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KBTEM-OMO (Belarus): "Building Traditions Into the Future"

KBTEM-OMO (Belarus) is:

  • Over 55 years in microelectronics engineering
  • High level vertical integration in R&D and manufacturing
  • Field proven tools for 1 µm, 0.6 µm, 0.35 µm, 0.13 µm and 90 nm technology node
  • Total solution provider for defect free mask manufacturing
  • Maskless lithography solution
  • Variety of wafer inspection systems
  • Unique solution for double-side lithography
  • Brand new tools only, no secondhand or refurbished tools

KBTEM-OMO performs scientific and technical development and production of special opto-mechanical process equipment as well as inspection and measurement equipment used in microelectronics products manufacture:

  • laser pattern generators for mask and wafer patterning;
  • wafer steppers;
  • large-field steppers;
  • mask aligners;
  • laser-based mask repair systems;
  • automatic mask inspection systems with high detection threshold,
  • wafer inspection tools for macro and micro defect inspection


  • EM-5289B DUV Laser Scanning Pattern Generator
    EM-5289B DUV Laser Scanning Pattern Generator...

  • DUV
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