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Solutions for 3D IC, MEMS, Nanotechnology and SOI

关于 E VG

EVG 是世界领先的半导体、微机电系统和纳米技术应用的晶圆加工解决方案供应商。 通过与其全球客户紧密合作,EVG实行灵活的生产模式,开发出了可靠的具备高品质和低购置成本的系统产品,且能够轻松集成入客户的生产线。 其主要产品包括 晶圆键合、光刻 / 纳米压印光刻(NIL)和测量设备,以及涂胶机、清洗机和检测系统等。

除了在晶圆片键合机市场上占有主导份额外, EVG 还在高级封装和微机电系统(MEMS)的纳米压印光刻(NIL)和光刻技术领域占据领先地位。除了这些生产线之外, EVG 推动实施了用于芯片封装和微机电系统(MEMS) / 传感器的、具有成本效益的硅通孔(TSV)工艺。其他相关半导体目标市场还包括硅绝缘体(SOI)、化合物半导体和硅基功率器件的解决方案。

EVG 成立于 1980 年,总部位于奥地利圣弗洛里安市(St. Florian),客户支持网络遍布全球EVG 独创的三 “I” 方法( invent - innovate – implement ,即发明 - 创新 - 实施)在垂直整合的基础上,使得 EVG 能够快速响应各种最新技术趋势,采用最新技术来迎接制造方面的各种挑战,并加快器件的量产。欲知更多信息,请登录 www.EVGroup.com

EV Group (EVG) is a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), compound semiconductors, power devices, and nanotechnology devices. Key products include wafer bonding, thin-wafer processing, lithography/nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and metrology equipment, as well as photoresist coaters, cleaners and inspection systems. Founded in 1980, EV Group services and supports an elaborate network of global customers and partners all over the world. www.EVGroup.com


    Automated Production Fusion Bonding System...

  • EVG BONDSCALE is designed to fulfill a wide range of fusion/molecular wafer bonding applications, including engineered substrate manufacturing and 3D integration approaches that use layer-transfer processing, such as monolithic 3D (M3D). With BONDSCALE, EVG is bringing wafer bonding to front-end semiconductor processing and helping to address long-term challenges for "More Moore" logic device scaling identified in the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS). Incorporating an enhanced edge alignment technology, BONDSCALE provides a significant boost in wafer bond productivity and lower cost of ownership (CoO) compared to existing fusion bonding platforms.

    BONDSCALE is being sold alongside EVG's industry benchmark GEMINI FB XT automated fusion bonding system, with each platform targeting different applications. While BONDSCALE will primarily focus on engineered substrate bonding and layer-transfer processing, the GEMINI FB XT will support applications requiring higher alignment accuracies, such as memory stacking, 3D systems on chip (SoC), backside illuminated CMOS image sensor stacking, and die partitioning.

    Features & Applications 

    • Fully-automated fusion/molecular wafer bonding applications on 200 and 300 mm in a single platform, including cleaning, plasma activation, alignment, pre-bonding and IR inspection
    • Direct wafer bonding with plasma activation for heterogeneous integration of different materials, high-quality engineered substrates as well as thin-silicon layer transfer applications
    • Layer transfer processes and engineered substrates enabling logic scaling, 3D integration such as M3, 3D VLSI including backside power distribution, N&P stacking, logic-on-memory, clustered functional stacks and beyond-CMOS adoption
  • EVG®7200 LA
    SmartNIL-based Nanoimprint Lithography System...

