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ECI Technology is a trusted developer, manufacturer, and global supplier of chemical process control equipment used throughout the semiconductor, advanced wafer-level packaging, PCB, and LEDs industries – qualifying incoming wet chemistry, managing process control of plating bath solutions and wet processes, and monitoring and optimizing process solutions for reuse. Built on decades of inorganic and organic chemistry research, ECI works with semiconductor manufacturers, OEMs, and material suppliers to provide optimized control solutions for new and established processes.

ECI works with distribution and service partner WESI Technology to serve the greater China markets with offices in Shanghai and Hsinchu, and affiliated offices throughout Mainland China and Taiwan.


  • QUALI-LINE® Chemical Monitoring Systems
    QUALI-LINE® Chemical Monitoring Systems for Cu and Co interconnect metallization are field-proven systems enabling online monitoring and precise control of process baths in high-volume manufacturing environments....

  • QUALI-LINE systems incorporate CVS electrochemical technology together with Spectroscopic and Potentiometric Titration methods to determine the concentrations of both Organic and Inorganic components with the highest degree of accuracy and precision.

    Depending on the chemistry, QUALI-LINE systems are capable of accuracy/repeatability up to 3% and 2% for organic analysis within a time period of fewer than 30 minutes. For certain applications that require Fast Acid, Cu, and Co analysis, the system delivers analysis results in less than 7 minutes for each cycle.

    Key Features

    • An Automatic Standard Generator provides an accurate and repeatable standard for precise validation and calibration, replacing an expensive pre-mixed standard
    • An Analyzer Health Monitor prompts for maintenance when necessary
    • A Bath Health Monitor is a dedicated module designed for analyses of breakdown products, contaminants, and bath aging
    • Internal leak detectors monitor the system and activate an emergency shutdown procedure in case of a leak
    • The system can monitor up to 4 plating tanks
    • Utilizes ECI’s expansive library of Cu, and, Co ChemPacks® applications

    Key Benefits

    • Optimized for advanced via filling and trench structures
    • Compliance with tight tolerance specs for successful deposition of each layer
    • Supports ultra-low, traditional, and high Cu, and Co concentration chemistries; systems can be easily converted to analyze different Cu and Co chemistry
    • Seamlessly integrate with the latest plating tools
    • Precision-crafted, low maintenance components

    For over 25 years, QUALI-LINE® Chemical monitoring systems have been the industry standard for analysis and control of Copper Damascene processes. The QUALI-LINE analyzers for copper are in their 6th generation featuring expanded capabilities. Ever since the system was introduced in 1996, ECI has sold over 1000 units.

    Configured to Meet Your Needs

    The cabinet is constructed from FM4910 compliant materials. The system has 4 main sections separating chemical handling sections from electronics.

    Technical Specifications

    • Dimensions: 965 mm (38") W x 2162 mm (85.1") H x 610mm (24") D
    • AC: 180 - 245 Vac 50/60 Hz, 15 Amps
    • Exhaust:  2.5 - 127 mm (0.1 - 0.5″) of water, 110 - 160 cfm chemical exhaust 4v OD
    • NOWPak® reagent delivery system available
    • Data Communication: Multiple communication protocols: Ethernet/RJ45 port supporting TCP/IP, RS-232, SECS/GEM with the fab’s host
    • Conforming standards: SEMI S2-S8, SEMI F-47, CE, KRWA, NFPA-79

  • QUALI-FILL® LIBRÅ Chemical Monitoring Systems
    This series of process control systems for Advanced Packaging are fully automatic, closed-loop control analyzers for wet process chemical monitoring and intelligent dosing controls for electroplating and electroless packaging applications....

  • The new online standalone metrology system is designed to measure material properties such as Cu, Ni, SnAg, and other critical chemical species in plating solutions used in wafer packaging and other applications. With a module design, systems can be configured to meet your requirements. Built upon ECI’s proven QUALI-FILL® chemical management platform, this robust system seamlessly integrates into production and R&D fabs and complies with the latest SECS/GEM and safety guidelines.

