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Shenyang,  Liao Ning 
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Sunray is your automation partner.

Sunray is subsidiary of FORTREND in China. And Sunray is also an international automation company providing automation solutions for the semiconductor, solar cell industries and LED application. Sunray is one of the pioneering companies for wafer transfer and solar cell automation technologies providing complete services including innovative designs, manufacturing, sales, and services in the global markets.


  • SMIF
    Fortrend SMIF Life time:>10years under normal use conditions ...

  • Fortrend  introduced the first 200mm SMIF loader/unloader (PLUS500) and built the first 200mm SMIF manufacturing facility at HP-Corvallis in 1995

    Owens 7 USA and international SMIF patents

    Only SMIF provider offers total solutions retrofit programs Flexible software and hardware configurations

    Compatible CIM integration to competitors

    Readily applicable to all existing tools

    Patented technologies(granted)

    Integrated active ULPA Fan Filter Unit(FFU) for best environmental isolation

    Flexible configurations, two body designs and 4 robots to meet all custom applications

    Positive gripper design for easy cassette handling

    Tilt and rotate cassettes

    Smallest footprint

    Excellent quality and service 

  • Sorter/EFEM
    Fortrend has provided Lamina series wafer and reticle sorter since 1997 and is the market leader in reticle applications with worldwide installations (one reticle sorter installed at SMIC) ...

  • Fortrend wafer sorter is a field-proven high-throughput and reliable sorter system that is highly competitive in pricing and performances
    Better than Class 1 (ISO-3) cleanliness
    Flexible ID reading system is compliant with SEMI M12, M1.15
    Single and dual-arm robot for flexible configurations
    Unified sorter frame to support both 200mm and 300mm applications allowing easy conversions (upgrades) between 200mm and 300mm sorters, dual-ports, 3-ports, and 4-ports configurations
    Optional RFID/Smart Tag /Barcode lot tracking systems
    Optional 200/300mm wafer Hybrid sorter system
    Optional power interrupt UPS and Raid-5 data base protection
    S2/S8/S9/S22/CE certified by TUV company(see certificate)
    Full meet SEMI Standards of 300mm transfer equipment (include but not limited E84/E47.1/F47)
  • Oven
    Wafer in vertical Application: moist remove, anneal. Wafer in Horizontal Application: 3DIC, re-flow, that wafer cannot be place in vertical Vertical is better than Horizontal According to customer feedback, particle added per pass < 10 , in vertical ...

  • ·Product Wafer Support
    ·Wafer Temperature Measurement
    ·Low mass thermocouples embedded among process wafers
    ·Bottom, middle, and top of wafer load
    ·Manual Version uses YES 316L stainless steel cassettes
    ·Automated version uses Fortrend 316L stainless steel wafer support rack fixed to door
    ·Process Chamber Features
    ·316L Stainless Steel Chamber
    ·316L Stainless Steel  Process Gas Lines
    ·Point of use filtration
    ·VCR fittings
    ·Forced Convection Chamber Cooling
    ·Variable speed blower to adjust cooling according to process requirements
    ·Variable mixing with clean room air
    ·Reduce cooling exhaust temperature
    ·Improved cooling at low process temperatures
    ·Variable cooling extends process temperature control range
    ·Optional blower diffuser assembly with chilled water coil eliminates the need for long chamber cooling exhaust ducting
  • Stocker+AGV
    NEW Automated FAB AGV systems. Increased Productivity and Cost savings for Existing and New 200 & 300 mm FAB'S ...

  • The layout is flexible and convenient for the initial and subsequent planning of the plant.

    The size of Stocker can be customized for site conditions and the AGV can be charged or replaced automatically.

    Initial investment is not large, and it can be invested gradually according to the production capacity.

    Suitable for tra-bay and Inter-bay.

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