  • Large-Area UV Nanoimprint Lithography Solution:

    EVG is the market-leading equipment supplier for nanoimprint lithography (NIL). EVG pioneered and mastered this non-conventional technology through many years of research, implementing it in volume production and on ever-increasing substrate sizes.
    The EVG7200 Large-Area UV Nanoimprint System marks the technology’s next milestone as it allows imprinting on Gen 2 (370 mm x 470 mm) panel size substrates. The SmartNIL-based system is ideally suited to leverage nanotechnology for panel manufacturing. For applications like displays, biotechnology and photonic elements, which cannot be reduced in size, it is crucial to increase the substrate utilization efficiency by increasing the pattern area. NIL has proven to be the most cost-efficient way to enable fabrication of nano patterns on large areas as it is not limited by optical systems and can provide the best pattern fidelity for the smallest structures.
    EVG’s proprietary SmartNIL technology is optimized by years of research, development and field experience to address nanopatterning requirements that cannot be supported by conventional lithography. SmartNIL provides superior conformal imprint results down to 40 nm utilizing a very robust and controllable tooling. With unique and proven equipment capabilities in conjunction with a high level of process expertise, EVG fulfills industry needs by driving nanoimprinting to the next level.


    EVG®7200 LA SmartNIL®

    • Enables nanopatterning down to 40 nm on panel-size substrates
    • Robust and precisely controllable processing
    • Optimized high-power UV curing sequence for panel substrates
    • Fully automated imprinting and controlled low-force detachment for maximum working stamp reusability

    Proprietary SmartNIL® nanoimprinting

    • Proprietary SmartNIL technology is a scalable and robust technology fulfilling industry needs
    • SmartNIL provides unmatched conformal imprinting over large areas
    • Volume-proven imprinting technology with superior replication fidelity
    • Uniform large-area imprint with high process flexibility
    • Multiple-use polymer stamp technology for longest master lifetime and significant cost savings
    Fully-integrated EVG® SmartNIL® UV Nanoimprint Lithography System...

  • The HERCULES NIL, a fully-integrated UV nanoimprint lithography track solution for wafers up to 200 mm, is the latest addition to EVG’s NIL product portfolio. Based on a modular platform, the HERCULES NIL combines EVG’s proprietary  SmartNIL imprinting  technology  with  cleaning, resist coating and baking preprocessing steps. This turns the HERCULES NIL into a “one stop shop”, where bare wafers are loaded into the tool and fully processed nanostructured wafers are returned.

    To optimize the process chain, the system can be used to fabricate multiple-use soft stamps - which are a cornerstone for high-volume production - without requiring additional equipment. As a special feature, the tool can be upgraded with a Class 1* (ISO 3) capable mini-environment to guarantee the lowest defect rates and highest-quality master replication.

    By providing a complete NIL solution for high-volume manufacturing, the HERCULES NIL strengthens EVG’s leadership position in full-area NIL equipment solutions.

    *according to US FED STD 209E


    Nanoimprinting with High-performance Process Modules:

    • Combines pre-processing and SmartNIL ®
    • Volume-proven imprinting technology with superior replication fidelity
    • Fully-automated imprinting and controlled low-force detachment for maximum working stamp reusability
    • Enables mass manufacturing of  40 nm structures
    • Supports a wide range of structure sizes and shapes
    • Optional mini-environment and climate control for best process stability and yield

    Most Cost-effective High-resolution Production Solution:

    • Optimized modular platform for high throughput
    • Low cost of ownership due to multiple-use soft stamp technology
    • Includes working stamp manufacturing capability
    • Master template lifetime comparable to masks used for optical lithography
    • Fastest curing times due to high-power lamp house
    • Easy to operate and maintenance-friendly
    Automated Production Fusion Wafer Bonding System combining several performance breakthroughs to surpass ITRS requirements for wafer bonding...

  • EVG's GEMINI FB XT integrated fusion bonding system extends current standards and combines higher productivity with improved alignment and overlay accuracy for applications such as memory stacking, 3D systems on chip (SoC), backside illuminated CMOS image sensor stacking, and die partitioning. The system features the new SmartView NT3 bond aligner, developed specifically for fusion and hybrid wafer bonding alignment requirements of <50 nm.


    • New SmartView® NT3 face-to-face bond aligner with sub-50 nm wafer-to-wafer alignment accuracy
    • Up to six pre-processing modules like Clean Module, LowTemp™ Plasma Activation Module, Alignment Verification Module and Debond Module available
    • XT Frame concept for highest throughput with EFEM (Equipment Frontend Module)


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