    The QUALI-FILL LIBRÅ K series extends metrology performance to an ultra-clean and ultra-safe wafer fab environment. It supports the monitoring of plating chemicals used for wafer-level packaging processes such as RDL, TSV, Micro Bumping, and UBM processes such as SOC, fan-out, and others.

    The QUALI-FILL LIBRA A system is designed for the harsh environment of printed circuit board manufacturing. It specializes in the analyses of plating chemicals in PCB and PLP manufacturing, such as Electroplated Cu, Ni, Au, Sn, Sn-alloys and Electroless Cu, Ni, Au, Pd, and Zincate.

    The smart QUALI-DOSE system seamlessly integrates with QUALI-FILL LIBRA systems to precisely dose plating baths with replenishing solutions.

    Key Features

    • Incorporating multiple analytical methods to identify and measure the concentrations of critical chemical species
    • Flexible, modular design supports different types of manufacturing lines
    • Simultaneous analysis of numerous chemistries
    • Simultaneous close-loop integration to multiple plating process tools
    • Support multiple tanks for each chemistry
    • Communicate with fabs CIM via SECS/GEM

    Key Benefits

    • The QUALI-FILL LIBRÅ analyzers' key advantages are its proprietary and patented methods to detect and measure contaminants such as additive by-products, photoresist, and trace of foreign metals. These contaminants affect plating results and are critical to controlling the quality of the plated products.
    • Unparalleled accuracy and repeatability achieved with the use of low-cost, minimal reagent solutions. High-value analyses with low-cost-per analysis and low consumables.
    • Monitors and enable process insight to control process solutions and waste streams for recycling or treatment
    • Flexible configurations with a wide application range
    • Smart dosing capabilities to tighten process
    • ECI provides fast development times for brand new chemistries

    Technical Specifications

    • Dimensions:
      1 cabinet: 762 mm (30") W x 2064 mm (81.2") H x 610 mm (24”) D
      2 cabinets: 1426 mm (56.1”) W x 2064 mm (81.2”) H x 610 mm (24”) D
      3 cabinets: 2140 mm (84.2”) W x 2064 mm (81.2”) H x 610 mm (24”) D
    • AC: 180 - 245 Vac 50/60 Hz, 15 Amps
    • Data Communication: Multiple communication protocols: Serial, TCP/IP, RS-232, SECS/GEM
    • Conforming Standards: CE, KRWA, SEMI S2-S8 SEMI F47, NFPA-79

  • QUALISURF® Wet Process Chemical Monitoring Systems
    These fully automated chemical process control systems are configurable for cleaning and etching applications. QualiSurf® analyzers provide customized metrology for applications and are designed to control cleaning chemistries with multiple species....

  • Analyzers for FEOL, BEOL, 3D NAND, Advanced Packaging, DRAM, & CIS

    Today’s process demands for sub 20 nm lines, transistors, and 3D stacking all require wet process control beyond yesterday’s equipment capabilities. Scaling down to MOL and the multilayers of BEOL expand the number of needed selective chemical deposition steps. Rapid rollout from R&D to high-volume manufacturing means wet chemical deposition equipment must be accurate, scalable, and yet affordable.

    The QUALISURF® series of analyzers are fully automated inline, online, and benchtop chemical monitoring systems, configurable for advanced cleaning and etching applications to precisely control the composition of metallization solutions, including additives and contaminants in the sub-ppm level.

