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  • Analog/mixed signal semiconductor tester
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  •     The Ceres 900 is a Tester-in-a-test head system solution with 32 universal slots.  It was designed from the ground up for speed and repeatability to cover a range of Power Management and Mixed Signal integrated circuits.  Ceres 900 provides at least 2X Test Cell productivity solution through incredibly fast test times.  Among the many characteristics of the Ceres 900 test system:

    1) Our instrumentations provide independent resources per pin, Time Stamper capability, plus System-integrated CBITs, TMU, trigger bus, and global control signals. 
    2) The flexibility of our design reduces the need for countless relays to switch in separate instruments for simpler functions.  Not only does the configuration require less density, the system also requires significantly simpler code in your program to conduct multi-site and multi-tasking tests.
    3) Patented Determinism, which eliminates the need for re-qualification when new software is added or new and faster computers become available.

  • Automatic dicing saw HD335
    Keywords: Automatic dicing saw...

  •  HD335 is Mainly used in 8/12 inch wafers, integrated circuits, QFN, light-emitting diodes, LED chips, solar cells, electronic substrates, piezoelectric ceramics, etc.;  
    And products made in silicon, quartz, alumina, iron oxide, arsenic Gallium, lithium niobate, sapphire, glass and other materials are ideal work piece.
    The main function configurations for HD335 are as followings: 
    1)Standard 1.8KW imported high-power air spindle and direct drive(DD)motor with high precision and fast speed(θaxis);
    2)Non-contact height measurement (NCS) and Blade breakage detection (BBD);
    3)High-speed image recognition function and multiple alignment modes to quickly find the cutting path of processed objects, saving working time and greatly improving efficiency.
    This equipment is used for wafers full-automatic test which is up to 12 inches with high-speed and stability....

  •     This equipment is used for wafers full-automatic test which is up to 12 inches with high-speed and stability. It is compatible with inch wafers and suitable for multi-size wafers with full-automatic detection. The main work station is constructed by X/Y/Z and rotating axes with high precision grating rulers to come true closed-loop control. It is also has loading and unloading stations which is used for automatic test.

    1. Four-axis construction of high precision to achieve micron level test. 
    2.The high precision grating ruler and special camera are used to achieve accurate alignment of products ,the integrated precision is 2 μm.
    3. Could bear 2000 needles at the same time.
    4.Automatic loading and unloading and position alignment.
    5. PC designed inside, protective cover occupied small space.

    1.WAFER SIZE:5、6、8、12 inche
    2.XY position accuracy:±2μm.XY orthogonal precision:±2μm.Z axis control precision:±2μm
    3.Detection range:±150mm
    4.Flatness of chuck:±5μm
    5. Automatic loading and unloading and position alignment:stable

    It is used for inch wafers.

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