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S&S Tech. was established in 2001 and became the world’s leading corporation in manufacturing Blank Masks, a key material for Semiconductors and photomask for LCD and OLED.

With help and support from our customers and devoted employees, we have established as the world’s leading corporation in manufacturing Blank Masks.

The technological advancements and competitive edge of Blank Mask products in the semiconductor and display industry have grown to be a great deal.

Accordingly, our worldwide customers are also fiercely competing to ensure price competitiveness and predominance of technology to lead the industry.

Since we are one of the top three contending Blank Mask corporations of the world, I would like to personally represent our company to state that we will work as a whole with the utmost effort to always satisfy our customers.

Our goal is to boldly invest in Research, Development and further pioneer our technological patents.

Finally, we will promise our shareholders to always be satisfied with how much we work hard to be the very best we can be.

Thank you.


  • Blank Mask
    Design and Manufacture of Blank Masks for Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display....

  • Blankmask is an indispensable material for photomask that is essential for manufacturing of semiconductor, TFT-LCD, color filter and etc. which are the chief items of export and means former state of building up pattern for photomask and consisted of metal layer and resist film on glass substrate.

    Photomask is a process of forming pattern with e-Beam or optic equipment on blankmask and each pattern can divide into transparent and opaque area, so it can make selective transmission for the incident light.

    Blankmask's metal layer consists of light blocking layer and AR(Anti-refective) layer. Light shield layer can be made regular thin film using with metal target usually chrome. Also, AR layer can be made by mixing argon gas and reactive gas with Cr target.

    Blankmask manufacturing is finished with e-Beam resist or optic resist coating on deposited metal layer.

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