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We have some equipments from middle end to packaging.

Our Dept. at Kanematsu Corporation mainly deals in semiconductors and LCD manufac­turing equipment and has a wide range of product lines as well as domestic and overseas support structures. Kanematsu has discovered promising cutting-edge technologies from Japanese and overseas manufacturers and is uniquely commercializing them in partnership and developing them into de-facto industry standards that meet the needs of customers. Our system, which is capable of responding to large numbers of requests, is creating a stronger relationship of trust with customers.

1.ISHI HYOKI:PI/Pattern inkjet coater

2.Tosetz:Electro Plating System & Deaeration System for Wet process

3.SYNAX:World standard most productive Hot&Ambient Handler


5.JPC:nove metal Electroplating Liquid

6.I-Bit:X-ray imaging/Bump Inspection System

7.PFC:High Accuracy Compact probing handler

9.KOYO:PI CURE system/ SIC Heat treatment furnace

10.ALL TEK:IR Banking System for PLP


  • Electronic materials for Semiconductor & PCB
    1)Gold and Palladium plating chemicals for semiconductors : JAPAN PURE CHEMICAL Co.,Ltd.(JAPAN) 2)Materials for semiconductors and batteries : TOHO TITANIUM CO., LTD. (JAPAN) 3)Materials for semiconductors and batteries : NSC Co., Ltd.(JAPAN)...

  • 1)Gold and Palladium plating chemicals for semiconductors : JAPAN PURE CHEMICAL Co.,Ltd.(JAPAN)
    High-quality electro/electroless gold plating chemicals and EPIG (direct electroless palladium plating chemicals) made in Japan are sold.
    2)Materials for semiconductors and batteries : TOHO TITANIUM CO., LTD. (JAPAN)
    3)Materials for semiconductors and batteries : NSC Co., Ltd.(JAPAN)

    We handle a lot of electronic materials made in Japan. Glass interposers for semiconductor packaging and separator materials for batteries will be exhibited this time.
  • Test : IC Handler, Test Scket, Wafer Prober
    1)IC Handler : SYNAX CO., LTD.(JAPAN) 2)Test Scket : UNITECHNO CO., LTD.(JAPAN) 3)Flamed Wafer Prober : PLUM FIVE Co., LTD. (JAPAN)...

  • 1)IC Handler : SYNAX
    SX2400 is the SYNAX tri-temp(Wide Temp Rate: -55 ~ 175℃) handler for mass production. It has been adopted by several major Chinese companies.We offer a variety of options to meet customer requirements, such as non-magnetic support and high pressure etc.
    ・Endless Operation: 72hrs guarantee
    ・Low Jam Rate: 1/5000
    ・Device Handling: 2.5x2.5 ~ 50x50mm
    ・Wide Temp Rate: -55 ~ 175℃
    ・High Contact Force: 300kgf
    ・Index Time: 0.9 sec.
    ・UPH: 4750/8ch (Cold temp)
    ・Interface: TTL, GPIB, RS232
    ・Dimension: 1590 x 1500 x 1950mm
    S9+HSC is the SYNAX new model of tri-temp handler for mass production. Since the platform of the  H&A handler is used, it is possible to change over easily and save time when changing the devices regardless of low or high temperature tests.
    ・High UPH: 16300/16ch Room temp); 8000/16ch (Cold temp)
    ・Device Handling: 2x2 ~ 50x50mm
    ・Index Time: 1.0 sec.
    ・Wide Temp Rate: -55 ~ 175℃
    ・Dimension: 2120 x 1820 x 2118mm
    R4 is the SYNAX R&D handler. Due to it is simple structure, maintenance is very simple.
    Equipped a camera which supports user's difficult test flows, such as P&P positioning, OCR, 2D code, and device recognition. We offer a variety of options to meet customer R&D requirement.
    ・Device Type: BGA, CSP, QFN, BCC, SQFP, TSOP
    ・Device Size: 1x1 ~ 100x100mm
    ・Wide Temp Rate: -80 ~ 175℃
    ・Test Site: Single
    ・Contact Force: 85kgf
    ・UPH: 380/1ch
    ・Index Time: 9.5 sec.
    2)Test Scket : UNITECHNO
    Unitechno's sockets can be accommodated any purpose such as Automotive, Mobile, Industrial application and so forth. The best solution shall be proposed in accordance with requested test condition such as High current, High Frequency, Non-magnetic, Reliability, BI, etc. The best custom-made sockets for any kinds of Device such as BGA, QFP, QFN, LGA, CGA, WLCSP are being supplied per special requirements from the clients. In addition, the function test related fixtures for the semiconductor are being supplied.
    FT Sockets
    ・Solution for high frequency function test.
    ・Accommodate fine pitch.
    ・High electrical performance by optimum design.
    ・Quick delivery by open tooled parts.
    ・Easy contact pin replacement for maintenance.
    Kelvin Sockets
    ・Kelvin contact,minimum distance(8 0 u)by vertical probe.
    ・Accommodate 0.5mm pitch full matrix FBGA.
    ・Accommodate 0.3mm pitch QFN with high contact force.
    ・Both contact pins are electrically independent structure.
    Image Sensor Sockets
    ・Accommodate with various direction of light source and testing method.
    ・Establish electrical connection to IC PKG pad balls flex cable.
    ・Suit to manual test and mass production with handler.
    3)Flamed Wafer Prober : PFC
    PCP-303N is the framed wafer prober have been developed to enable the inspection of thin wafers, diced wafers in addition to normal wafers. PFC's own technology: XY position compensation by sampling achieved high test performance. We perform automatic transfer, pre-alignment, fine alignment, and probing (inspection) of normal wafers, framesd wafers from cassettes.
    ・Wafer Size: 12 inch;
    ・Frame Ring Size: Φ400mm;
    ・Chip Size (max): 244 x 280mm ;
    ・Range of Temperature: 0 ~ 150℃
    ・Foot Print: 1615 x 1000mm (W x D)
    ・Option: Quick Loader Function (reduce 1/2 of loader/unloader time); Non-magnetic function; Extra-small-diameter VAC holes handle the chip smaller than 0.5mm.
  • Inspection System:Semicon., Condensor, PCB, Solar
    1)X-Ray Inspection System: I-BIT CO., LTD. (JAPAN) 2)2D 3D Appearance Inspection System for MLCC : YASUNAGA CORPORATION(JAPAN) 3)SI Inspection System for Solar Cell : PAN SOLUTIONS TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.(JAPAN)...

