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MESOSOCPE is Nano probe tip provider in the world

MESOSCOPE is started from July of 2006 in Taipei, Taiwan. The purpose of the company establishing at the beginning is to provide the most advanced Nano-Scale methodology and measurement concepts imported into Taiwan and China. We provided data analysis and technical support to semiconductor industrial and academia circle for the technology below 65nm.


In 2008, MESOSCOPE invested in Nano-Scale probe tip research and manufacturing enterprise and in 2010, MESOSCOPE is started to deliver 50nm Nano-scale tip successfully in Taiwan and China territories.

Based on MESOSCOPE technical road map and requests of customers, 35nm tip is delivered in 2011, 20nm is accepted by leading semiconductor companies in 2012 and we start to provide the most advanced Nano-Scale probe tips, 10nm and 5nm, in 2013.

MESOSCOPE develops Ultra CR5 for below 5nm device measurement from 2014.

MESOSCOPE provides CR10 and CR5 for 10nm and 7nm devices measurement in 2015.


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