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Microwave Plasma for wafer fabs and IC packaging processes

Astronics Technologies Private Limited was first incorporated in Singapore in 2002 to represent foreign manufacturers desiring to enter or expand their market in South East Asia.  Our primarily mission is to connect global technologies with local support focusing mainly on Semiconductor Applications and Environmental Health Safety Gas Detection Systems. With our strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Shanghai and Chengdu, we brought about a huge difference with our products catering to plasma applications, wafer annealing, rapid thermal processing and chemical solutions.

Co-exhibiting with Alpha Plasma of Germany, we are specialised in low pressure Advanced Microwave Plasma Technology to both the wafer fabrication and chip packaging industries.  Our systems are dedicated to the applications of PR removal, descum processing, SU8/ MEMS cleaning including surface treatment on wafers and plasma polymerisation from hydrophobic to hydrophilic and vice versa.  


  • ASTRO 96
    ASTRO SERIES Fully Automatic System...

  • Astro 96 is a fully automated strip microwave plasma system. It design for the mass production for the strips plasma cleaning. Astro 96 has a robust loader and unloader to handle sensitive substrate with jam free solution. With this microwave plasma, it will improve wire bonding, flip chip underfill and molding for advance packaging process of IC manufacturing.

    Technical Specification:

    Process Aluminium
    Microwave Power 2.45GHz, 2 sets of microwave generator (magnetron) adjustable between 50 to 600 watts each air cooled
    System Dimension W1635 x H2265 (with light tower) x D1405 (mm)
    Chamber Dimension W330 x H120 x D420 (mm)
    Volume 16.6 litres
    Loading Fully automatic gripper with force sensor
    Lead frame In/Out

    –   Lead frame In/Out for same magazine and same slot (Standard)

    –   Lead frame In/Out for different magazine and same/different slot (Option)

    Jam detection system with adjustable push force to prevent lead frames from damaging.

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    Plasma Cleaner For Wafer and Chip Packaging...

  • Alpha Plasma AL 76 for chip packaging is a batch processing plasma cleaner. It has bigger chamber volume and have certain options for loading method on the processing chamber. This is to suit for the mass production use. It is a superb plasma cleaner to improve the wire bonding, solder ball attach, flip chip under fill and molding.

    Technical Specification:

    Process Aluminium
    Microwave Power 2.45GHz adjustable between 50 to 1200 watts
    System Dimension W1050 x H2020 (with light tower) x D800 (mm)
    Chamber Dimension W400 x H400 x D490 (mm)
    Volume 78 litres

    Electron Cyclotron Resonance (optional)

    Wafer Cassette (up to 12” wafer)

    Rotating Table (optional)

    ECR Loading
    Wafer Loading
    Rotating Table Loading

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    For Wafer Application...

  • Alpha plasma Q-series is design for microwave plasma asher in wafer manufacturing process. With the use of microwave activation, the plasma etching of the photo-resist and descum on the wafer will be most effective. The Alpha Plasma Asher Q-series is used after or before dry or wet etching process in the removal of photo resist or  any other epoxy base resist. This microwave plasma etching process provide consistent etching rate, uniformity and  repeatability within a single wafer and between batch. The unique plasma etching capability is also use in the removal of sacrificial layers in SU 8 and MEMS fabrication.

    Technical Specification:

    Process Chamber Quartz Glass
    Microwave Power 2.45 GHz adjustable between 50 – 1200 watts
    Possible Wafer Size 125 mm to 200 mm
    Temperature Control Check Optional

    Dimensions & Chamber Size:

    Model System Dimension (mm) Chamber Diameter (mm) Depth (mm) Volume (litres)
    Q240    W760 x D770 x H775 Φ 240 460 21
    Q235    W620 x D500 x H550 Φ235 260 11
    Q150    W500 x D370 x H550 Φ150 260 6


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