    The flexible architecture of the QUALISURF platform allows different techniques to be installed together to systematically perform process controls including:

    • Qualify incoming wet chemistry
    • Chemical quality control for facilities and production floor
    • Advanced cleaning chemistries with multiple species
    • Monitor and optimize process solutions for reuse 
    • Reclaim/recycle chemistry for efficient process and to meet sustainability and environmental objectives
    • Support multiple process tools

    Key Features

    • Spectroscopy integration/communication with all the process tools and the Fab host for closed loop control
    • Utilizes recipe-based measurement and data analysis with output and visualization of results, with export in various data formats
    • Multiple recirculation line support per chemistry
    • Allows for solution reclaim; reducing cost due to less waste
    • Automatic analysis and control for species/chemical components
    • Current status and detailed histories of the tanks, as well as SPC information, are displayed without interruption during the automatic analysis sequence
    • The frequency of analysis is user-definable and dependent on the chemistry and the analytical method
    • Analysis data on each process chamber, as well as the standard, is available in a tank summary
    • Various alarm indicators alert operators to tank or instrument issues
    • A chronological history of alarm messages and separate history of SPC alarm messages are available for comparison with results
    • Special, low-maintenance electrodes, and many built-in, automated routines, enable easy maintenance, diagnostics, and troubleshooting

    Key Benefits

    Process Improvement

    • Rapid characterization and analysis of process bath chemistry allow for immediate response and correction to process conditions. Product yields are increased when a quantitative process composition is known.
    • A fully automated system uses programmable recipes for precise control. These recipes include steps for delays, purges to clean lines, sample extraction, and composition replenishment, thus providing greater process knowledge and accuracy for tighter process control.
    • Proven reliability of 95% availability with a MTBF > 1000 hours*
    • Allows for solution reclaim; reducing cost due to less waste

    *Chemistry dependent


    • Samples and analyzes multiple chemistries and process tools, including detection of incoming raw chemical supply variation
    • Module design for flexible configuration to improve process reproducibility and uniformity
    • Multi-channel capabilities to support all tanks for a process tool
    • Can be configured for the sub-fab environment


    • Flexible software provides numerous viewing options
    • The software makes process control easy with alarm settings, status conditions, and online help
    • Minimal preventative maintenance requirements reduce the cost of consumables and are readily field serviced

    Technical Specifications

    • Dimensions: 762 mm (30") W x 1822 mm (71.75") H x 610 mm (24") D
    • AC: 180 - 245 Vac 50/60 Hz, 15 Amps
    • Data Communication: Multiple communication protocols: Serial, TCP/IP, RS-232, SECS/GEM
    • Conforming standards: SEMI S2-S8, CE, NFPA
    • Interlocks: Dry contract to tool

  • QUALI-DOSE Automatic Chemical Replenishment System
    The system offers a complete solution for managing chemistries in packaging applications. The QUALI-DOSE system integrates with ECI’s QUALI-FILL analyzers to form a complete on-line chemical management system ensuring tight chemical process control....

  • Seamless Integration with ECI Analyzers for Complete Chemical Process Control

    The QUALI-DOSE system employs intelligent, flexible algorithms and modes to replenish, make-up, or bleed & feed the tank. Featuring fast, efficient dosing, QUALI-DOSE systems do not generate waste and do not require regular maintenance. With a system to provide precise dosing with verification of all your critical components, you can enjoy an unprecedented level of reliability and convenience running your plating process. 

    Key Features

    • Dose all critical components: 
      • Organics
      • Inorganics
      • Virgin makeup solution (VMS)
      • DI water
      • Feed and bleed (optional)
    • Flexible dosing options based on:  
      • Analysis results
      • Amp/min
      • Time-based
      • Wafer count
      • Tank level
      • Concentration levels of target or other components
    • Manual mode for any component
    • Automatic standard generation (ASG)*
      • Eliminates the need to purchase costly standard
      • Eliminates frequent chemical handling and mixing
      • Reduces CoO, maintenance, and labor
    • Automatic validation – positive feedback with confirmation of each delivery
    • Supports multiple tanks, chemistries and plating tools
    • Integrate with ECI QUALI-FILL analyzers or use independently
    • Can be integrated with automated and pressurized central chemical bulk and blending systems
    • Complies with the industry safety standards: SEMI S2/S8 and CE
    • NOWPak® reagent delivery system available
    *Chemistry Dependent

