Posalux SA

  • Booth: T1439

Welcome to a world of µ-precision & unmatched achievements!

Founded in 1943, Posalux is a Swiss leading manufacturer of micro-machining solutions intended for mass production. With our machines well known for their long-lasting quality and reliability, we focus on niche markets requiring custom solutions and strong support for applications.

Our state-of-the-art Femto-Laser technology is especially dedicated to high-end applications in the test equipment field, i.e. probe cards, test sockets, test fixtures, and probes and MEMS probes. Drilling and routing of micro-holes in every kind of shapes – round, square, rectangle, etc. – and geometries is what we do best.

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    Posalux FEMTO-Laser µ-machining solutions for high-tech production...

  • The most advanced laser solution in the market:

    • High repetition rate and excellent beam quality
    • Repeatability of hole quality
    • Machine calibration accuracy < ± 1 µm
    • Process accuracy ± 2 µm (± Metrology equipment error MPE_XY)
    • Unequaled productivity with higher yield rate
    • Flexibility (drilling and routing)
    • Wide range of materials (hard ceramics, polymers, copper, steel, and precious metal alloys)
    • No thermal effects (NAZ)
    • Round, square, rectangular, and any other hole shape capability
    • Hole taper control
    • Minimum diameters ≤ 20 μm with tight hole pitch (wall thickness ≤ 10 μm)
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