develop creative and fruitful community culture and realize customer touching management.

Lastly, we'll strive for our customers, investors value creation and management to take a position as a 21century Global Leader.

Thank you.


  • i2300
    ETBI(Embeded Tester in Burn In System)...

  • Features
    -  Target Devices : DRAM(DDR3,DDR4,LPDDR3), Flash
    -  Max Test Speed : 400Mbps (200MHz DDR)
    -  System Architecture : 24 Slot (Per Site)
    -  Current Capacity : 220A / Slot
    -  R.A Processor : ARM (FreeScale) / User Library Support
    -  Chamber / BIB : 12Slot Rack Support / 450 x 570 / -10℃~ 150℃
    -  OS : LINUX
  • I3700
    PCIe Gen4 Test Solution 1'st Commercialization! Storage Tester Innovation...

  • Features
     - Support Latest PCIe Gen4 Interface
     - Precise Temperature Uniformity Control
     - Newly Developed SSD Tester Operating System
       64Bit Linux, Multi Thread, Multi Queue 
     - Support Latest NVMe 1.3 Feature
       PRP, SGL, SR-IOV, Multi Stream, Reservation CMD, Multi Name Space
     - SSD Device Loading & Test Automation
     - Enhanced Debugging & Analysis Capability (through UART)
     - Target Devices : SSD (SATA2/3, SAS 6/12G, PCIe Gen2/3/4, NVMe)
     - Form Factor : 1.8, 2.5, 3.5 inch including M.2 / M.3 / U.2 / U.3 / AIC / EDSFF
     - Flexible Test Count : 240 Parallel / Quad chamber system
     - Test Temperature Range : -10℃~85℃, -40℃~150℃
     - Chamber Door Automation

    Leading Test Service Provider for Memory Components!...

  • Advantages
    15 year experience in ATE field with a wide range of memory component and module test systems

    Target devices
    - DDR2, DDR3, DDR4
    - LPDDR2, LPDDR3
    - Nand Flash
    - DDR4 Module including SLT (System Level Test)
    - MCP (Multi Chip Package) : DRAM + Nand Flash

    Innovation for high quality service to increase the customer satisfaction
    Optimized test PGM for the target devices and correlations works
    Cost-effective and one stop turnkey test solution provider
    Offer the most competitive test cost with technical supports
    On time delivery to meet the customer`s required schedule
    Turnkey solution provider from back-end testing service to ATE facilities set-up

  • MT6133
    Wafer Tester...

  • - Maximum operating frequency : 444MHz/888Mbps
    - Overall timing accuracy : ±300ps, DRV/CMP ±150ps
    - Maximum number of parallel DUTs : 1,536(*2bit type)/TH
    - Test Head : 2 units (Each test head is capable of measuring a different device.)
    - Device to measured : DRAM, SRAM, PSRAM, Flash, MCP, hybrid memory ASIC.
  • I1520 & I7520
    Memory Test System...

  • i1520 / Features
    -  Target Devices : DDR3, DDR4, DDR5 SDRAM Module
    -  Frequency : 1.6Gbps / 2.4Gbps                                                                                                    
    -  Parallel : Scalable system architecture up to 32para
    -  Cooling System : Water cooing
    -  Hot & Cold Test : 10 ~ 100 ℃
    -  Dual Purpose : All pin cycle pallet
    -  User friendly with GUI (Provide analysis tool)

    i7520 / Features
    -  Target Devices : EDP(DDR3,4, SDRAM), LPDDR, Flash
    -  Frequency : 2.4Gbps, 3.6Gbps(HSC mode)
    -  Parallel : Scalable system architecture up to 512Para
    -  Dual Purpose : All pin cycle pallet
    -  User friendly with GUI (Provide analysis tool)

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