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Welcome to the post-solvent era!

Intelligent fluids GmbH is the world’s leading supplier for eco-friendly photoresist strippers and equipment cleaners based in Germany.

While flammable and toxic solvents increasingly lose market acceptance in the US, Europe and Asia, the waterbased, pH neutral and biodegradable intelligent fluids® are fully compliant to EHS regulatory frameworks. At the same time they clearly demonstrate outstanding performance, while using only gentle ingredients to produce them. Thus, intelligent fluids® are increasingly gaining popularity among global players in semiconductor manufacturing and related industries.

The fluids show superior performance and a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership in applications such as Metal Lift-Off, positive/negative Photoresist Removal as well as >100 μm BEOL/BE Photoresists and Coater Catch Cup Cleaning.


All of our existing and future customers are kindly invited to visit us at booth # 3131.

 Press Releases

  • Intelligent fluids - Pioneering, groundbreaking technology

    Intelligent fluids® are self-shaping phase fluids composed of the four phases water, oil,
    surfactants and self-reasearched activators. The fluids are extended microemulsions in
    which considerable disadvantages such as limited operative temperature range, tenside
    concentration, instability and fixedness have been removed and further crucial advantages
    have been added.

    It is the omnipresent Brownian motion that supplies the essential energy within intelligent
    to counterbalance two opposed physical laws of nature: Entropy (maximum
    state of dispersion) and the effect of Ostwald Ripening (fastest possible agglomeration
    into larger particles). A molecular teamwork shows a permanent and highly-dynamic shift
    from hydrophobic to hydrophilic properties, which ensures up to 8.000 moves per second
    within the fluid. These cause intelligent fluids‘® unique, physical functionality: Layers such
    as organic lacquers, paint or grime are pentrated and entirely undercut in a highly effective
    and fast way. Due to continuous change in polarity, the resulting fragments are disoriented
    and physically lifted-off from the inorganic surface, the substrate. Finally, the fragments are
    completely removed by a subsequent rinsing process with water or isopropyl (IPA).

    This sustainable technology fundamentally differs from classical, customary solvent-based
    chemistry with regards to composition as well as the mode of action, for no chemical
    etching or dissolving processes take place.


  • Photoresist Strippers, Equipment Cleaners
    Intelligent fluids® are based on a unique, patented technology that combines gentle ingredients to create customized phase fluids tailored to specific needs. Hence, photoresists can be detached highly effectively and yet gently. ...

  • Due to highly dynamic structures within intelligent fluids®, even persistent organic layers can be penetrated, fragmented and detached. But instead of being dissolved chemically the layers are removed smoothly through physical effects.

    Intelligent fluids® are free from harmful or dangerous substances. The innovative technology employed in intelligent fluids® is safe for users, equipment and environment.

    Properties of intelligent fluids®:

    • waterbased
    • physical function
    • biodegradable
    • dematologically approved
    • non-inflammable
    • pH neutral
    • thermodynamically stable

    Features of intelligent fluids®:

    • highly dynamic fluids with molecular teamwork
    • customized product design based on proven and safe ingredients 
    • gentle physical detaching instead of aggressive, chemical dissolving processes 
    • particularly suitable for organic layers on inorganic substrates
    • wide field of application due to lipophilic and hydrophilic properties
    • easy disposal by rinsing with water or alcohol
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