Hong Kong
  • Booth: T2242

Welcome to Raymond & Co. Booth T2242

Raymond & Co. introduces software, materials and equipment suppliers for Photolithography process:

  1. Litho Tech Japan (LTJ) – supplies photoresist development analysis instruments for R&D and production quality control. Twenty-five (25) years of making photoresist analysis instruments obtaining parameters, such as Dill’s ABC values, Mack 4, outgas measuring.

  1. GenISys GmbH(Germany) – provides (a) LAB® simulation software for optimization of micro / nano fabrication process; (b) ProSEM® Metrology Software for SEM image analysis.

  1. Micro Resist Technology GmbH(Germany) – offers full range of photoresists, such as (1 )Negative/Positive Photoresist for UV, Laser & Electron Beam Lithography, (2) UV-Curable Hybrid Polymers for Optical Components and (3) Resists for Nanoimprint Lithography.

  1. DisChem Inc. (USA) – making accessory chemicals (a) SurPass® which promotes adhesion for photoresist on various substrates for photolithography process; (b) Discharge® Agent for avoiding charge accumulation on dielectric substrates during e-beam photolithography process.     

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