Yamaha Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd.

Minato-ku,  TOKYO 
  • Booth: 4441

A worldwide supplier of semiconductor assembly equipment

To concentrate Japanese manufacturing capabilities into a new force, Yamaha Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd. was newly born through a business integration among Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., SHINKAWA LTD., and APIC YAMADA CORPORATION.
We are  worldwide supplier of semiconductor back-end assembly equipment and commands large share of the world market. We will exhibit and demonstrate our latest products lineup including. Product line-up: Wire Bonders, Compression molding system, Indentation Inspection Machine (AOI), Active Alignment Bonder, Surface Mounter, Solder-Paste Printer, and Mask Aligner. Target Devices:Advanced package & Analog pakage, Memory, Discreet, LED, etc. We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth.


  • APIC YAMADA - Mold & Separation –
    Manufacturing and sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment such as molds and lead processing, dies and ultra-precision lead frame parts....

  • (★)Here is the exhibition equipment at this time./这次的展览设备在这里。

    Compression mold / 压缩成形模壓設備
    + WCM-330
        Automated Compression Molding System for WLP
    + WCM-330MS (★)
        Manual Compression Molding System for WLP/PLP   
    + LPM-600
        Large Panel Compression molding system

    Transfer Mold / 注塑成型模壓設備
    + GTM-X
        High performance molding system   
    + GTM-S
        Standard auto-molding system   

    Trim & Form System / 切斷成形設備
    + COMBO-300DC
        Trim & Form System   
    + COMBO-300SW
        Trim & Forming System for Wider Leadframe   

  • PFA Corporation -Factory Automation-
    Assembling camera modules, crystal devices, flat panel displays, etc. Manufactures and sells various manufacturing equipment for mounting and inspection....

  • (★)Here is the exhibition equipment at this time./这次的展览设备在这里。

    Camera Module Proucts / 相机模组制造设备
    + A300Super(★)
      Active Alignment Bonder
    + HM-A200
      Active Alignment Bonder
    Active Alignment Bonder for dual cameras
    Lens Holder Mounter

    Crystal Devices / ⽯英装置制造设备
    Blank Mounter
    Mask Placer
    PTTA-C5Z Ⅱ
    Temperature Characteristic Inspection Equipment
    Frequency Adjustment Equipment

    Flat Panel Display Products
    Indentation Inspection Machine (AOI)
    Indentation Inspection Machine (AOI)

  • Mask Aligner
    Built for modern semi-conductor industry Accurate alignment. Reliable control. Efficient productivity...

  • "For Wafer alignment exposure application
    "Best optics - high end LED intergrated with collimated light system
    最好的光学 - 高端的 LED 配合平行光技术"
    "High Resolution 2 um
    高分辨率达到 2 um"
    "Up to 200mm Wafer
    最大支持 200mm 晶圆"
    "Light intensity 25mw/cm2
    光强度达 25mw/cm2"
    "Multi contact modes supports Soft / Hard / Vacuum / Proximity
    "Exposure gap is Laser measured and controlled.

    "High efficiency LED with high uniformity for long term usage
    高效 LED 光源即使长期使用下光平均度仍能保持"
    "Compatible with high speed robot wafer handling
    开放的 I/O 可配置高速机械手臂保证准确和高效率"

    "Dimension: Main system 1000 L x 1500 W x 1965 H (mm) ,Chiller 500L x 400W x 600H (mm)
    尺寸: 主机 1000 L x 1500 W x 1965 H ,冷水机 500L x 400W x 600H"

  • Shinkawa-Bonding
    Die Bonder, Wire Bonder, Flip Chip Bonder, etc. Manufacture and sale of semiconductor manufacturing equipment....

  • (★)Here is the exhibition equipment at this time./这次的展览设备在这里。

    Die Bonder/贴片机

    + SPA-1000

    High-Accuracy Twin-Head Die Bonder

    + STC-800

    Discrete Application Die Bonder

    Wire Bonders/焊线机

    + UTC-5000 Super Upgrade Series (★)

    High Speed Wire Bonder with advanced functions

    + UTC-5100

     High Speed Wire Bonder for LED and Discrete Devices with Enhanced Productivity and Wide Frame Handling Capability

    Bump Bonders

    + SBB-5200

     Wide Area Handling High-speed Wafer Bump Bonder

    Flip Chip Bonders/倒装贴片机

    + FPB-1 NeoForce

     Package Bonder for Multiple Processes
    对应Multi process的灵活封装贴片机

    + YSB55w

     High-Speed & High-Accuracy Flip Chip Bonder

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