HangZhou Changchuan Technology Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou,  Zhejiang 
  • Booth: 5107

Hangzhou Changchuan Technology Co.,Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise which is focused on developing, producing and marketing IC equipment.Main product categories: (A):Test System 1. CTA8200 can be used for AC-DC, DC-DC, operational amplifier, power amplifier, motor drivers and other types of analog circuits. 2. CTA8280 is a second generation test system, which has 10A maximum current, 1000V maximum voltage; (B): Test handler system 1. C1 series (Full-automatic dual-site ping-pong test handler);2. C2 series (Manual output automatic handler);3. C3 series (Full-automatic dual-site test handler);4. C3S series (Full-automatic dual-site Plunger To Board handler);5.C3Q series(Full-automatic quad-site handler);6. C5 series (Gravity multi-site handler);7. C6 series (Multi-site PICK&PLACE handler);8. C7 series (Gravity full-automatic taping machine);9. C7100/400(Multi-site visual inspection taping machine);10. C8 series (Vertical multi-site automatic handler);11. C9 series (Gravity vertical multi-site TEST&TNR handler);12. C9S series (Gravity dual-site TEST&TNR handler);13. C9Q series (Gravity quad-site TEST&TNR handler);

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