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As a long-standing equipment supplier, Vistec Electron Beam GmbH is providing leading technology solutions for advanced electron-beam lithography. Based on the Variable Shaped Beam (VSB) principle, the electron-beam lithography systems are mainly utilized for semiconductor applications and advanced research as silicon direct write, compound semiconductor, mask making as well as integrated optics and several new emerging markets. Among standardized and proven systems, Vistec Electron Beam also provides customized solutions according to special technology requirements.The company is located in Jena, Germany. In addition to its production facility in Germany, Vistec Electron Beam maintains service and support centers in Europe, USA and Taiwan.


  • Vistec SB3050 series
    The Vistec SB3050 series is designed to meet the challenges of direct patterning down to the 32nm technology node, it features VSB technology with vector scan and continuously moving stage principles for throughput optimization....

  • SB3050 series:

    The Vistec SB3050 series with a Cell Projection option is our commitment to semiconductor manufacturing professionals. Designed to meet the challenges of direct patterning down to the 32nm technology node, it features Variable Shape Beam (VSB) technology with vector scan and continuously moving stage principles for throughput optimization.

    Our industry proven 300mm design concept has been successfully utilized in more than 10 installations worldwide. The Vistec SB3050 series combines state of the art substrate handling with a high-precision stage system and a sophisticated electron-optical 50 keV column specifically developed to ensure excellent resolution performance. 

    Key features:

    • 50KeV high-resolution electron optics
    • 310x310mm stage travel
    •  write-on-the-fly principle & Flexible Stage Speed (FSS)
    • fully automated substrate handling
    • Wafer mix & match
    • CP


    Vistec SB3050 series (Vistec) SB3050系列成形 子束曝光机是当今最先的曝光设备可以32米及以下品技中的研制和小批量生所需的 1:1形制作的要求。元曝光技(CP)(Vistec)最新SB3055子束曝光机独一无二的技

    可以著提高形生效率。这项极其有用 元曝光技(CP)可装配在所有微(Vistec) SB3050系列机型中。 产验证300毫米全面

    曝光和图形单元曝光技术(CP)使得微创(Vistec)在电子束 直写领域的领先地位成功地得到了加强。

  • Vistec SB250 series
    The Vistec SB250 series E-Beam writers have been designed as universal and cost-effective tools for both direct write as well as mask making applications....

  • The concept of the SB250 series enables handling and exposure of transparent and non-transparent compound semiconductor materials. The modular system architecture allows easy upgrades to a higher tool performance. Its flexibility and fully automated operation male the Vistec SB250 the ideal tool in industry and applied research.

    微创(Vistec) SB250电子束曝光系列是既可以用于硅片直写(最大硅片直径为200毫米)和掩模制造(最大掩模尺寸为7英寸)的高性价比通用系统。模块式系统架构的设计使其成 为易于升级到更高性能的设备。它的机动性和全自动化 工作模式(包括对工作基片的传输)使它得到了工业界 和应用研究部门的青睐

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