  • 1)X-Ray Inspection System: IBIT
    ・LFX1000:In-line X-ray inspection system for ''IC wire bonding''
    Key features
    1. Enables X-ray to investigate the internal state of the IC component on the lead frame.
    2. Set the magazine with the lead frame , and fully automatically perform.
     (automatic supply, inspection and automatic storage.)
    3. LFX is capable of automatical inspection (OK/NG) of the connection status of the wire bonding die attachment, contamination and so on.
    4. High-resolution X-ray images are acquired by micro focus X-ray tube and high sensitivity X-ray flat panel, enabling highly accurate inspection.

    ・FX400tRX:High resolution inspection for Compact Offline inspection system with 3D X-ray Stereo CT
    Key features
    1. ''X-ray stereo method'' (i-Bit exclusive technology.)
    2. Achieves 1,000X geometric magnification.
    3. Shooting with an oblique angle owing to wide-range X-ray irradiation.
    4. Auto-inspection of BGA (option)
    5. VCT (Vertical CT) function, OCT (Oblique CT) function (Option).

    ・ILX1000:ILX1000:Inline 2D and Stereo CT system espescially for IGBT
    Key features
     1. High-power X-Ray source enables to inspect power IC.
    2. Wide range inspection area
         : 50mm x 50mm to 510mm x 460mm
    3. Compact and space-saving Inline inspection.
    4. Compared to competitors, thicker and higher specificity
        parts can be inspected better by this machine.
    2)2D 3D Appearance Inspection System for MLCC : YASUNAGA
    ・FV series
    Key Features
    1. Use high-precision 3D detection to achieve the height and bump detection of the printed circuit
    2. Use high-precision 2D inspection to realize the size inspection of small defects and printed circuits
    3. Multi-angle lighting
    4. Realize high-speed detection through high-speed lighting switching and high-speed image reading
    3)SI Inspection System for Solar Cell : PAN SOLUTIONS TECHNOLOGIES
    Effective Carrier Measurement Device for Silicon Wafer of Solar Cell
    Key Features
    1.The new technology “HS-CMR method” (High Speed – Current Modulating Resistivity method)
    2. It measures the number of electrons (number of effective carriers) contributing to power generation with one parameter.
  • Wafer Surface Inspection System
    Wafer Surface Inspection System (Surface particle Inspection System) : TAKANO CO., LTD.(JAPAN)...

  • Non patterned 300mm/below 200mm wafer surface inspection system
    Easy to use, low price , low space and low COO. Many systems(more than 800 systems )  are installed in major company in Japan.
    Key Features
    1.A standard model of iwafer inspection for 300mm wafer.
    2.Sensitivity : 49nm.
    1. The most reasonable high performance model for wafer size that belows 200mm .
    2. WM-7SG can inspect transparent wafers.(i.e. SiC wafer etc.)
    3.2.Sensitivity : 79nm.
  • Process Equipment for FOPLP
    1)Inkjet Printing System : ISHII HYOKI Co., Ltd.(JAPAN) 2)IR heater System : ALLTEK(TAIWAN)...

  • 1)Inkjet Printing System : ISHII HYOKI Co., Ltd.(JAPAN)
    Key Features
    1.Inkjet System that corresponds to patterning or Partial coating application.
    2.Realization of reduction for running cost
    3.Enable coating the ink including filler.
    4.Preliminary curing by UV irradiation is possible (option)
    2)IR heater System : ALLTEK(TAIWAN)
    IR heater System for FOPLP
    1.It can dry substrates of various sizes and shapes under the high Clean Classequipment.
    2.It is a self-developed equipment that utilizes IR drying technology in the cutting-edge field like Package ("FOPLP").
  • Surface Treatment Equipment (Wet Blast Process)
    Wet blasting equipment for PCB, Electro devices(MLSS, LTCC) , Semiconductor and sheet steel processing : MAKOHO CO., LTD.(JAPAN)...

  • Surface Treatment Equipment (Wet Blast Process): MAKOHO(JAPAN)
    Key Features
    1.Using convey belt or plate objects by roller conveyor
    2.It performs wet blasting, washing, draining continuously/automatically
    3.By dropping the object and transporting it, the processing area is compact.
    Key Features
    1.It performs wet blasting, washing, draining continuously/automatically  on both sides of a strip or plate object.
    2. By combining wide nozzles and aiming nozzles, more controllable processing can be performed.
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