PacTech-Packaging Technologies GmbH

  • Booth: 2339

Welcome to PacTech/Nagase Booth

PacTech-Packaging Technologies GmbH, headquarter located in German, is a global leading wafer level packaging equipment manufacturer. PacTech has more than 20 years’ experience on manufacturing which can help customer to get the high standard and quality solution in different applications.

On wafer level packaging area, PacTech mainly has 3 kind of equipment to present as below:

  1. Electric-less plating solution (NiAu & AiPdAu): Equipment, chemical, and also process.
  2. Solder bumping equipment, including laser assisted solder jetting and wafer level solder bumping, which has a general application on wafer lever packaging, hard disk driver, camera module, optoelectronic, MEMS&3D packaging, probe card, BGA solder repair etc.
  3. Wafer level packaging and back-end packaging equipment: Laser assisted LAPLACE-FC, LAPLACE-CAP&LAPLACE-Can, Laser marking, and Reflow Oven etc.

Moreover, PacTech can also provide Electroless NiAu/NiPdAu plating, back grinding, backside metalization, electro plating subcon service.

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