    Key Benefits

    • <3% Accuracy
    • Multiple delivery validations
    • Wide range of flow rates 20ml/min – 5000ml/min
    • Dosing modes: dose to target, feedback, feed-forward, amp/hour, time-based, wafer count, manual and more
    • Dose any number of components
    • Supports multiple tanks
    • Analyzer-controlled or run independently
    • Manages bleed and feed or bath dump
    • Includes recipes for replenishment and new bath make-up
    • Integrates via slip-stream, buffer tank, or direct injection methods
    • Can dose directly from pressurized chemical bulks (central chemical distribution systems)
    • Automatic verification with bar code to prevent human error

    Technical Specifications

    • Dimensions: 1829 mm (72") W x 2061 mm (81.1") H x 610 mm (24.0") D
    • AC: 180-245 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 Amps
    • Data Communication: Multiple communication protocols: Serial, TCP/IP, RS-232, SECS/GEM
    • Conforming standards: SEMI S2-S8, CE, NFPA

  • Benchtop QUALILAB ELITE® Plating Bath Analyzer
    Combines CVS, potentiometric titration, and UV-Vis spectroscopy-based analytical techniques in a single lab instrument. All models offer high precision selectivity and analysis with a wide range of automation options....

  • The QUALILAB® ELITE Benchtop Plating Bath Analyzer is the leading lab instrument for CVS analysis. Its new technology and compact design provide a superior user experience and performance.

    This plating bath analyzer improves electroless plating and electroplating bath performance by establishing and maintaining correct component concentration in the processing solutions.

    The QUALILAB ELITE analyzer offers precise analyses in an ergonomic design and supports multi-language operations. The modular configurations range from a compact, streamlined single-sample manual analyzer to a fully automated closed-cell system that can measure up to 42 samples without the intervention of operators.

    All analyzer models enable high-precision and highly selective analyses and are integrated with user-friendly software, sophisticated data handling, and reporting. For many typical applications, ECI Technology can offer proprietary certified analytical recipes (CHEMPACKS®).


    • Electroless deposition – buffering agents, complexing agents, reducing agents, and background ions in Cu, Co, Pd, and Ni
    • Electroplating – organic additives and inorganic bath constituents for Ni, Cu, Sn, SnPb, SnAg, Co, Pd, Zn, and Pd

    Analytical Techniques

    • Electrochemical analysis – MLAT, DT, RC, QC, LAT, RDT, SBP, and DPA
    • Using electrode potential, CVS, or CPVS as the analytical signal
    • MPVS, Chronoamperometry, and Chronopotentiometry (optional)

    Key Features

    • Easy-to-use software includes the following:
      • “Get Me Expert” feature offers easily accessible remote factory supported troubleshooting
      • Flexibility in programming methods and automation
      • Integrated user help
      • Analysis of all additive components on the same turntable
      • Communications: LIMS and TCP/IP Networking
      • Sophisticated reporting and data handling, such as statistics, history management, and trend analysis
    • Multi-language operation

    Automation Options

    • Automated preparation of support electrolyte and calibration standards
    • Waste removal
    • DI Water spray cleaning
    • Virgin Makeup Solution (VMS) delivery

    Configuration Options

    V10 V20 V30
    Most Compact Fastest Most Convenient
    Manual analysis Automated analysis of up to 12 samples Automated analysis of up to 42 samples
    0, 2, 4-syringes 2, 4-syringes 4-syringes
    Auto prep of support electrolyte Auto prep of support electrolyte and calibration standard Auto prep of support electrolyte and calibration standard
    Automated VMS delivery* Automated VMS delivery* Automated VMS delivery

    UV-Vis spectroscopy*

    Potentiometric titration*

    UV-Vis spectroscopy*

    Potentiometric titration*

    UV-Vis spectroscopy*

    Potentiometric titration*


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