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AfaPa Vacuum is a high-tech company produces pump,valve etc.

Afapa  Vacuum  Equipment  Company  ( AfaPa Vacuum ) , founded in 2004,is a leading manufacturer of  dry (oil-free)  and eco-friendly  vacuum  pumps in China.  It has a team composed  of  23 years experienced senior engineers. The  company is a  high-tech  enterprise engaged in R&D,manufacture of vacuum pumps, engineering  and technical services with  advanced  technology.

AfaPa company has  Shanghai centre,Shanghai engineering service centre,Yangzhou and Yancheng bases in Jiangsu Province.

AfaPa company  owns  more  than  twenty  patents  and  has  the certificate of  ISO9000,CE  and explosion- preventing.

AfaPa owns high-precision production equipment such as variety of CNC(more than 30 sets), and has high  performance testing equipment such as 3D measuring machine,helium mass spectrometer vacuum leak detector,comprehensive test platform etc.

AfaPa company's product has good quality and big market share of dry vacuum pump ,and has good reputation among its customers at home and abroad.

AfaPa's three features: Green vacuum,Professional vacuum,Vacuum solution provider of technology; AfaPa make vacuum easy.


  • AfaPa's Dry Claw Vacuum Pump
    AfaPa's oil-free claw vacuum pump is highly-efficient,energy-saving,environment-friendly technological product....

  • AfaPa's DCP claw vacuum pump has very prominent advantages.

    The ultimate vacuum degree  reach 3Pa,and can be higher in unit.

    Low energy consumption.It can be started at full speed in atmospheric conditions.

    ¿High work adaptability.It can be used to pump liquids,gases that contain small amounts of dust,as well as corrosive gases.

    ¿Good environmental conservation. Without producing industrial waster water,it can greatly reduce costs for environmental protection.

    Good sealing performance.It can pump and discharge radioactive substances without leakage by adopting magnetic-driven seals.

    High safety.The inside is designed to be free of contact and friction.

    Low subsequent maintenance costs.MTBF 20,000 hours.

    Compact structure,low volume and convenient installation.

    Convenient maintenance.The wearing parts can be replaced at the site without returning it to the factory.

    Solvent recovery.It can recover organic solvents to realize maximized economic value and reduce emission.

    Vertical structure accumulation of materials in previous procedure.

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