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HighQ Factory GmbH is an expert focus on CMP slurry recycle and re use in Semiconductor front-end process, as part of FAETH Group, our 400 employess serve customer timely in worldwide..

With decade experience from 2010, Ox slurry recycle application started operation from USA and Germany, and successful installation in China, Japan, Korea and Malaysia subsequently, W and STI slurry recycle are proved to bring cost saving up to 80% and better yield (35% micro scratch reduced).

 Press Releases

  • A uniqe & innovative system to recycle conventional CMP slurry back into current polishing process with better yield and lower cost.

    HighQ Factory bring this system to Semiconductor front-end customers to enhence comptence. Typically, operational data proved 50% ~ 85% waste slurry can be recycled then mixing with fresh slurry into current polishing status, less cost, higher yield with comparable removal rate and uniformity.


  • CMP Slurry Recycle System
    CMP Slurry recycle and re use from Ox, W and STI slurry. Worldwide installation proved 50%~85% waste slurry recycled....

  • Functional Principle
    Inside the system, the mixture of ultrapure water, slurry or other chemical materials passes through several filtration stages, separating the original raw materials and allowing them to be reused. The patented backflush process of the ultrafiltration modules has led to a drastic increase in the service life of the high-cost filter elements. As a result, the filters no longer have to be replaced after a few days. They last for more than a year, thus increasing the cost efficiency of the system even further.

    This means:

    For the first time, it has become possible to separate wastewater efficiently and economically into its main constituents. Up to 85 % of the slurry and 90 % of the ultrapure water can be recycled to the process. Recovered precious rare earths can be reused.

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