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Iwaki has over 60 years’ experience, is the world''s leading professional manufacturer of chemical pumps. Offering customers dedicated solution against various technical problems of fluid. With superb technology, excellent durability, and unique technology, Iwaki owns the unanimous support and trust of customers. Iwaki provides a complete line of chemical pumps to meet the needs for the production of Printed Circuit Board, Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display, Clean Energy and Power Storage Equipment, Water Treatment System, as well as the Water Quality Controllers.
- Magnetic drive centrifugal pumps (patented construction for efficiency, severe operation conditions, and the world largest-class non-metallic magnetic drive pumps)
- Diaphragm metering pumps (motor driven or solenoid driven, the world latest-class electromagnetic metering pumps)
- Pneumatic drive bellow pumps (for semiconductor application)
- Magnetic drive gear pumps
- Diaphragm Air Pumps
- Automatic controllers for pumps
- Chemical dosing system

IWAKI Pneumatic Bellow Pump Series, including new FLP series and FS series, that are designed for use in the semiconductor manufacturing processes. IWAKI introduced the first designs over 20 years ago and has continually developed new products to keep up with rapidly changing market needs. With over 20 different models available the quality and performance of our products has made them the preferred solution by device manufacturers all over the world. Their quality and performance are recognized and highly rated by device manufacturers all over the world.

We offer not only pump solutions, but also accessories including controllers, dampers, and liquid chemical supply systems that have been developed to compliment a comprehensive portfolio of quality for wet process and surface preparation applications.

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 Press Releases

  • Reach out IWAKI in SEMICON CHINA 2021 which is the largest semiconductor related exhibition in Far Asia.


    • FLP Series Low Pulsation Pnuematic Drive Bellow Pumps
    • FS Series Semidonductor Grade Pnuematic Drive Bellow Pumps
    • PDS Series Motor Driven Photoresist Dispensing Systems
    • Magnetic Drive Process Pumps
    • IWAKI SANWA Metallic Magnetic Drive Pumps
    • TC-X Semidonductor Grade Fluro-plastic Double Diaphragm Pumps
    • SERO Multi-Stage Side Channel Pumps

    Ultra-clean specification with strong proven track record in semiconductor manufacturing process. Indigenously developed bellows pumps have long life, and they also reduce the downtime.

    Durability of bellows pumps that form the core, has already been proven by their robust sales record over more than 20 years. All wetted parts use fluoroplastic, and they can handle chemicals used in semiconductor applications such as acids, alkalis, and excess water. External surface of pumps is coated with fluoroplastic so that no metal part is exposed.


  • FLP Series
    Low Pulsation Pneumatic Drive Bellow Pumps...

  • IWAKI FLP series low pulsation pneumatic drive bellow pumps offer a solution to answer a question troubled semiconductor industry over years. Traditional method to resolve pulsation problem is using dampener. However, IWAKI FLP series low pulsation pneumatic drive bellow pumps reduce discharge pulsation without use of a separate dampener. The pump works without the use of a dampener, saving space inside equipment & installation costs such as fluoroplastic joints. The total weight/size of the equipment is also minimized. The unique drive mechanism of the system determines and maintains optimum movement of the bellows and supply air switching to give minimum discharge pulsation. There are also reduced air consumption up to 30% compared to our previous models is achieved with no reduction of pump performance. The optimum bellows movement improves pressure sustaining capability to maintain stable discharge capacity and pressure under frequent load change, especially in single wafer processing.

  • FS Series
    Semiconductor Grade Pneumatic Drive Bellow Pumps...

  • FS series is semiconductor grade pneumatic drive bellow pumps. The pump’s fast stroke speed allows compactness, light weight and low cost while enabling high flow & pressure capabilities. The versatile FS-N can be used for various chemical supply applications in semi-conductor / LCD manufacturing processes. Max. discharge capacity up to 100 L/min with 180°C liquid. Even high flow & pressure performance, thanks to the high stroke speed offer compactness, light weight and low cost are possible. All wet end materials are made of fluororesin to give contamination-free construction. Totally welded pump head & bellows that guarantee leakage-free, contamination-free.

  • PDS Series
    Motor Driven Photoresist Dispensing System...

  • Traditional pneumatic drive photoresist dispensing system confront problem of inaccurate discharge capacity, stoppage of filter lead to improper discharge capacity, and hard to adjust flow rate. PDS motor driven photoresist dispensing system is perfect solution to replace traditional pneumatic drive system. High accuracy, easy to adjust flow rate can save expensive photoresist and improve efficiency.

  • Magnetic Drive Pumps
    Magnetic Drive Pumps...

  • IWAKI magnetic process pumps offer wide range of product lineup. MDM and MXM series offer large flow rate and high head with over 50 years running experience, which is highly recognized by customers. MX-F small magnetic pumps and SMX-F self-priming magnetic pumps is also offer excellent performance. Compact size but highest capacity up to 800 L/min. IWAKI magnetic pumps are used in LCD panel manufacturing process worldwide.

  • Metallic Magnetic Drive Pump
    IWAKI SANWA Metallic Magnetic Drive Pump...

  • IWAKI Sanwa Metallic Magnetic pumps can deliver organic solvent with excellent chemical resistant. Max. liquid temperature up to 280°C, outstanding heat and pressure resistant characteristic that suitable for LCD cleaning process. Bearing is make with unique SiC-D that coefficient of friction of SiC-D is just 1/4 of normal SiC. The result is that less heat generate in dry-run or abnormal situation to provide longer lifespan.

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