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We produce polycrystalline diamond powder

Nanjing Jinrui Lifeng Hard Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinrui Lifeng), with a registered capital of 19.1 million yuan, has a wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangsu Jinhaifeng Hard Materials Technology Co., Ltd., which is the cooperation unit and teaching of the University of Nanjing University of Technology. The practice base is the contact unit of production, study and research at Nanjing University and Southeast University. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, preparation and sales of super-hard materials. The main product of the company is polycrystalline diamond micropowder with particle size of 0.1-18 microns and 3--7 nm, polycrystalline diamond (diamond) slurry and gold. Phase spray polishing solution, grinding/polishing sheet.

    Jinrui Lifeng has independent intellectual property rights and its method of preparing synthetic diamond by detonation method. It obtained the national invention patent in June 2013 and is the only national patent in this field in China. The whole process of production of the product consists of a series of inventions such as synthetic diamond and new purification method, new shaping method, centrifugation and airflow classification method, and a series of inventions, utility model patents and new equipments, which form a complete set of unique production lines and production processes.

    First, the introduction of synthetic polycrystalline diamond technology

 Through the cloud explosion principle, under the action of strong shock waves, the solid graphite is transformed into the diamond of the isomer, and the formed diamond microstructure is polycrystalline. The polycrystalline crystal is generally composed of single crystal diamonds of two crystal models, and further aggregated from these polycrystals to form diamond micropowder having a particle size of more than 1 μm, and a diamond having a particle size of mainly 1 to 12 μm. It is different from the crystalline state of diamond formed by the static pressure method (the static pressure method is a single crystal form), similar to natural polycrystalline diamond, isotropic, and has no cleavage surface. Since the polycrystalline structure has a large number of microscopic cutting points per particle, the rate and precision of the material when grinding and polishing are higher than that of natural or synthetic diamond of single crystal.

The graphite phase transformation into diamond under the detonation method is a solid allotrope transformation. The atom is not carried out in a slow diffusion manner, but in the phase transition process, the atom is tiny in the equilibrium position of its crystal lattice. Vibration, the moving distance does not exceed the atomic distance, and the formation of the new phase is extremely fast because high activation energy is not required. The phase transition process of graphite is a transition from a high free energy state to a low free energy state. Therefore, the diamond formed by the detonation method has the commonality of phase transition, that is, there are two processes of nucleation and growth, and is subject to the new thermodynamic principles. The constraints of the critical nucleus.

Second, the main features of the product

     The product characteristics of polycrystalline diamond micropowder produced by Jinrui Lifeng are:

  1) high dispersion and good dispersion stability;

  2) Products with various dispersed particle sizes can generally meet the needs of different particle sizes;

  3) It can achieve ultra-high purity, and the main impurity content is below 10ppm;

  4) Ultra-precision polishing effect, surface roughness less than 1nm;

  5) Excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and long service life;

  6) The product quality is stable and there is no difference between batches.


    Third, the main application areas of the product

     The main domestic application areas of polycrystalline diamond micropowder are limited to ultra-precision polishing and grinding materials for touch screens, magnetic heads, hard disks, sapphire, hard glass, optical lenses, integrated circuit chips, compact discs, precision ceramics and hard materials. Ultra-precision polishing of alloys, rarely used in other fields. The international application fields are very extensive, such as:

  1) Used as an additive for lubricants or oils, which can greatly improve the running performance of industrial machinery and vehicles, reduce failures and extend service life;

  2) Coating of metal molds, tools, parts, etc., can improve wear resistance, second surface hardness, and extend service life;

  3) additives for rubber or plastics;

  4) used as IT product packaging materials and magnetic recording systems;

  5) Application in Field Emission and CVD film materials;

  6) In the medical field, it is currently mainly used in artificial joints, prostheses, etc.;

  7) There are also applications in the military field;

  8) There are also applications in the field of high-end semiconductor materials.

   At present, Jinrui Lifeng's product users are all over the world, and some specifications of products are in short supply on the market. At the same time, the company's R&D investment has increased year by year, and a series of products generated by the detonation mechanism will soon be available.

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  • Micron-sized Diamonds generated by Detonation
    Micron-sized diamonds are generated by explosive detonation at oxygen-negative condition....

  • Micron-sized diamonds are generated by explosive detonation at oxygen-negative condition. Super high pressure and temperature are necessary in the transient state of generating, and diamonds particles are formed by free carbon atoms during explosive detonation process. Different from synthetic diamonds using static pressure method, there are razor-edged corners on the external appearance of micron-sized diamonds.

    Technical Parameters


    Under Consideration


    Grey powder


    Razor-edged corners


    Crystal Form


    X-rays Diffraction




    Dispersion Range

     0~1,0-2, 1~3, 2~4, 3~6, 4~8,5~10 , 0~10 um

    Chemical Composition


    Elemental Analysis


    1. As substances under ultra-precise buffing and grinding, productions can be used on ultra-precise buffing of magnetic head, hard disk, jewelry, rigid glass, ceramics and hard alloy.
    2. Used as additives of lubricants or engine oils. Leading to improvement of runnability of industrial machines and vehicles (risk reducing and service life enhancing).
    3. Used as coating film on metal molds, tools and units, abrasive resistance, surface hardness and service life will be enhanced
    4. Used as enforcing agent on rubbers or plastics.
    5. Used as Packaging materials on IT production and used in magnetic recording system.
    6. Applied in Field Emission and CVD film materials.


    1. High dispersibility and dispersal stability
    2. Various ranges of sizes can satisfy different requirements
    3. Ultra-high purity (impurity content < 10ppm)
    4. Ultra-precise buffing, and surface roughness < 1nm
    5. Great wear resisting property, decay resistance and heat-conducting property


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